Hello from Myrtle Beach!
Thursday already?

Why am I awake?

Yeah, it's 7:36 am and I'm awake.  I didn't get to bed until almost 3 am too.  Oh well, it's a beautiful day and I can sit here and type a blog post and look at the beautiful ocean.  It's absolutely gorgeous again today.  Yesterday was pretty too.  We got out in the afternoon and went to eat.  Then we hit a bunch of thrift stores.  I found something in several of them.  I also was able to get to a Starbucks and get a caramel macchiato.  Yum!  Sadly, they didn't have the cascara latte.  

I had a free pizza from Hungry Howies, so we stopped by there on the way back to the room.  I ate half last night and I'm going to finish the rest in a little bit.  I forgot to order pepperoni. Oh NO!  I got a plain old cheese pizza.  Oh well, it's still good.  Oh! I forgot, we did go to a Dollar General and got some food, snacks, and water to have in the room.  We definitely needed some snacks. :p

We took a late night walk on the beach last night.  We didn't get started until after midnight. It was nice and peaceful.  I collected fifty more pounds of shells.  LOL  Not that many, but a lot! 

So, I'm going to sit here and enjoy this beautiful view and relax.  I wish I hadn't woken up so early, but I am at the beach.  No need to sleep my day away!  


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Hope there was sunshine on that day.

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