Friday is stretch day!

Yeah, it was stretch day on the calendar.  Those are good, but they can also be painful! :p  I walked and it was a bit colder than I thought it was going to be.  I was a bit chilled when I got back home.  I had one thick fitness pants, but the front of my legs were red from the cold when I got home and changed.  Ouch!  Hopefully it won't be so cold tomorrow.  It probably will be though. I just looked up the forecast, it's going to be a little warmer tomorrow. YAY!

Other than walk and do my workouts, I haven't done a lot today.  I did run to the post office and check my box.  I had three letters and a holiday card.  Those are always nice to get. ^_^  Any mail that isn't a bill is always nice to get!  I am going to get off of the computer and get in my bed and snuggle under the covers and play more Pocket Camp. ^_^ It's so cute and so fun.

Is it Thursday already?

I walked today and it was warmer than it was yesterday which was nice.  It still isn't warm, but it's December!  I got my walk done and then came home and had enough time to relax a bit before doing my workouts.  I did those and then relaxed for a bit.  A friend had let me know earlier that we'd go for food.  I didn't eat lunch since we would be going not long after I usually have lunch.  We went to a local restaurant.  I didn't get what I really wanted, because they didn't have any, but I got something good.

Afterwards, I rode with him to the grocery store to pick up a few things he needed and then he dropped me home.  I came in and did a few things.  I played Pocket Camp. I also watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.  I also had more coffee. :p  I received a holiday card today.  I've sent out a huge stack, so this was one of the first I've gotten.  I usually send out WAY more than I get back.  That will probably be true this year too!  My Aunt, who lives out of town, send me a check for $25. Yay!  I am down to less than $5 in checking, so that will come in really handy!

I have to do a few more things before snuggling up in my bed for the night.  I have a few things to straighten up and after that I'm going to get in bed with my phone and play more Pocket Camp. :p  That is always fun! 

Cold again, yes!

It was cold again on today's walk.  Luckily, the wind wasn't as bad as yesterday and I was able to walk without totally freezing.  I know it's only going to get worse. No more day of taking my jacket off and walking in a t-shirt for a while!  Oh well.  I went to the grocery store tonight and picked up a few things I needed.  I got a bag of Starbucks coffee that was on sale.  I got Pike Place roast.  If course I made myself a cup and it was delicious.  I used to always get Pike Place roast at Starbucks before I discovered the joys of lattes. :p

Speaking of Starbucks, it was double star day today so I want to go over there if I could.  My car did okay going to the grocery store, so I chanced it and went to Starbucks.  It did okay.  I got a cascara latte and an ornament.  They were 30% off as all the Holiday things were.  I found out after I ordered that they were out of almond milk, so they made my latte with something else.  I say soy, but I'm pretty sure it was with coconut milk.  That was the grossest thing I've ever gotten at Starbucks!  I drank it, but I didn't like it.  I know they would have fixed it, but I didn't want to bother them.  They were already busy, busy and it took a loooong time for me to get my drink.  Oh well.  At least I went and got the ornament I wanted and double stars!  The ornament is a mini version of the VA ceramic tumbler that I want.  Here you go:


I so want the actual tumbler, but it's $22.95! Yikes!  Maybe next month or sometime next year.  At least I have the ornament. This will make my collection of Starbucks ornaments go to three. :p  Yeah, I don't have as many of them as my other Starbucks stuff.  I should totally do a blog dedicated just to my Starbucks stuff!


That was me on today's walk!  It wasn't that it was that cold, but the wind was gusting and every time it did it was COLD.  I was very happy to get home and have a cup of coffee before doing my workouts.  Today was cardio day so that was something to get me warmed up!  I did those and then rested a bit before lunch. A friend brought me some things, so as soon as I got those, I fixed lunch and ate it.  I haven't done much since then except for playing Pocket Camp and reading Not Always Right! :P  Oh! I did work on Yule cards.  I got quite a few of those done and ready to go.  I'm sending some to some pen pals that I haven't heard from in a long time. I'm hoping they'll start writing again.

The others are to local people and some out of town family.  I also have some long time friends online that I usually send cards to.  I just need to get two of their new addresses.  I'll get those ready and send this whole stack out.  I usually send all my cards on the 15th of December.  That gives them 9 days to get there.  That should be enough.  I hope!


Sunday Starbucks

Ah Sunday, a day I sometimes like to go to Starbucks.  Well, I went today!  I didn't stay, but I went and got the tumbler I've been wanting.  They were 25% off! Yay!  I got it and a cascara latte.  I then came home.  My car didn't do too badly going over there and coming back.  I was glad of that.  I had a weird walk today and felt I needed a treat!

First, some random person beeps at me and tries to give me a ride in his vehicle.  NO Not going to happen, dude.  Then, another guys asks me for money!  He looked better dressed than I was!  After him, I got the most special one.  He was acting strange as I was walking towards him. When I got closer, he moved over to the other side of the sidewalk and was talking (I guess to himself, I had earbuds in so I'm not sure.)  He goes over and picks up enough snow to make a snowball all while talking.  I was just waiting for him to throw it at me.  Luckily for him, he didn't!  I kept walking and finally got home away from the crazies!  

I did my workouts and relaxed a while.  I really wanted to go to Starbucks and get a latte and I wanted to look at the tumblers again.  They were 25% off so I got my tumbler.  It's a grande size and whie with colorful & symbols all over it.  I like it!  It's definitely different.  Grande is my usual go to size, so most of my tumblers are grande size.  Here it is:


I really like it.  Did I need another tumbler? No, but I got it anyway. :p  I also picked up a few of the Christmas tree shaped gift cards to add to my collection. ^_^

Almost missed it!

Yeah, I almost missed posting today.  It has been a long day!  I didn't get to walk because of the weather, but I do plan to walk tomorrow.  I might have been okay to go today, but it was still snowing and I wasn't sure how things would be.  A friend had to go out tonight and I rode with him and saw that the sidewalks are looking clear.  I'll be walking for sure tomorrow.

Since I was stuck in today, I played a lot of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. ^___^  So fun.  I did my workouts, too!  I didn't do much else, actually!  I didn't even go out and play in the snow.  Oops. Oh well.  I am going to get off here and play more Pocket Camp and then I'm going to relax until bedtime. :D

Snowy day?

Oh boy, yes, it is!  I was so not expecting this.  So, yesterday, I noticed that they had put down some stuff on the ramps and things.  I thought, hmm, is it supposed to be bad weather?  I looked it up and saw a warm today forecast for today and possible light snow on Saturday.  Well, I get up today and it's overcast, but no weather.  I go about my morning things and then check my phone and it says it's snowing.  I get up and look out and sure enough, it is!  I decided that since it was light and  not really sticking, I would go for my walk.  I did, but it was COLD.  I also had to use my umbrella because the snow picked up quite a bit!  By the time I got back home, the snow was starting to stick on the grassy areas.  Right now it's on the grassy areas and the road!  It's also still snowing and it's supposed to continue until tomorrow!  I was totally surprised.  One, we don't get snow very often if at all here, and two, it's early for snow.  I love to sit in my room at my desk and look out at it.  I'm doing that now while typing up this post.  I also have a cup of coffee. :D

Nothing like sitting in your room with a wonderful cup of coffee while watching it snow outside.  If it continues all night and into tomorrow, I'll have all day to enjoy it.  I won't be walking tomorrow as the sidewalks will be covered and that is what I mainly walk on.  If I was still able to go to the walking trail, it would be okay. They usually scrape the trail.  Oh well, hopefully I won't miss very many days.  I've just gotten back into walking everyday and I don't want to stop again!

In other news, I might just have to go out and play in it tomorrow!  I adore snow, I love to watch it fall and I love to look at it.  I also like it to clear off the roads and sidewalks asap! ;P  I am good on food and supplies, so I didn't have to go to the store, thank goodness.  Around here, if they mention a snow FLURRY people go insane and stock up like it's a forty day snow storm and they are going to starve.

I also have chocolate chip cookies! :D  My friend stopped by on his way home from work and brought me a package of them.  They go well with coffee, you know. :p  I told him that after my walk, I had come home and drank some coffee to warm up and ate my last two cookies.  He was nice and brought me more.  Yay!  Of course if we get 3-6 inches like they are predicting, I'm going to need more cookies! lol


Phooey on yooey.....

Yeah, I'm not really wanting to post tonight either, but I didn't post yesterday, so I have to post at least a semi-decent post today.  I got in my walk.  It was a little colder, but not too bad, yet.  I got home and had time to relax a little bit before doing my workouts.  I did those and then cooled off and got dressed for going back out.  A friend picked me up and we went to eat.  We haven't been to this place in a long time, so that was nice.  We ate and then he needed to run by one other place and then he dropped me home.

I haven't done much of anything since I got home.  I have read on Not Always Right, I watched an episode or two of Unsolved Mysteries, and I played some Pocket Camp.  I'm really wanting to just go to bed.  I still have my French lesson to do.  After that, I might just crash.  Oh, I just remembered I have a load of clothes in the washer.  I need to toss those in the dryer. I  may not worry about actually getting them out of the dryer tonight.  As long as I get them dry, I can always fluff them tomorrow before getting them out.

My new 2018 Moleskine daily journal came today. It's Peanuts themed again  It's orange this year with blue trim.  The printing on the front and the comics inside the front and back cover are blue.  The ribbon and the elastic band are both blue, too.  It's pretty.  Here is a picture from the Moleskine website:


I like it.  Last years was yellow and instead of the smooth cover like this one is, it was rough.  This one is like every other Moleskine notebook I've ever had.  I prefer the smooth cover.  I love the blue trim on it!