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A bit of a rant.

So, last night was my weekly venture to Starbucks.  I got there a little early and there was someone already in my chair.  He was there last week and stayed the entire time I was there and was there after I left.  I knew he'd be there all night.  I didn't mind that.  What I did mind, of the two comfy chairs, he sat in the one I prefer.  I went over and asked if he minded if I took the other one.  Again, he didn't so I sat.  I hadn't been in the chair very long when some guy comes in.  He just stands there for a few minutes and is staring at me.  I just ignored him and went about my business.  He sits at the table next to me.  The table next to me is a high top and he was sitting on a high top chair.  This put him very close to me and hovering over me.  I felt him staring at me and it was freaking me the math out!

I tried to read my letters and get in a frame of mind to write them.  It wasn't working. It felt as if he were trying to get in my lap or something.  I finally just had enough and got up, packed up my stuff and left.  Very uncomfortable!  I was not happy.  There was no where else to move to, so I just went home.  I did my letters here.  I actually typed them this time as I knew as upset as I was, my already bad handwriting would have been worse!  I got all my letters written and then did two small handwritten ones. (One to a new pal that I sent my new pal letter to and one to a potential new pal with the npl)  I always send a handwritten note with my new pal letter.

Today, I had two more letters! One from a regular pal and one from a new pal.  I think my mail is picking up and that is good. ^_^

Yes, I know....

I haven't posted in almost a week.  Sorry about that.  Life has been hectic.  I walked my regular walk on Thursday.  On Friday, I started out, but it was just so hot.  I stayed at the park and walked and then came home.  I only got in 5 miles instead of my usual 8.5.  Saturday and Sunday were forecast to be extremely hot so I skipped those days.  I planned on walking today, but I went outside just for a moment and it was stifling. I wasn't even in the sun!  I was in the shade and it still felt horrible.  

I feel bad missing three days in a row.  I'm really hoping to be able to go tomorrow.  It's still supposed to be hot, but I'm hoping it's a bit cooler.  I was going to walk earlier this evening, but it was still insanely hot.  It's got to cool down some soon!  This is crazy!  

I was gone Saturday for most of the day.  When I finally got home, it was late, so I skipped my workouts.  Sunday, I did Saturday's and Sunday's!  I did today's on time today.  This heat is something else.  It makes it hard to sleep too.  I have the air conditioner on high AND a fan blowing on me.  I hate cold weather, but at this point, I'd really enjoy some cool weather.

In any case, I'm sorry I haven't posted.  I was going to post last night, but I got my workouts in late and it was almost midnight.  I figured I would just wait for today to post.  I haven't been to the post office since Thursday!  I need to walk so I can go.  Hopefully I'll have some letters.  As of now, I only have one to take with me to Starbucks on Wednesday.

Okay, I'll close this for now.  I want to relax a bit before bed.  I want to sleep well tonight! I need it!

Starbucks and Wednesday!

I went to Starbucks tonight for my weekly trip.  I had six letters to write, too!  I got all six done and still had time to relax and rest my hand between them.  I got my regular drink, a vanilla caramel latte.  Since I had a free drink on my card tonight, I added caramel syrup to it and whip! :)  It was delicious!  I also got a Michigan cherry oat bar.  So goooood!  

I was able to get my favorite chair immediately too!  I got comfy and began writing.  Here are two pictures.  One of my view from my chair, and one of my goodies:



I ended up staying a bit longer than I planned, but that was okay.  I enjoy my time there.  It's a fun and easy way to get my letters written.  I don't like to let my pen pals wait too long for replies. :)

Wednesday post time!

I got in my walk today and it was a little bit cooler.  Not much, but enough to help.  I actually slept until my silent alarm on my Fitbit went off.  I went on my walk about an hour earlier than my usual time.  I came home and took my time doing my workouts.  I was able to take a few minutes between them.  That was nice.  I like having the time to relax a bit and not be in a rush.  Sometimes the internet is spotty and the videos don't want to load.  I did that a few times today, but I had the extra time, so I didn't mind.

I got those done. It was core and cardio day. OUCH!  I ate lunch and then got my things together for Starbucks.  I relaxed a little while and then headed over there.  I was able to get my favorite chair immediately.  I had six letters to write and I got them all done.  I was looking forward to playing Pokemon Go while there too, but the servers were down for most of my visit.  They didn't come up until near the end.  I ended up staying a bit longer than I planned.  I almost forgot that I needed to go pick up my prescription at Kmart.  I would have walked there on one of my walks, but they are doing road construction in front of it and it's a mess.  I didn't want to get run over!

I got my prescription and headed home.  I posted to Letters and Lattes and then came here to post.  Now, I'm going to relax for a while before getting in bed and relaxing for the night.  I am hoping to get some reading done tonight. 

Mail time!

Tomorrow is my regular visit to Starbucks with my pen pal letters.  I actually have a nice stack of letters to carry with me!  My box has been lonely too long. :)


That is the current stack.  I have a letter from my pal Heidi in there.  I also have a letter from a new pal that I got via LWA from Scotland!  So cool and we both love Adventure Time. Yay!

Sleep and Pokemon Go!

I am still not sleeping all the way through the night.  I am sleeping a bit later each day, so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!  I have been going on my walk earlier than usual too.  It's just as hot earlier as it is later. I really should go later in the evening.  The heat is killing me!  Today I couldn't wait to get home to my room and air conditioning.  When I got here, I had to sit down and cool off awhile before doing my workouts.  With me going on my walks earlier, it gives me more time to do my workouts and not be in a hurry.  I get them done and then I can relax a few minutes before eating lunch.

So, on today's walk, I found quite a few new Pokemon.  I also found several of the ones I had.  I got enough Eevee candy to evolve one of my Eevees too! :)  I love finding 'new' ones.  I was in the process of capturing one Eevee today when I got this screenshot:


It was too cute not to share!  Here are my top Pokemon at the moment.  I'm leveling up slower than I would like, but I'm getting there!


Last night, I drove to the park to pick up some 'supplies' at the Pokestops there.  Someone had set a lure at one of the stops, so I sat there for about 10 minutes catching.  That was fun.  I was just going to go through, grab some stuff and go home, but I saw the lure and thought, why not?  I noticed a lot of other people walking around the park.

I love seeing people out and about playing the game.  It's so cool that is getting people out of their houses and active.  One of my friends is a total couch potato/room dweller and I've gotten him out twice to go on the hunt. :)  I use my daily walk as an opportunity to catch and to hatch! :P

Sleep, it alludes me!

This is day three of waking up way too early!  Each day this happens, I have just gotten up and gone on a earlier walk. It's a little bit cooler, but not too much.  Today, I used Pokemon Go during the walk.  I used it for most of the walk.  My battery was at 22% when I got home. LOL!  It's okay, I charged it while doing my workouts and relaxing.  I was able to hatch several eggs and picked up some 'new' Pokemon along with some extra of others.  I also tried to hit all the Pokestops along my walk.  It was fun!  I have gotten where walking was a chore.  I do it because I want to continue to be fit, but it's such a pain sometimes.  Playing Pokemon Go while I walk makes it more fun.  I don't want to skip a walk. I want to go and play! :)  

I am hoping to get back to my regular sleep schedule.  I'm going to try to go out and walk earlier.  My normal routine is to get up, check out things on my phone for a while, get up, eat, and watch a couple of episodes of Judge Judy and then head out for my walk.  I may just get up, relax a bit and then eat and go.  This way I will get done in time to do my workouts before lunch.  I also won't have to worry about hurrying if I feel like I'm getting behind.  It will give me extra time.  This is important as it's so darn hot!  Hopefully I will sleep right through tonight and not wake up until the silent alarm on my Fitbit goes off!  Wish me luck.