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So I actually had the time today to sit down and do a real post.  I've been pretty busy today, but I wanted to post here.  I am drying my hair at the moment, so it seemed the perfect time to do a good blog post.  It is Sunday so that means bed linen day.  I've already gotten that washed and back on the bed.  I did another smaller load of laundry too.  I've put that away.  I organized one of my cabinets and did some other cleaning.  

My workouts today were abs.  I know I'll be feeling that tomorrow!  Hopefully I'll get to walk tomorrow evening.  I need to sit down and write pen pal letters tomorrow too.  I meant to do that today and time just got away from me.  I have several more things I need to do before bed, so I won't get those done tonight.  

Tomorrow I will be really busy as I'll have some money.  I plan to go and get gas in my car and get some groceries and other things that I need.  I hope to do that before workout time.  I'll do those and then have lunch.  I am hoping that my friend and I walk after that.  It will definitely be great to have good food in the house and gas in my car.  I need to run and get a few things while I'm out, too.  Hopefully I'll be able to get everything done that I need to get done tomorrow.

I will also try to come and make a decent post here.  I am going to finish drying my hair while doing my daily French lesson.  I've been using Duolingo to learn French.  I learned it in high school, but that was a looooong time ago!  I really wanted to learn Japanese, but it doesn't offer it.  Hopefully one day!  So far, I've been using Duolingo for a little over a month now.  I've been using it everyday and I'm only about 6% fluent in French, but the learning is fun! 

Android Nougat!

My phone finally got the Nougat update!  I was so excited when my phone said there was an update.  I was hoping it was the Nougat one and it was!  I really like it so far.  I wish I could change the font on the drop down notifications.  That is the only thing that I would change.  My favorite thing is that it had the actual Android emojis!  I like the little Android blob emojis.  With the Samsung that I took back and the LG G5 that I currently have and love have their own emojis for Android.  That is the one thing that drove me crazy about both phones.  With the Nougat upgrade, I can have my beloved little blobs! :P

I had been using sms apps that let me change them in those apps, but that didn't really do anything for the rest of the phone.  Speaking of SMS. I have been trying out many different ones.  I like several but I don't really love any of them.  Recently I tried Mood SMS.  It's pretty nice, but I want  more customization.  I used GOSMS way back in the day, and I recently re-installed it.  I was able to do offers to get rid of the stupid ads.  I like it, but again, I would like to customize it more!  Someday I'll find the perfect sms app!  I like Hangouts, and Allo is cool, but it can't be used as a default sms. If it could, I would probably use that.

So, Nougat is doing well for me so far.  I really like it.  I wonder what will be next? Oreo, perhaps?

Phone switching.....

So, I spent a few days with my Samsung Galaxy S7.  It is a decent phone, but there were some things about it I didn't like.  I felt like I should have stuck with the LG G5 which is what I went in to get.  I decided to go and swap out phones.  Unfortunately, they would not waive the restock fee. :(  I knew I would not be happy in the long run with the Samsung.  I now own a LG G5!

So, I really love the G5.  It's got a little bit bigger screen than the S7.  It's got an all metal body which I love.  The phone itself is simply gorgeous.  I got it in Titan.  It has a wonderful camera.  The only issue I have with that is that you cannot turn the shutter sound off.  There are plenty of 3rd party apps out there on Google play.  

Also, the battery life seems pretty good so far.  It runs well, I haven't noticed any lags.  I've liked everything about it.  I love that it has the 'knock knock' feature.  You just double tap the screen to wake it up or put it to sleep.  This comes in handy since the power button is on the back of the phone.

Would I recommend this phone to others? Yes!  I will do an update on it after I've been using it for awhile.  I'm sure I'm going to love it for a long time to come.

Wednesday means ....

Well, as usual, it means I go to Starbucks!  This week's trip was cut a bit short though. :(  I got there a little earlier than usual.  I was able to get my favorite chair from the start.  I got my drink and sat down and started writing letters.  I got four done and was starting on number five when a friend called.  They wanted me to drop by and eat some leftovers so they could clean out the fridge.  I went, even though I wasn't ready to leave Starbucks yet.  I got there and they had cupcakes! @_@; I may have had one.... or two. ^^;  I ran an errand for them and I also picked up my prescriptions while I was out.

I did get in my walk today.  It was HOT.  I came home from my walk and did my workouts.  I ate lunch and relaxed for a few minutes before going to Starbucks.  I finished the letter that I started over there.  I have all the letters all ready to go out in tomorrow's mail.  As soon as I post this, I'm going to relax until bedtime.  I want to play SpellTower. :)  It's this addictive game that I got some time back as a free app of the week at Starbucks.  I've had it on my iPod ever since.  Today, I bought the Android version.  Now I'll have it on my phone too!  It's so fun and it's so addicting.  I love word games!

Subject lines are hard....

I got in a great walk today.  It was in the 70's today and pretty nice out there.  The trees are starting to turn here and they are so pretty.  I walked my regular walk.  I walk right around 8 1/2 miles each day.  Yesterday's walk, it was a bit overcast and drizzly.  Today it was sunny.  It's so much more fun to walk when I don't have to hold my umbrella.

After I got back from my walk, I did my Blogilates workouts and then worked on laundry.  Sunday is the day I wash my bed linen. While it was in the dryer, I started another load of clothes.  They are drying now.  After I get those out, I'm probably going to relax for the rest of the evening.  I found two shows on Netflix that I used to watch all the time.  The New Detectives and FBI Files. I've been enjoying watching the old episodes again.  I'll probably watch more of that and play Card Wars.

Card Wars is a game based on an episode of Adventure Time.  It's available for Android and iOS.  It's so much fun!  I play it on my tablet.  I love the show and the game.  Anyone else play?  If you love Adventure Time, check it out.  It's worth the price!

New goodie in the Blogilates app!

As you may know by reading my posts, I'm a Popster.  I follow Cassey Ho and her Pop Pilates workouts.  I have the Android app that I subscribe to the monthly calendars also.  It's only .99 a month and it gives you all the workouts together.  It's cool to be able to check off the workouts as I do them.  It's also convenient if I don't have access to my laptop.  I can just do the workouts on my phone or my tablet.

Yesterday, I downloaded a new update to the app and discovered something really cool.  Cassey added a workout timer to the app.  You can set your own times, workouts, etc.  It's going to be really useful.  It was a one time purchase of $1.99.  I added it and it's great. Want to check it out?  Go here:

What's in a name....

So, why am I "AnnDroidGirl".  Well, I'll tell you.  I got my first smartphone in 2011 and it was an Android.  I absolutely LOVE the whole Android experience.  Yes, I use a Macbook, no, I never wanted an iPhone.  So, my first phone was a LG Phoenix.  I upgraded a year or so later to an LG Escape.  I accidentally bricked that. OOPS.  So I went and did a bit of an early upgrade and got a Motorola X. I loved this phone so much.  I upgraded to the Moto X second generation in February.  It's such an awesome phone.  When I upgrade this, it will be for the newest Moto.

So, back to the name!  I love all things Android.  I wanted to get a new user name to use all over social media.  I tried androidgirl but it was taken and then I thought... hmm... AnnDroidGirl. My name is Ann and I love my Droids, so why not?  I am anndroidgirl on most every social media.  Insta, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and here.  I did have the name at Snapchat, but I couldn't get my password reset so I had to sign up for a new account.  I'm xAnnDroidGirlx there. In any case, if you were wondering, that is how I got my online handle. ^_^