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What a good day!

Why?  Well, I got in a good walk.  My Fitbit still doesn't count as many steps as my old one, but that is okay.  I'll just have to work harder to get in my steps!  I came home and did my workouts.  After those, I did my French lessons.  I had lunch and waited for the mail man. He dropped off my Fitbit bands.  The teal is gorgeous. I'm pretty sure it's the exact same shade as the Fitbit branded band.  The black is nice too.  I installed the Teal to see how well it fit.  It went on easily.  It looks good and feels good too.  I didn't even mind the regular band. I thought it was comfy.  I took a few pictures to share of the new bands and then what the back looks like on my arm:


They are really soft and flexible.  I like them.  I'll order more.   It will be nice to have bands in all colors for different outfits. :p

In other news, I went to the recycle center tonight. I've waited way too long to do that.  While I was out, I got some gas in my car and put some air in my tires.  They were all lower than I thought they were. I'm glad I did it.  After getting the gas, I decided to head to Starbucks.  I got in the drive-thru and asked if they had the cascara syrup.  They did! :D  I guess you know what I got.  I was so happy.  The barista said they'd had it for a little while now.  I'm so glad. I just love the cascara lattes. Yummy!

I left Starbucks and headed home.   I didn't have anywhere else to go, and I didn't get a lot of gas and it has to last until next month.  I don't have a lot, so hopefully it will get me through. I remembered that when I went to the grocery store that they had given me a coupon for up to 3 lbs of bananas.  I got those on my walk today.  I will be eating banana sammiches soon. The bananas are almost ripe.  I love it when they give me coupons for free goodies.



I am tired!  I got in my regular walk today.  I came home and did my workouts and my French lessons.  I am trying at another site to add to my French learning. My friend texted and said he'd pick me up at 5 and we'd eat and go for an adventure.  He also told me to wear my walking shoes!  I did.  He picked me up and we went to a local restaurant and then went to Martinsville, Virginia to a walking trail.  It's called the "Dick and Willie Passage"  No, I'm not making that up! :P  It is a nice little trail. We only walked about 1.5 miles of it and turned around and came back so our walk was a little over 3 miles.  It's a nice little trail and definitely something different!

We did that and then came back to Danville.  He dropped me off a few minutes ago.  My poor feet are so tired and they hurt.  I am trying to decide it I want to go soak in the tub or just plop on the bed with my Kindle!  I haven't decided yet. My Fitbit has left Roanoke Virginia.  It's UPS smartpost, so UPS won't deliver, USPS will.  That makes it take an extra day.  As of now, it says that it should be delivered on Saturday. I am hoping it updates and comes tomorrow.  I tried to get the delivery changed to the local UPS office, but it wouldn't let me change it.  Oh well.  I just want it to get here.  I want to try it on and see how I like it!  AHH!

I'm so totally sleepy.  I had four cups of coffee today.  Two at home and two at the restaurant.  They have good coffee.  I would have had three cups, but we didn't stay long.  We wanted to get to the trail.  We stopped at a Goodwill in Martinsville and I got a ceramic Jack o lantern, a bowl, and a vintage book from Southern Living magazine books.  It still has all the cards in the back to give to your friends so they can buy the book. It's from 1984!  It's pretty cool. It's called: Marcia McAlister's with house in hand...I love old stuff like that. It originally was 9.95 plus shipping. I paid a whole .49!

I found it on Amazon if you want to see!  It's listed for a lot more than I got it for. :P  HERE


I'm one tired puppy!

So, I got in my walk and came home and relaxed for a bit before doing my workouts.  I was almost done with them when a friend called and wanted me to go somewhere with her.  I wanted to finish my workouts, so I said no.  I got my workout done and then my French and called her back.  She still wanted to go, so I decided to go too.  We went to Martinsville, Virginia which is not very far away for her to go to Belk and look at purses.  She didn't get the one she went for, but she got two others!  I on the other hand didn't go to look at purses and ended up with one.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It's a Lily Bloom.  I've never had one or even seen one before.  They are made from recycled plastic bottles and they have adorable designs.  Mine has cupcakes and coffee! :D  It's brown with colorful cupcakes and coffee cups on it.  The inside is bright green and it's gorgeous.  I'll share a few pictures:


Did I mention that I got it on sale?  Two discounts. Whee! So, after we finally got out of Belk, it took her forever to decide!  We went to Jerry's pizza.  It's a place in Martinsville that I've been to once before a long time ago.  They have remodeled since I went and it's pretty nice.  We shared a pizza and then went by McDonald's for caramel macchiatos.  We were in the drive thru for twenty minutes AFTER we ordered!  We finally got our coffees and headed home.  They were not very good. :(  I was disappointed!

We got back to town and I went to her house for a bit to see Cocoa, her mini Doxie whom I love!  Her son wanted something from Burger King so we rode down there.  While we were out, I got her to run me by Starbucks. LOL I had to get some good coffee to cancel out the bad coffee. :p  I got a tall blonde vanilla latte.  Delicious!  I came home and washed my hair. I'm drying it now and then I'll put my bed linen back on the bed.  I need to play some Pocket Camp as I haven't had a chance since this morning.  

So tired!

So, we finally got out of the room around noon.  We went to Checker's to eat lunch.  I got the Baconzilla. It was GOOD.  For both of us to eat, it was less than twenty and it was delcious.  We left there and hit a few pawn stores that my friend wanted to go to.  We tried to go to the Starbucks on 501, but they were closed because of the impending hurricane.  We went to another pawn shop and then he ran me by Tanger so I could go to the Starbucks there.  I was able to get my cascara latte and a sticker! YAY! :D  They actually had some.  She only gave me one, though.  Phooey! LOL  OH well, it's going on my laptop asap! :D

We left there and went to the mini golf we tried to go to last night.  They had 36 holes for $12 a person so we did that.  That was fun.  I took pictures there, but my phone is charging.  I'll share some pictures later. I'll probably do a big picture post after I get home.  It may be Monday though, because I have a lot to do when I get home tomorrow.  Grocery shopping, laundry, and mowing the lawn.  Unless my friend did it for me while I was gone which I doubt greatly!

Tonight, I'm going to stick around the room.  I'll pack up everything tonight so I'm ready to go tomorrow.  I'll take at least one more beach walk.  Actually, I think I'll take one now and then one after dark. I'll post again later. ^_^  If my phone is charged enough, I'm going walking.  I need beach therapy, NOW!

Friday evening....

Wow, what a day.  I walked on the beach this morning and got splashed by some waves.  I had to come back and put my shorts out to dry. lol  Later, I went walking to 17.  I went to Bargain Beachwear to get a few postcards.  I also got a keychain.  I headed further down 17 and then turned and headed back to Ocean Boulevard.  I got part of the way back and then took my shoes off and walked on the beach back to the hotel.  I came back and relaxed on the balcony a bit.  My friend and I went to North Myrtle Beach.  We went to Tuesday Morning and I got three more rolls of the washi that I liked so much.  I also found some other goodies.  A package of Halloween stickers and some craft tiny clothespins.  After leaving there, we headed to King's Famous Pizza for dinner.  That was delicious as always!

Since we were right near the Goodwill, we went there.  I got a MB shirt and a package of full page labels.  I can use them to make my own stickers at home. YAY!  There were twenty left in the box.  I'm pretty sure when you buy a small package of them, they come ten to the pack and they are over $10 a pack!  Crazy!  These were $1 Yes!  We went to the Dollar General that is next door to the Goodwill and got a few things and then headed back down the strip.  There was another Starbucks that I hadn't been to yet, so he swung by there and I went in and got myself a latte. :D  He wanted ice cream, so he stopped at Burky's.  We've eaten at Burky's before.  It's pretty good.  He got ice cream and then we headed down to the road where Market Common was.  We had seen the sign before and looked for it but didn't find it.  We found it tonight!  It was late, so most everything was closed, but at least we found it. :P  It has a lot of high end stores, it seems.

So we then headed back towards the room.  We saw a miniature golf place that looked pretty cool.  We went and one sign said they closed at 10:30, the sign on the building said 11.  The lady said they closed at 10!  It was about 9:32 by then, so we didn't get to play.  Phooey! We headed back here and I did my workouts.  I'm posting this and then I'm going to take my nightly beach walk.  I'm really tired, but I still want to at least walk a little bit. ^_^ 

Windy Tuesday evening....

I'm sitting on the balcony with the Macbook. It's quite windy out here, too!  We have been gone since earlier today.  We headed out and had breakfast at Lenny's Country Kitchen.  They have a wonderful buffet.  We had the entire place to ourselves.  No, really!  One other couple came in later after we'd been there a long time.  It was yummy.  We then went to check out some thrift stores.  We went to three Goowills and my friend went to several pawn shops.  We also went by a area that has a Cookout  and a Starbucks side by side.  He went to Cookout and while he was in the drive thru line, I walked to Starbucks! :D  The baristas were really friendly and the service was great.  I had two free drinks on my card, so I used one and got a venti cascara latte. So good!

I only found one thing to buy today.  It was just a pair of shorts in one of the Goodwill stores.  There was a sign that I almost bought that said, "Cafe Au Lait" Which is coffee with milk in French. ^_^  I was giggling in the store that I could read it. Yeah, I'm a silly. :p  Anyway, I didn't get it.  We have one more Goodwill that we go to down here, but by that time, we were really tired and hungry.  We went to Red Robin for dinner and then came back here to the room.  We are now sitting on the balcony and my friend is trying out the camera he bought.  That is another reason we came back.  He wanted to play with his new 'toy'. ;P

I'm charging my phone at the moment as it got pretty low while we were out.  The Red Robin is a Pokestop, so I was hitting it all during our meal. That was fun and easy too!  I am going for a beach walk later.  I still need to do my workouts and I'll get those in a bit later.  For now, I'm just going to sit here and enjoy this nice ocean breeze and look out at the beautiful ocean. 

Sorry about yesterday!

So, I promised a real post today and that is what you shall get!  I am dog sitting two dogs.  They are both small dogs.  I still didn't have enough room in my full size bed! LOL!  At least I slept better last night.  The pups are sweetie pies and no trouble at all.  They are actually napping right now.  They have been following me around all day.  Well, except when I took my walk.  It was viciously hot out there.  I left them at my house in the air conditioning!

My walk was, like I said, hot!  I was so happy to make it to the bus hub to fill up my water bottle.  Sadly, tomorrow and Monday it will be closed, so I won't be able to fill up.  It's always closed on Sunday, and Monday is the 4th, so they are closed for that.  I will have to carry water with me.  If it's as hot as it's been, I'll need it!

I came home and did my workouts.  The pups looked at me like I was crazy! :)  They don't know what to think of someone doing all kinds of moves.  I got all my workouts done before lunch, though.  I ate lunch and then I took the pups out again.  I had taken them out when I got back from my walk.  I brought them in and did a few things that I needed doing.  Yesterday I worked on cleaning cabinets and getting rid of way expired food.  I finished that up today.  

I also took the time to dye my hair.  I am trying to decide if I want to get a haircut or if I want to let it grow out some.  I know I want the back cut.  I might let the front grow back out into a past the chin bob. Right now it's not to my chin.  It's in that weird growing out phase.  Too long to be short and too short to be long!

I washed a sink full of dishes and put in a load of clothes to wash.  I actually did two big loads yesterday.  This is just a small load.  I need to go check on that as I'm sure it's done in the washer.  I need to make sure I finish the load tonight, because the shorts I wear on my walks are in there!  

Speaking of my walks, I have a small drawstring backpack that I've been using for several years.  The poor thing has pretty much had it.  I got a replacement at the beach last year, but it didn't hold up as well as the first one.  I couldn't find the same brand.  I did get another of the second brand when I went to the beach in June.  Well, I was in Kmart with a friend a week or so ago and saw some Everlast brand drawstring backpacks. They seemed to be really sturdy and made quite well.  There is the one big opening that has a small zipper pocket in it.  There are also two outside zipper pockets.  I went back to Kmart yesterday and got one of these.  The tag said $13.99 but they were on sale for $8.99!  A good deal and I can tell this bag is going to last a long time.  I'm considering going back and buying one more to store for when this one wears out.  

I love the outside zipper pockets.  They hold my water bottle in there and hold it upright.  Very cool.  I used it for the first time today and I love it. I always carry an umbrella with me on my walks.  It was in the main compartment.  I also had a few bills to mail at the post office, so they went in the other outside zipper pocket.

Well, I promised a good post today and you surely got one!  Hope you enjoyed. ^_^

Good grief!

So, I had to stop at four places on today's walk.  The first took 1 second.  The second place, I went in and no one was at the desk.  I waited and waited and finally someone came and took the things I needed to drop off.  I went on my way and hoped that I could make up the lost time.  I get to the bank and there is one person ahead of me.  He is already being waiting on as I get there.  Over 20 minutes later, I finally got to get waited on. ~_~; I was not amused.  I don't know what the hell he was doing, but it took forever.  While I was in there, another man came in.  He walked around to be closer to the teller.  I gave him a look!  When the guy that was there when I got there finally moved, this new guy acted like he was going ahead of me.  OH HELL NO!  I just gave him another look and said, "I've been waiting quite awhile."  I got done there and I had to stop by the post office to pick up the letter that I didn't get to pick up yesterday.  I had gotten a small rebate check, thus the trip to the bank.

Luckily, that only took a minute.  I checked my box, no mail, and headed out.  Of course by this time, I was REALLY behind on time.  I was not amused.  I walked faster than I normally do and it wasn't easy as it was quite humid out there.  Luckily it was overcast so that made it a little better.

I got home and did four of my workouts, I ate lunch and did one more.  I did a few other things that needed doing and then ran out for some errands.  I went to Dollar Tree and got a few things and headed home.  I am now typing this up so that I can get off the computer for the night.  I started on The Gunslinger last night and I'm already half way done. ^^;  A friend of mine has been promising to read the Dark Tower series and he finally started.  I hope he loves it as much as I do!

Tomorrow is Starbucks Wednesday.  I should stay home and weed eat the front yard, but I still hold out hope my friend will come and do it. If not, I'll do it on Thursday.  If they don't get here before Friday, it will be too late.  They are leaving for vacation for the weekend.  I really don't want to have to go out and do it with the weed eater as it takes a very long time and it kills my back. :(

Okay, enough complaining!  I'll be back tomorrow.