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Friday again.

It was sunny this morning and then it got cloudy.  It began raining this afternoon and it's rained on and off since then.  I got my workouts in this afternoon and then had lunch.  A friend called and wanted me to run an errand with him so I did.  I was good and didn't get a shake at Cook out!  He got a peach shake at Cook out and asked if I wanted one.  I passed.  I love their orange push up shakes.  So good!  I decided I didn't need it.  If he'd offered Dairy Queen, I might not have been as good. lol

I went out to sit on my porch a bit.  While I was out there, it started to rain again.  It was light at first and then it started coming down hard.  The wind was blowing too.  It was actually pretty nice out there.  I stayed quite a while and then came back in.  I'm going to re-heat my last two pieces of leftover pizza from yesterday.  It's going to be yummy!  

Well, then.

So, I did my regular routine today up to a point.  I didn't eat after my workouts.  Why?  A friend had texted me and said we were going to Aunt Millies to eat dinner.  Aunt Millies is a pizza place in Milton North Carolina that is delicious!  I didn't eat lunch as he said we'd eat about 5:30.  It ended up being a bit after 6.  It was delicious.  They have really good pizza. 

I came home afterwards and sat on my porch for a bit with some coffee.  It was a nice day.  It wasn't too terribly hot.  I am now going to relax until bedtime.  I was late getting to bed last night because I found a new game to play.  It's available on iOS and Android.  It's called One Clue Crossword. It's really fun and really addictive!  I absolutely love word games.  

What day is this again?

So, I was sitting in my room relaxing and thought about the fact that I needed to mow the back lawn.  I didn't really want to mow, but I needed to.  I went out and did the entire backyard.  I was happy to have that done.  I enjoyed listening to Welcome to Night Vale while mowing.  That at least made it more fun!  I came in and relaxed a bit and then did my workouts.

I am not sure what the rest of the evening holds in store for me.   I might run out to the park for a bit, and I might not.  I'm really tired.  A friend of mine got a jeep and she picked me up in it yesterday.  I still have a headache and backache from riding in that damn thing.  I don't see the appeal of them at all.  She says "they are fun!"  I say, they suck and are painful! LOL  



So, I loaded my lawn mower up in my car today.  That was not fun.  It's not too horribly heavy, but it's awkward.  I filled it with gas before I did so I didn't run out.  I went over to my friend's house.  The one that has been sick.  I mowed his lawn for him.  I know he still isn't feeling well, so I wanted to help him out.  I did his entire lawn.  I then came home and did my front lawn and the driveway around where my car usually sits.  I parked it elsewhere and moved it back afterwards.  I came in and cooled down and then did my workouts. It was ab day so that was fun.  Yikes! LOL!  I got those done and then relaxed a bit before fixing some lunch.  Lunch was delicious.  

I went out and spent some time on my front porch.  It was feeling nice outside today.  A friend called later and asked if I wanted to ride with her to have some keys made.  I did.  She just got a jeep and she drove that.  I did NOT like it. So uncomfortable.  Ugh!  I got a serious headache from the bumpiness and the smell from the exhaust.  BLEAH!  I was happy to get home!

Now, I'm going to finish this and then do my French lesson at Duolingo and then probably play Scrabble on my iPod touch.  I love word games! 

Monday madness!

So, I had the #100burpeeburnout on today's workout calendar.  I was SO tempted to just skip it, but I went ahead and did it.  I was proud of myself for doing it.I was able to borrow $20 from a friend and I went to the grocery store and got some things I needed.  It was great to get the things I needed. I even had .68 in change. Yay!

I need to go out and mow the front lawn, but I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow.  My friend is starting to feel better, so hopefully I'll get to go on walks again soon.  


Okay, so a real post for once.  I don't have a killer headache.  I do have a slight one, but that is normal for me.  I have been busy today.  I washed my bed linen and put it back on the bed.  I also washed another load of clothes.  They are in the dryer now.  They are probably done so I should go check on those.

I also washed dishes  i climbed up to my roof to see if I could find a place where the water was getting into the house.  The area I needed to get to is almost impossible.  I didn't have anyone to hold the ladder, either.  I went up and looked, but to get to the area I needed to inspect, I would have to get on the roof. It's not level at this point and the ladder wasn't very sturdy, so I didn't go up there.  Hopefully I can get a friend to come by and hold the ladder so I can go up and inspect.  The other thing is that there are bushes blocking where I need to ladder to go so that I can just look at the spot from the ladder.  I'll try again another day.

I did my workouts and then mad the mistake of seeing what tomorrow's workouts were.  The 100 burpee burnout is on it.  Oh no!  I'll get through it, but it won't be easy! :p  I went up to a friend's house for a bit tonight. I haven't been up there in a while.  I got to see my favorite mini Dachshund, Cocoa. She is so cute! 

I found out last night that I could do my Duolingo lessons on the computer.  I had been doing them on the phone, but I went to the website just out of curiosity last night and found that I could do them on the laptop.  That was pretty cool.  You can add a timed feature on the website that isn't available in the app.  I like it.  I'll continue to do them on the phone and on the laptop.  It just depends where I am at the time.  Being on the go, the phone would be the obvious choice.

I didn't go out today.  I meant to, and then I never did.  I really need a few groceries, but I'm broke.  I was looking up ways online to make twenty dollar today and they all looked shady so I just said, nope!  I will just have to wait until I get my money next month.  I hate being out of stuff and broke!

I need to go take a bath and wash my hair. I also need to get the things out of the dryer.  I'll have all the things on my to do list in my bullet journal done after that.  I like having a completed list. ^_^

What day is it?

I don't know.  I think it's Wednesday since I wore pink. :p  It's been a day.  I did not want to get up and do my workouts today but I got up and did them!  Still no walk.  My friend finally went to the doctor so hopefully he'll start feeling better soon! 

I went to the post office today and still no letters.  I swear I'm going to go and there are going to be 394823492380 letters all at once. :p  I wish my pen pals would write me.