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New stamps!

I went to the post office earlier this month to get some stamps.  The lady working was really nice.  She pulled out a bunch of different stamps for me to choose from.  She was enthusiastic about them, too!  That was cool.  I got a sheet of 4 of the planet stamps. (This block featuring Pluto) and a sheet of 16 of the National parks stamps.  I love getting new and interesting stamps!  After I purchased these, a pen pal sent me a letter with a planet stamp.  Hers was Jupiter!  Very cool.  I took a picture of the stamp sheets to share:



Phone switching.....

So, I spent a few days with my Samsung Galaxy S7.  It is a decent phone, but there were some things about it I didn't like.  I felt like I should have stuck with the LG G5 which is what I went in to get.  I decided to go and swap out phones.  Unfortunately, they would not waive the restock fee. :(  I knew I would not be happy in the long run with the Samsung.  I now own a LG G5!

So, I really love the G5.  It's got a little bit bigger screen than the S7.  It's got an all metal body which I love.  The phone itself is simply gorgeous.  I got it in Titan.  It has a wonderful camera.  The only issue I have with that is that you cannot turn the shutter sound off.  There are plenty of 3rd party apps out there on Google play.  

Also, the battery life seems pretty good so far.  It runs well, I haven't noticed any lags.  I've liked everything about it.  I love that it has the 'knock knock' feature.  You just double tap the screen to wake it up or put it to sleep.  This comes in handy since the power button is on the back of the phone.

Would I recommend this phone to others? Yes!  I will do an update on it after I've been using it for awhile.  I'm sure I'm going to love it for a long time to come.

New phone time!

So, it was time to upgrade my phone. I went to AT&T this week fully intending to buy an LG G5.  I had it out of the box, was playing with it, and liked it.  There were a few things that I didn't like, though. The power button on the back and the fact that you couldn't turn the shutter sound off on the camera.  I decided to look at the Samsung.  Now, I'm not a big fan of Samsung phone, but I went over and looked at them. The new Galaxy S7 was about he size of my current phone.  It wasn't too big as I was thinking it would be.  It looked and felt pretty sturdy.  I decided on it.

I'm pretty happy with it.  It came with a fast charging cable and it works!  It also came with headphones.  I was able to pick up a case for it in Target right after buying it, so it's protected. It's a pretty nice phone.  I will have to get used to the go back button being on the 'wrong' side, but after a few weeks, I'll have forgotten it was any other way.  The only thing I wish I could change about it is that it's got Samsung emojis.  I wish there was a way to change to Android emojis.  I know you can if you root it, but I don't want to root it until it's out of warranty.  

Some texting apps like you choose which emojis you use.  I wish the phone did too!  I've had it for several days now and I'm really liking it.  The battery life is better than my Motorola X's was.  I used it yesterday's walk and it only went down a little more than half.  That was with three fitness apps running and Pokemon Go.  Sometimes my Moto would be about 23% when I got home!  

All in all, it's a good phone and I think I'll enjoy it.  It has Marshmallow on it, so that was pretty cool, too.  My Moto still had Lollipop.  

A week passes so slowly...

Especially when I don't post! Yeah, I got a week behind again.  I meant to post to this blog everyday when I got it.  I found out something interesting when I'm not visiting it or posting.  It gets no hits.  So, yeah, no one actually reads my blog. :(  Hopefully I can change that.  I actually had readers when I was at Wordpress.  I don't want to move back there, but at least people were reading my blog posts!

Today was the first of August.  I got in a good walk today even though it was really hot out there.  I came in and did the day's workouts.  I didn't get Saturday's or Sunday's workouts done then.  I did them today.  I wanted August to get off to a good start.  I'm all caught up on my workouts.  I'm tired, but satisfied.  I needed to get that done.  It made me feel good.

Yes, I'm still playing Pokemon Go.  I actually played today while walking.  It makes my walk fun.  I actually caught several and hatched four 2K eggs.  I wanted to get all the 2K ones hatched.  All I have now are 5K ones.  I also leveled up today to Level 18! Yay! :)  It's so much fun.  I have hatched a few 10K eggs. One was a Eevee and one was a Snorlax.  I know there were one or two more, but I can't remember what they were.  I have all three Eevee evolutions, too. :)  

Anyway, I guess I'll close.  I hope to post more often.  Hopefully someone will start reading the posts!