It's been a long day and I don't really feel like posting.  I try to post everyday regardless of how I feel.  I got notification today that I got my free birthday drink on my Starbucks card.  I tried my best to get my friend to go, but she wouldn't.  I didn't want to drive over there as it was so damn hot and I have no air.  I never could convince her to go, so I went by myself.  Since it was so hot, I went in and got my drink and sat in there for awhile.  The air was feeling pretty good in there!  I had my free drink and I was naughty and got a chocolate chip cookie. :p  Oh well, I've been really good all week.  I deserved a treat.

It got really busy!  I am not a Friday night person, so I wasn't used to all that! I didn't mind though.  I got my favorite little table in the back corner. That is always nice.  When I left, I noticed a rainbow and took several pictures of it and then headed home.  I have been doing chores around the house and now I'm sitting down trying to cool off.  The only room in my house that has air is my bedroom so the rest of the house is hot!  I am looking so forward to fall!

Wednesday again.

So, today's workouts were hell! Lol  It's cardio day and the #100burpeeburnout was on there. I drank three bottles of water during my workouts! Lol

I ran out to go to the post office and mail my letters. While I was out, I somehow found myself in the Starbucks at Target! Lol I don't know how that happened. :p




 D'oh I started a post and it disappeared. Let's try again! So, I am sitting in Starbucks. I had a Cascara latte and resisted the urge to get a chocolate chip cookie! :p

I got my favorite table and I wrote pen pal letters. I had two with me when I left home. I went by the post office and had two more. I wrote all four. Now I am just relaxing until I leave to go home and fix dinner. 


Sunday porch time.

I'm sitting on my front porch while typing this.  I went out earlier to run errands, and I was so tempted to get Starbucks, but I didn't!  I will go one day this week.  I have a free drink left on my card, and I'll get another one for my birthday. (August 20th). 

I wanted to share with you the coolness of my regular TN that I decorated with Starbucks stuff.  I may use this as a journal / bujo.  I am already using one insert for journaling when at Starbucks.  I might just have more inserts and use it as my bujo when I fill my Moleskine.  The current inserts requires Moleskine cashier notebooks cut down to size.  They are lines, and I prefer dotted for bullet journaling, but I have a while before I will use up my old bujo.  I can get or make some dotted inserts before then. 

Here is the first notebook and some for the 'add ons'  I used some of my duplicate Starbucks gift cards. 


What do you think? Personally, I love it!  It makes me want to do a total Starbucks decorated bujo in the future.  I can get coffee paper clips, Starbucks ribbons/washi/charms etc!  

Starting fresh on Monday!

I have decided that on Monday, I'm going to start fresh on my eating. I'm going to limit my calories to the range of 1200 to no more than 1400.  I have been eating entirely too much junk!  I know I can do this as I have done it before.  I want to get back to the weight I was last year at this time and then down to my goal weight.  Does this mean no more Starbucks?  No, of course not!  I won't be getting cookies and extras, but I'll still be getting cascara lattes.  The one reason I loved the cascara lattes was that they were a lot lower in calories than the other lattes and it's perfectly sweet.  I make it even less calories because I always get mine with almond milk.  

So, this weekend, I'm trying to get rid of anything that will not be good for me starting on Monday.  I have a bag of chicken breasts in the fridge that I've had for a bit.  I can make one of those for dinner or lunch.  I know it's going to be hard, but I also know I can do it.  I have a head start this time as I don't drink soda anymore.  Back in the day, the calories included sodas.  With me drinking water, it is calorie free.  Also, my coffee isn't much on calories either.  The coffee itself is calorie free.  I use a little creamer cup (10 calories) and honey as my sweetener.  It's less than 100 a cup.  I may also just do the creamer and skip the honey.  I am determined to do this!


Starbucks on Friday!

Yes, I made it to Starbucks today.  I enjoyed a delicious free Venti cascara latte! I may or may not have also had a chocolate chip cookie. :p  I wrote two pen pal letters while there and took a picture of my Starbucks store tracker.  I thought taking a picture of it at Starbucks would be pretty epic.  It was. Here is a picture that I took.  I love my tracker!  I'll put the old location in first and then this new one.  I'll add more as I go to them.  I think it will be fun to track the different ones I go to.


There you go!  I spent several hours in there as I was able to get my favorite table.  It was a good day!

I decided to use my big Traveler's notebook for my Starbucks info book, but I decorated the small one with Starbucks logos on all the inserts.  I thought it looked really cool, too!


Cute, yes?  I'm going to carry it in my purse to always have a notebook with me.  I think the Starbucks logos make the inserts look cooler. 

My two lovelies!

Here are my two traveler's notebooks.  The large one is brown and the small one is red.  I love them both in their own ways.  I had some Moleskine cahier notebooks that I cut down to fit the regular sized TN.  I can use it as a journal.  I'm going to carry the passport size one in my purse.  I love them both.  I'm thinking of making the regular sized one a "Starbucks" journal.  As I keep track of my different Starbucks stores in my bullet journal, I could write little entries in the TN!  I think that would be pretty cool! 




The pictures do not do justice to the actual colors!  I'll try to take one in natural light tomorrow.


Oh the temptation was strong today to go to Starbucks, but I fought the urge.  I will go tomorrow.  I have to, I wrote it in my bullet journal. :p  I Finally got my package today with my passport sized traveler's notebook and my washi and pen.  All are nice.  I'll share a picture later.  I also reworked my regular size TN today.  Both are looking great! 

The wash is mainly purple themed and it's pretty!  The rolls were a lot smaller than I was expecting, but they are still really pretty.  I love actual washi from Asian countries as it's good quality washi.  The butterfly washi and the moon phases washi from the latest set is my favorite.  So pretty!  I really didn't need more washi, but oh well. :P Here is a picture of the beautiful washi if you want to see:


The pen is nice, but it's a ultra fine point ink pen.  I like medium point pens.  This is a bit 'sharper' than I like, but it's a cool pen. It's Tombow brand and it's got black ink and red ink.  I didn't know Tombow made regular pens!