No NaNoWriMo yet
5 cups and not enough!

No NaNoWriMo yet

Yeah, I haven't gotten started on today's session.  I don't know what is wrong with me. I've been kind of bleah all day.  I went for my walk and it was overcast and drizzly off and on.  Guess who forgot to put on her backpack with the umbrella in it?  Yes, me!  I stopped at Dollar General and bought an umbrella.  I wish I wouldn't have had to do it.  I still can't believe that I forgot my backpack.  I laid it on the table and went to use the bathroom before leaving for my walk.  I walked right past it and went out and started my walk.  Rain was in the forecast today, too!  Sheesh!  Oh well, the umbrella I bought is really light weight, so I put it in my backpack for future walks.  Being low on funds and having to buy something I already had really irritated me, but I needed it.  

As for NaNo, I know exactly where I'm going with tonight's writing.  I just need to get myself settled in and do it.  I have a good bit planned so I should be able to get in some words.  I just need to start.  Hopefully after I post this, I can settle in and write!


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