Monday again

It was overcast today, but we didn't get any rain.  Well none that I saw.  I was able to walk without any rain falling on me.  Sadly, I was out of change and I wasn't able to get a soda at my turn around spot. WAH!!!!!! lol . Oh well, at least it wasn't hot hot hot!  I got my walk done and then came home.  I cooled off and then put a load of clothes in to wash.  It was mainly heavy stuff and I've had to do the drain and spin twice since I washed them.  My crazy washer sometimes clumps everything up and i have to do a cycle of 'drain and spin' to get it to actually drain so I can dry them.  I haven't been back to check to see if they are ready for the dryer. Hopefully they are!

I'll go check those after I post this.  I also need to do my French lesson as I haven't done that yet.  I laid down for a bit this afternoon after my walk.  I was and still am extremely sleepy.  I didn't get to bed until late last night because I was reading. A friend gave me a trilogy for my birthday and I read the first book last night.  I didn't finish it until close to 3.  Oops!  It was good though!  I've already started on book two.  It's an author I've never read before.  Dan Wells.  It's a good series so far.  I liked the first book and the second looks to be just as good.  The first book is called, "I Am Not A Serial Killer."  My friend couldn't resist that and neither could I! LOL . 

Quite a difference!

Today's walk was a lot cooler than yesterday's.  It was only in the 60's today and overcast.  I was not complaining one bit! I didn't get rained on either, so that was a bonus.  The city had a lot of flooding last night.  There were a lot of areas that flooded last night.  Some businesses were flooded too.  There were also a lot of roads flooded and or washed out in the county!  I think they said it rained 6 inches in a short period of time.  Yikes!

Hopefully the rain is done for a while.  After the hurricane last week and the river flooding, we don't need anymore rain for quite a while.  I haven't looked at tomorrow's weather, so I don't know if they are calling for rain or not.  Hopefully not!  I do not want to walk and have to hold an umbrella the whole time Boo!

Sweaty Saturday! :p

My walk today was HOT.  Fall is here and it was close to 90°.  I was roasting! lol  I got my walk in though.  I came home and cooled off.  It was nice to sit in front of the air conditioning and the fan! I didn't do much else today except watch a bunch of episodes of Deadly Women on Hulu! lol . I also watched one of my favorite movies that I haven't seen in years.  Girls Just Want To Have Fun.  So good!  I watched it on Hulu too!

It rained here tonight.  I was sitting here and kept hearing something weird.  I realized it was rain! lol . I hope it stops before tomorrow.  I don't want to walk in the rain.  I did a repair job on the door that goes under my house.  It's where I keep the lawn mower.  I broke it the other day and I fixed it today.  I had it situated so that it looked like it was still secure.  Luckily, it stayed that way until I could get it fixed.

I also did some work in my bujo.  I did my October tracker.  I set up next week and realized that the month of October starts on a Monday.  I do my weeks from Monday-Sunday, so I did next week, skipped two pages for my October tracker and did my first week of October weekly.  I went ahead and put my habit tracker in.  It's so Halloween focused. October is Halloween month after all! Hey, my hosue has been decorated for Halloween since Septemer 1st. :p


Good news for a change!

So, the Visa gift cards came through today and I added them to my Paypal account.  I find that I can't move the money from them into my account. DOH!  So, I go online and look for solutions.  I took them off my Paypal account and then invoice myself at a different email address from my Paypal account.  I was able to use them as Visa and send myself the money.  I lost some in the fees, but I now have enough in my Paypal account to cover the bill when it hits.  Thank goodness.  I am so relieved.  That takes a lot off of me.  I can pay it back in payments and get it paid.  I'm just so relieved, you just don't know!

I walked today.  When I first got up, it was overcast and I thought, uh oh! I'm going to be walking in the rain.  Luckily, the sun came out by the time I left for my walk.  No rain for today's walk. Yay!  I am glad to get back in my routine.  Now, I just need to get back into doing my workouts! :p

I checked Informed Delivery for my post office box snd there is a letter in there from someone I haven't written before.  I'm thinking it's probably from a new pal. Yay!  I may run down there later and pick it up. I have a few more things in my box.  I think that is the only letter, though.  I think I should go get my mail and stop at Starbucks to get a treat for myself.  I have several freebies on my Starbucks card. ^_^

Working on it

So, I'm working on my finance issues.  I pawned a few more things today and got a small loan from a friend.  I was able to put $71 in my paypal account.  I also was able to order two Visa gift cards with my Paypal credit.  As soon as they come (I got e-delivery) I am going to put them in Paypal and then contact them to charge those for the $355.  Between those and the $71 I put in today, I will have it covered all the way around.  That would be great.  It has been almost 2 hours since I did the purchase but it said it would take 1 to 3 hours.  Hopefully it will come through soon and I can get all this done.  I will still have to pay back the credit, but this way I can pay over time and keep my Paypal account open! Wish me luck!

I walked today and I mailed off the two letters that I hadn't written.  Well, they are written now. :P . I actually wrote them both last night.  I got them all ready to mail so I dropped them in the box on my walk today.  It was hot out there but it wasn't too horrible.  A friend carried me to CVS to put the money in Paypal.  I would have been able to put in $75 but there is a $3.95 fee.  I think being able to add money like that is cool.  It didn't take very long at all.  I'd say less than 20 minutes if that long.

The email that said they would  try to charge my bank again would be in "3 business days" . I am hoping that means it will be Monday before they try again instead of tomorrow.  I am working hard to get something in there so that I'm not in the negative!  I also brought down the buy it now price of my cel.  If I can get $300 for it, that will help me so much.  I could get this bill paid and I won't have to worry with it anymore.  That would be nice!

I am just getting anxious waiting on the things coming through.  Instant payout my booty! lol

OMG It gets worse everyday

So today, I talked to my bank and got the ISF fee returned to my account.  Then, I check my email.  Paypal is going to re-send the charge to my bank account in three days.  I talked to my bank and tried to get a small line of credit to cover the $355.  No luck.  They did put a hold on my account until after it tries to hit again. Paypal said that when it went to my bank and was declined again, they would put my Paypal balance in the negative.  I went and tried to sell some silver jewlery today to get some money but they only wanted to give me $10.  Not worth it.  SO, I listed one of my last anime cels on ebay.  It's a Nuriko cel from Fushigi Yuugi.  Nuriko is my favorite anime character ever and this is my very last cel of him.  I have him listed here if you want to see:

Nuriko cel for sale!

If you know anyone who collects anime cels, send them to my auction please.  I need to sell it so that my account won't be messed up.  I finally got in touch with my sister today.  She didn't thank me for getting myself into this mess for her bills.  Just said she would pay the balance of the original bill that is left. Wow, thanks. ~_~;

Seriously, can someone shoot me?

So, today, I checked my bank account as I have every day since the snafu with Paypal.  Guess what?  The balance was negative!  I called the bank and they said that it was an overdraft fee.  I told the lady that I was told that since I didn't have the money and I had the overdraft protection that this shouldn't have happened.  She looked into it and did some checking.  After a bit, I asked if the fee could be removed since I did call in advance and let them know the situation.  Luckily, she said they could take it off, but it actually has to hit the account first. So now, I have to wait until it actually hits and call them to get it taken off.  All this over a bill that I shouldn't have had to worry with in the first place.  My stress levels are through the roof.  I DO feel a little better that this finally hit and it will be taken care of, but I'll still be upset until I can actually get it taken off so my balance is not negative!

In other news, I mailed 8 letters today. I still have two from that batch to write.  I walked today and it rained for the majority of my walk.  That was frustrating.  I hate to walk when it rains.  Hopefully tomorrow will be clear.  I won't mind overcast, but I don't want any rain!  I am also hoping this charge hits my account tomorrow so I can get it straightened out.  Life is so frustrating.


I got out there and took my walk today. It was so hot and humid that I was literally dripping sweat when I got home. Ugh!  I was glad to get back to walking though.  I came home and cooled off and did a few things that needed doing. I also ran to the recycle center.  I've been needing to do that for a while now.  I was glad to get it done.

I also got a stack of letters written.  I only have two more of the original pile.  I went to the post office this weekend and I had several new letters.  I may get some of those done and I may wait.  I still have to write these last two and they are going to be longer ones.  

I finished The Mist on my walk today and went to the library and borrowed Doctor Sleep. I've read it once before so this will be my second, 'read'.  I don't think I liked it a lot, but we'll see how I like it by listening to it.  The funny thing is, it's narrated by the same guy that did The Mist and I didn't really like his voice.  It wasn't horrible, but he isn't my favorite narrator.  Oh well, I'll get through!

I now have to write two more letters and do my French lesson. It's nice to be back on track for a little bit.  Hopefully the whole taxes situation will come out okay, too.  I talked to the place today and they didn't think my trying to pay and using the wrong account should mess anything up so I'm hopeful. I'm also hopeful that my sister will pay it so I won't have this hanging over my head.  Wish me luck, please!


Yeah, I really don't have anything to say today either, but I didn't want a one sentence post.  It's been raining here on and off for three days so I haven't gotten any walks in.  It is supposed to rain again tomorrow and then clear off.  Unfortunately, I live in a river city and it's supposed to flood tomorrow and not go down below flood levels until Thursday!  Hopefully it won't be too bad.  They closed the Riverwalk trail a few days back and it will continue to be closed until after the flooding.

If it's not actively raining tomorrow, I may try to get my walk in.  It just depends on the weather forecast.  If not, I can try on Tuesday.  I still haven't solved the bill issue.  I've tried to get credit everywhere to cover it and no luck.