Stranger Things
What a day.


I finished the entire season one of Stranger Things yesterday.  It was really good.  I thought it was slow to start, but it finally picked up and I like it. I loved all the Stephen King reference.  I'm looking forward to Season 2.  I like that they ended it on a note where it could be over, but there is the potential for more.  

Today I've not done a lot.  I got my bed linen washed and back on the bed.  I ran to the post office but sadly, I didn't have any letters.  Hopefully I'll get some soon.  I get all my letters caught up and then none come. Figures!  

I ran an errand for a friend while I was out and he gave me the leftover change.  I went to the he grocery store and got two cases of water.  I should be good now for the rest of the month.  I didn't get my regular packs at the beginning of the month because they were out and my car was acting up so much.  I drove it around today and I didn't have any issues.  I know it's still messed up though.  I'm just glad I was able to get done the things I needed to do today! 

All I have left on today's agenda is to take a bath and wash my hair.  I'll do that as soon as I publish this post. :) 


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So much accomplished in a day.

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