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Goodbye February!

It's the last day of February and that means that tomorrow is March.  Spring is definitely coming soon!  It's been really nice here lately.  Today it was quite warm and nice.  It's been in the 60's and 70's here lately.  Very unseasonable, but I'm not complaining!  I am so ready for the warm weather.  I am not a fan of winter!

I see when checking my stats, that only this blog gets visitors.  My bullet journal blog and my pen pal blog haven't been visited.  I am thinking of consolidating those blogs into this one and just have it all in one place.  At least here, someone might see those posts! :)  I wonder if there is a simple way to do that?  I'd like to just have them all move over for me.  That would make life easier!

Tomorrow, I start a new stretch project with Blogilates!  Cassey has a #stretchrevolution event for March. I've been working on my stretching on my own for the past several weeks.  I'd like to be able to get into splits.  I'm very happy to begin this program tomorrow.  I'll keep on working on my flexibility until I can do the splits!  I still have quite a bit of space between myself and the floor when trying, but I can see improvement.  I am definitely getting more flexible!

I went to the post office yesterday and I had two letters.  One from a brand new pen pal and one from one that I sent out a new pal letter to recently.  It's always great to get new pals.  I'm going to write letters either tonight or tomorrow.  I am not sure which, yet.  

I guess that is all for now.  I hope to continue to post here more often.  If I can get my other blogs merged into this one, you'll see that soon! 

Welcome back!

Please forgive my long delay in posting.  I haven't posted here since September.  I was sick during August and September and got very behind on everything.  I even got behind on my pen pal letters and this blog (and my main blog) too!  I plan to get back into posting at my blogs more often.

I am now caught up with pen pal letters.  I have recently sent out some letters to potential new pals.  I have heard back from one and I'm writing her back soon.  I also got matched up at LWA and I have a new pal from Germany to write.  Yay!  I hope to write letters either tomorrow on Wednesday. If Wednesday, I'll probably go to Starbucks.  

Since I posted last, I have purchased a new desk.  I love it and I've been writing all my letters from here.  I miss my Starbucks visits though, so I hope to get back to those soon. I'll be sitting in Starbucks, writing letters and sipping on a Cascara latte.  I tried these recently and they are GOOD!

I also hope to get back to posting ideas here for people who like to pen pal.  Writing letters is great fun.  I have updated my pen pal ad at a few of the sites I'm listed at and hope to get some new pen pals from that.  I have several great pen pals that I got last year, but I've also lost some.  I hate to start writing to a great pal and then lost them.  A few of my favorites changed their address and my letters were sent back. I'm hoping that they will send an updated address as I miss hearing from them.

I still would like to have more pen pals.  It's such fun to hand write letters!  Okay, I've actually done an update.  Go me!  I want to make another post with some cool stamps I got a few months ago. Look for that up next!


Yeah, it's been a very long time since I posted on my blog.  I'm sorry about that.  I didn't mean to let the blog go silent for so long.  I have updated my bullet journal blog since I posted here last though.  I hope to get back into posting here more often.  I wish there was an Typepad app for my phone.  I don't get on the laptop much and it's much easier to type up a post on the laptop than to type up one on my phone!  

I haven't gotten back into my walking yet, but I didn't restart my workouts in December.  I also did a #28dayreset in January.  The rules are: "No alcohol, no dairy, no processed foods, no gluten, and no added sugars".  I actually accomplished this!  I gave up soda as a result of it! :)  I now drink water and coffee only.  I so so proud of myself for being able to stick to it.  I found that I do not have any issues with gluten or dairy.  I have worked them back into my diet, but I'm still trying to eat whole unprocessed foods.  I lost 13 pounds! YAY!  I had put back on some weight from not walking and working out so long, so I'm working on getting back to where I was and working on getting past that to my goal weight.  I hope to get back to where I was by late May.  Wish me luck!

I have been keeping up with my bullet journal and I absolutely love it!  It's such a good thing.  I have two Pokemon Go trackers in there now. I had one earlier of the first batch of Pokemon that were in the game. When they added the new ones, I made a tracker for those too. I'll probably post some of that in my bujo blog.  You can find that HERE  I need to update that blog too!  I also need to work on my pen pal blog.  As you can tell, I'm behind on life! LOL!  

In any case, I hope to update this blog more often.  I wanted it to be my main blog and I let it go for far too long.

I participated in Nanowrimo back in Novemeber and I ended up winning! :)  I wrote a zombie novel. It isn't great, but I did it and I'm proud of it!  

Also, I wanted to mention that the Cascarra Latte at Starbucks is AMAZING.  I get mine with almond milk.  A tall with almond milk is only 120 calories!  A venti with almond milk is only 200.  The tall with regular milk is 190.  It's low in calories (compared to most latte drinks) and it's delicious!  Give it a try!