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April 2017

Sunday was food day! :p

Today I got in my workouts and I went for a walk.  That was nice.  Afterward, my friend decided to go to dinner at Western Sizzlin.  We went and I overate, but it was good!  I considered it my cheat meal because I haven't had one in a while.  The meal itself wasn't that bad.  Grilled chicken and a baked potato.l  It was the extras that did me in!  They have this cheesy bread things that are amazing.  I had too many of those, I also had a small cone of ice cream and a roll. Oh! Also, three chocolate chip cookies. LOL!  Yeah, totally overdid it, but a cheat meal IS a cheat meal!  It was good.  Did I mention that I had sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits on my potato?  

Anyway!  The workouts today were mainly abs.  That wasn't too bad, but at the same time it was! Tomorrow is a new month and the calendar is way different that usual.  That will be interesting, but I think I'll like it.  We'll see!  I can't believe that April is over and May is finally almost here.  The end of May is another beach trip! :D  We go at the end of May and come back in early June.  I can't wait!


Mowing again!

After all that rain, the grass grew a lot.  I went out to do some of the backyard.  I got part of it done and decided to re-do the front too.  Now I only have one more section to do and I'll probably do it tomorrow or one day this week.  It was really hot out there.  

After finishing my mowing, I went to my front porch and sat in the swing to cool down a bit.  I had a bottle of water and it was nice out there.   Much cooler out there in that nice shade.  I took a few pictures to share:



Friday fun?

Guess what I got to do today? Walk on the Riverwalk trail!  They cleaned the trail and it looks so much better.  There are piles of dirt and silt on both sides that they cleaned off.  The trail itself if pretty clean except for a few little spots.  We just went in the grass and went around those.  It was nice to see the trail open and free of water. 

Afterwards, we rode by the post office and I mailed off 8 letters and found two more in my mailbox.  I had received nine letters last week, but one of my pen pals didn't like that I had typed my letter and said it was a 'form letter' and that wasn't nice.  Oooookay.  Sorry, I have a LOT of pals and when need to do a bunch of letters at one time, typing is just quicker.  If I had to sit and handwriting 11 letters (which is why I had typed that last batch), my hand would be horribly cramped.  I typed so I could get everyone's letters done and ready to mail.  Oh well! Can't please everyone.  Sorry, I like having a lot of pen pals.  If you don't, that is your drama! 

Anyway!  It's funny that when that letter came, I had a new pals letter in that batch and today's mail brought another new pal.  I guess I'll be okay. :p  

Hmmm, more rain?

Yes, the sky is overcast and they are saying we might get some more rain.  Just what we don't need!  Hopefully it won't be much or long.  I went down in the basement and I was able to relight the pilot light on my water heater.  It will be nice to have a hot bath tonight.  Not to mention clean dishes!  I can wash dishes in cold water, but I feel they are cleaner in the hot water.  I'll have to wait awhile for it to heat up.  It will be so nice to be able to have the hot water.   I love a hot bath! 

My friend says he probably doesn't want to walk today because it looks like rain.  I say phooey on that!  We could go on the wooded trail like we did yesterday.  We won't get as wet if we go on that one.  It might not even rain!  Who knows?  I also need to go to pick up my prescriptions.  I was hoping he'd run me down there.  If I can't get there tonight, hopefully I can get there tomorrow.  He carried me by last night, but the pharmacy started closing at 8 instead of 9.  I got there a few minutes after 8. Phooey! 

Anyway!  I am going to get off here and get a few things done.  I am hoping one of those things is a walk! 

Rain ends

Finally! It stopped raining here today. The river has flooded in a lot of areas. The Riverwalk trail that my friend and I have been going to is flooded so badly in places that they closed it! I have seen pictures that people posted and it's insane. 

One park along the trail is completely underwater except for three or four parking spaces and the bathroom. The shelter is submerged along with everything else. There are even several streets closed. 

As I expected, my basement flooded, so I am out of hot water until it goes down. I will have to go down and relight the pilot on the water heater.  Hopefully it won't be too long before I can do that. 

I'm hoping to get the sun tomorrow. 

Monday musings

It's still raining.  I'm so over this weather!  I wish it would stop.  I had to put out more buckets to catch drips, too. ~_~;  I am hoping that the forecast for tomorrow will change and it will clear up.  I really need a break from this weather! 

A friend of mine knew I was going stir crazy, so he said he'd come and take me out tonight.  I don't really want to do anything, just get out of the house.  Hopefully he'll come soon.  I totally need to get out of here.  I'd go myself, but my car is still messed up and my wipers need replacing and I have a hard time seeing to drive at night / in the rain. 

Wednesday when it's supposed to be clear again, we are going to try to walk on the Riverwalk trail.  It may be part walk, part swim!  The trail tends to flood when it rains a lot and it's rained A LOT.  Hopefully it won't be too bad.  I'm looking forward to clear skies! 


Ugh! It has been raining since yesterday afternoon and it's not going to be done until sometime on Tuesday!  My roof has a lot of issues, so at the moment, I have out two buckets to catch drips.  I also am going to have to toss some clothes.  They got dripped on and I didn't know it and they are moldy. They stink even after two trips through the washing machine.  If they aren't better when they dry, I'll have to toss them.  Luckily, it was a lot of jeans that don't fit, but there was a nice blanket and some shirts that I like in there.  Not to mention one of my tote bags. :(   

I have another load in now.  These weren't too wet and hadn't gotten wet before, so I'm hoping they'll be okay.  Wish me luck.  I hate having everything in my house broken. :(  I just wish the rain would stop.  That drip, drip, drip, is going to drive me nuts tonight.  One of the leaks is in my room. Phooey! 

So many letters!

Today I wrote the two letters that I had and went ahead and mailed them.  I  checked my box while at the post office and I had nine more! Yikes!  I plan to try to write some of them tomorrow and finish the rest on Monday. At least that is the plan!  We'll see how that goes.  The ones I got today are all from regular pals except one.  I got a letter from a new pal.  That is always nice!

I have been really tired all day today.  I got my workouts done and I wanted to walk, but it was raining and then storming, so I didn't get to do that.  Hopefully on Monday.  We'll see!  I need to get back into walking regularly.  I want to get down to my goal weight.  I'd love to be back to a good weight by the beach trip in late May! That would be awesome.



So, it's Friday and that means it's stretch day on the workout calendar.  That was a nice break.  I had planned to walk today, but that didn't work out.  The weather was perfect for it too.  My friend was afraid we'd get storms.  We didn't.  I decided to use the opportunity to mow my front lawn.  I got that done and then came in to try to breath!  The stuff it kicked up while mowing was horrible.  Stupid pollen and stupid airborne crap this time of year! 

I am glad to get that done.  I'll do the backyard later.  It isn't so bad.  The front is the important part, because that is what people see!  I probably wouldn't have had to mow again already, but we got a few days of rain.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday, so if it does, that will give me an excuse not to mow. :P