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Why am I awake?

Yeah, it's 7:36 am and I'm awake.  I didn't get to bed until almost 3 am too.  Oh well, it's a beautiful day and I can sit here and type a blog post and look at the beautiful ocean.  It's absolutely gorgeous again today.  Yesterday was pretty too.  We got out in the afternoon and went to eat.  Then we hit a bunch of thrift stores.  I found something in several of them.  I also was able to get to a Starbucks and get a caramel macchiato.  Yum!  Sadly, they didn't have the cascara latte.  

I had a free pizza from Hungry Howies, so we stopped by there on the way back to the room.  I ate half last night and I'm going to finish the rest in a little bit.  I forgot to order pepperoni. Oh NO!  I got a plain old cheese pizza.  Oh well, it's still good.  Oh! I forgot, we did go to a Dollar General and got some food, snacks, and water to have in the room.  We definitely needed some snacks. :p

We took a late night walk on the beach last night.  We didn't get started until after midnight. It was nice and peaceful.  I collected fifty more pounds of shells.  LOL  Not that many, but a lot! 

So, I'm going to sit here and enjoy this beautiful view and relax.  I wish I hadn't woken up so early, but I am at the beach.  No need to sleep my day away!  

Hello from Myrtle Beach!

So, I got some decent sleep last night and now I'm sitting on my bed in my room typing up a post for my blog peeps.  I have to tell you about this incredible room!  It's actually two seperate rooms in one big room!  You come in the door and there are two more doors.  One to the right and one to the left.  The one to the left leads down a hall.  There are a washer and dryer in a cubby to the left, then, there is a bedroom with a window view of the ocean.  Then, a big bathroom.  Opposite that is a full kitchen!  Then ahead is a living area with a big table, a sofa, a chair, and a murphy bed.  Also  balcony to an ocean front view! 

Okay, let's back up.  When you come in the room, if you turn to your right, you'll be in my room!  It's a separate room!  It has two beds, tv, table, microwave, mini fridge, and coffee maker!  Also a small bathroom.  It's like I'm staying at the beach by myself and I love it!  It also has it's own balcony!  Yes, I have a balcony off my room!  I can sit and look at the ocean or Ocean Blvd.  It's so cool!  I sat out there last night and watched cars on the strip.  It's cool having two balconies to choose from.  I'm actually sitting on my bed right now typing this up looking out at this wonderful view.  I'm loving it!  Here, let me share a picture with you of my current view:


Nice, yes?  I'm going to enjoy it for a while and then hopefully it will be time to go eat. 

Count down!

Two more days to the beach trip. I'm so ready!  I'm currently getting things together to pack.  I have all the clothes I needed to wash in the washer and I'm about to go and move them into the dryer.  I'll probably pack my clothes tonight and then my electronics, notebooks, and other stuff tomorrow.  I am not planning on taking my laptop with me, but I'll post from my phone everyday.  I'll also be posting to Instagram.  :) 

Busy, busy, Friday!

Why does it seem like I get a lot more done on Friday?  I got my front lawn mowed today.  I also did the workouts. I put away a load of clothes after drying them.  I washed them last night and forgot about them! 

I also washed dishes.  I think that is all.  All this on little to no sleep!  I should sleep well tonight.  At least I'm hoping so!  I'm hoping to make it to the post office tomorrow so that I can check my box once more before my trip.  


So, I'm not well yet, but I feel a lot better today.  I actually got out of the house too! My friend asked if I wanted to go to dinner at Western Sizzlin.  I did, so we did!  That was delicious.  It was nice to get out of the house.  The sun actually came out a few times today, too!  Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow too.  I really need to mow my front lawn before the trip.  If I don't it's going to be insane by next week! 

I got my workouts in later this evening, but I did them!  I didn't mean to get to them so late, but I got them done! Go me.  Now, I just need to relax for a bit before bed! 

Wednesday time....

I am still sick.  I am not sure if I'm getting better, but I'm not getting worse!  I did my workouts on time today, so that was good.  They weren't too bad today.  I guess I'm getting a bit better.  I just want to get over this mess so I'll be crud free! 

It's been raining here again.  I wish it would stop. The one room that has the leaking problem is leaking again.  Yesterday, I didn't think it had been raining that much.  I luckily checked the bucket before it overflowed. Yikes! That would not have been good. I have been keeping a much better eye on it since then! 

Better, not a lot!

I am not really better today, but I did at least get my workouts in. :)  I was happy to get those done.  I am hoping that I'll feel better tomorrow and then be well by this weekend.  I have a beach trip coming up on Monday and I really don't want to be sick at the beach! 

Wish me luck on getting over this stuff quickly! I'm going to relax a lot for the next few days to help speed up the process.  I want a fun, healthy trip to my favorite place! :)