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Photo shoot for a purse?

YES! LOL  I got my purse today and I moved my stuff over to it and then took it out in the yard for a photo shoot. :P  The lighting in my house isn't the best, so I figured that would be better.  I have to share some of the photo shoot with you. :p


 So, there you go.  Some outside and some inside.  LOL  I'm in love with this purse.  I switched from my current wallet back to my Kate Spade one. May she RIP. 

OMG My dream bag!

Ever since I saw a Fossil bag on Pinterest some time ago, I have wanted that purse.  I loved everything about it.  I can't afford Fossil bags brand new, so I was hoping to some day find a used one.  I recently searched ebay and I found one in another color.  It was a nice peach color.  I thought it was pretty, but I really wanted the mint one that I first saw.  It's even in my bag board on Pinterest  Well, after finding the peach one and watching it on ebay, I continued to search. I found the bag in dark blue, multi colored, yellow, and brown.  I then saw a listing for the mint one. ^________________^  Guess what auction I won tonight?  It was less than $40 shipped!  I'm so excited.  The only thing that isn't great about the whole thing is that the key fob is missing from the bag. Other than that, it looks to be in excellent condition. I was so happy to find it.  I will keep an eye on ebay to see if I can find a key fob to go on it.  I was so happy to find this bag!  Here is the picture of it from the Fossil site that I pinned to Pinterest:


Isn't it gorgeous?!  I love it so much.  I don't care that it's a spring/summer color. I'll probably carry it all year long! LOL! Whee!

Last night at the beach....

Good grief. I just typed up a post and it disappeared when I tried to publish it. I’m going to type this one up in a note app so that if that happens again, I don’t lose all my work! UGH! So, let me see if I can remember what I posted…

So, I am sitting on the balcony and I just finished some delicious Hungry Howie’s pizza. We just got back to the room a little while ago. Where did we go? Well, when we left, we went to Dairy Queen and got some food. We then headed to North Myrtle Beach to go to Tuesday Morning. I absolutely LOVE Tuesday Morning! I got a lot of rolls of individual washi, a plastic jar of craft stuff, and a cool journal with the Eiffel Tower on it and Paris. I really didn’t need another journal, but I couldn’t pass this one up. It was on sale and it was cool! It’s a pretty good size, too.

As I’m sitting here typing this, some dudes on the beach and setting off fireworks and it’s great1 They did it last night too, but they have more tonight! lol I just saw them go running in, the police might be coming. I hope they come back and set off some more!

Okay, so we went to Tuesday Morning and I got goodies. Then we went by a pawn shop that my friend likes and he found a vintage album. After that, we headed to Broadway at the Beach. It’s got shops, rides, restaurants, and all kinds of stuff. It’s huge. We went to a couple of stores that we like and I got Starbucks! ;p There is a Starbucks in there that I’ve never been to. That makes four new ones this trip for my Starbucks tracker. Yay!

I got a caramel Frappuccino since it was so hot. Broadway is all open air with each shop with a separate entrance. After we got in the car at Broaday, I ordered the pizza from Hungry Howie’s. I signed up for their rewards several years back on a trip here, and I had a free medium, two topping pizza. I ordered that and we picked it up on our way back to the room. My half was delicious!

It’s been lightning here since I’ve been writing this. I felt a drop of rain a minute ago and it smells like rain. Maybe that is why the guys went in. I hope they’ll come back out later and shoot off more fireworks! We leave in the morning. We usually don’t get out of the hotel until right at check out time. I might post in the morning before we leave, and I may not. I will probably pack up tonight. We’ll see.

Okay, this actually turned out longer than the post I had already done! :p I’ll leave you with three pictures I took. Two inside and one outside of the Starbucks at Broadway. Nevermind.  I've tried four times.  The wifi here sucks!


Posting again? Yes.

So, I spent some time on the balcony and I relaxed a bit and then, I went back out. LOL  I went to a beachwear store and got a cute keychain that I'm going to convert into a bullet journal charm. :D  I went to another store that I went to earlier.  I had a coupon that had S'well type bottles for $4.99.  I didn't see any earlier. I had seen them in other stores and they were 12.99 and up! I went back in there tonight and decided to ask. They did have them behind the counter. I saw a light yellow one in other stores and I was hoping they had one of those.  They did. I got what is basically a S'well bottle and it was only $5! Yay!  I love it.

It's so pretty. Let me take a picture of the bottle and the keychain....


A random Scoob decided to pose with them! :p 

Tuesday at the lovely beach!

Well, the sun decided to peep out today!  I'll share some pictures at the end of this post.  I'm up and blogging.  I need to dress.  I think I'm going to go for a walk.  I am not sure exactly where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere.  Probably out to 17 to a few beachwear stores and then back to Ocean Boulevard to go to a Starbucks before they close for the day.

After my post last night, we went out to drive around a bit.  We went to Dairy Queen and got chicken strip baskets.  Yum!  After that, we drove up for a while.  We stopped in my favorite Bargain Beachwear and then headed back to the room.  I went for another short walk, but I didn't stay out long as it began to drizzle rain.  I actually caught a new Pokemon while out and hit a couple of Pokestops. LOL  

I am heading out.  I will try to post again later and update my day. For now, enjoy a few pictures:


Hello from Myrtle Beach!

What a day!  Let me tell you all about it, okay?  Well, I had my Fitbit set to wake me a 7:30.  I got up and texted my friend.  He said he had a few things to do and then he'd be on.  He came and we loaded my stuff and then ate the breakfast he brought.  We headed out and got gas and went through the car wash.  After that we headed on.  We stopped right outside of Greensboro to use the restroom and then headed to Rockingham NC and stopped at the Sandwich hut where we always stop. I got a Dew and a Reeses. :D  We headed on down. 

We got here and went to check in and the lady says the computer is down so she can't check us in.  She suggested we go eat so we left for a bit.  We went to a Goodwill but they were so crowded, we didn't stay.  We left after that and headed back for the room.  We got here and she looked us up.  She said we didn't have a reservation!!!!  WHAT?!  Seems when he booked it, something happened with his credit card and it cancelled the reservation! WTF!?  So, she worked on it and was able to re-instate if for the amount he'd paid.  Thank goodness!  So we finally get checked in and go to our room.  What do we have? Upgrade!  We had booked a plain ocean front room, with just a microwave and a fridge.  She gave us a ocean front kitchen room.  Cool!  

So we parked and brought all our stuff up here.  We've been here a while.  We ordered pizza from Hungry Howie's.  I love Hungry Howie's!  We went down and got some sodas to have in the room.  I stopped by the front desk to ask the clerk for more coffee for the room. :p  They have a single cup coffee maker that is similar to a Keurig but has there own filter things.

The pizza was yummy!  We got a special.  Two large one topping pizzas with Howie bread for twenty.  I love their pizza a lot.  We took a walk on the beach for a bit later.  The ocean got us!  Yikes! LOL!  My friend gave up and headed back to the room. LOL  I kept going.  I played Pokemon Go and actually caught a new one. Yay!  I also hit a Pokestop.  That was fun.  I headed back and then came back here.  I have one picture to share. It's overcast down here so there is no sun to show. :p


Sunday madness!

So, I got in my regular walk today and it was hot.  I got home from it and cooled off until it was time to do my workouts.  I did those and then my French lesson and then relaxed a bit before fixing lunch.  I had to wash some last minute things so I did that.  After my clothes were done, I packed my clothes.  They are all packed and ready to go.  I have my bag o' electronics partially packed.  This Macbook will go in there with the charger and a few other things I haven't packed yet.  I have been so busy that I'm just now sitting down to post.

My friend came by to clean out his car.  He did that and then I rode with him on a few errands.  He dropped me home and I had supper and washed dishes and then my hair.  I want everything to be done in the morning so I'll just have to get up, get dressed, and go!  I just have a few more things to pack.  I meant to post earlier, but things got in the way!  I am pretty sure I have packed everything or I have everything ready to go in last minute.  I am always afraid I'll forget something.  I hope I don't, but you never know.

I am carrying way more shirts than I'll need, but it will be good to have extras.  If it's really hot down there, I can change after a walk.  I'm carrying one of my Starbucks tumblers for coffee and my water bottle.  My messenger bag has pockets on each side that are perfect for these!  I have my travel toothbrush and toothpaste packed, but I still have to pack my deodorant.  I don't want to forget that! LOL!  Hopefully we can get an early start tomorrow and get to the hotel early.  I'll do a post tomorrow night from the beach. ^_^  I hope to take some pictures to share too. 

Now, I'm going to relax for a bit. Well, first, I need to pack this Mac and my bullet journal and a few other things.  My power strip will be packed in the morning as it's the one I use to charge my phone at night.  I always carry a power strip, because you never know how many outlets you'll have.  With it between the two beds, my friend can use it for his phone, too, if he needs it.

I am ready to be at the beautiful beach! Myrtle Beach, here I come!!!!!!! ^________________________^

Friday fun!

So, I did not want to walk today but I did.  It was overcast and the street was wet, but there was no rain.  Well, until I looked out the window right before I was leaving the house.  Guess what? RAIN!  AH!  I was not pleased, but I went ahead and got myself together and went.  It had stopped raining. Yay!  I walked most of the walk before it began raining.  It only rained on me about the last mile so that wasn't too bad.  It was sort of muggy and gross, but I made it home!  I didn't feel like doing my workouts right then even though it's stretch day, so I sat and relaxed for a bit.

My friend texted and asked if I wanted to ride with him a few places and we'd eat.  I said that sounded great as I was not in the mood to fix lunch!  He picked me up and we ate at a local restaurant that we haven't eaten at in a while.  They had hash brown casserole. YAY!  We ate and then went to the Goodwill.  I found a pair of shorts, a pretty sweater type shirt (brand new with the tags still on it!), a cute coffee mug with a fox on it and some sheet protectors.  My friend was nice and bought my stuff.  Oh and I had seen a Domo-kun t-shirt that I liked and he bought it for me too! Yay!  We left there and went to the other Goodwill in our city.  I only found one item there.. It's a lanyard that is made of recycled soda bottles and it's got Coca Cola on it.  I love Coke things and I love recycled things and it was only fifty cents. :D

After we left there, we headed home and he dropped me off.  I came in and put my things away.  I did a few things I needed to do around here.  I just finished my workouts a few minutes ago and my French lesson.  OH! I forgot one thing.  At the first Goodwill, I found a French learning book.  That was pretty cool and I thought it would be a nice addition to my growing French learning!

While we were on Riverside Drive at the restaurant, my friend said one of his friends posted a picture of part of Riverside under water.  As we were checking out, the guy at the register said that part of Riverside was closed due to flooding. I looked later and they had to actually bring a flat bed truck in at one spot to rescue the people in one of the businesses from the flash flooding.  Wow!  I heard it's all gone down now, but I bet the Riverwalk trail is under water in some parts.

The trail we go to in Martinsville flooded some too.  I saw a picture of one of the areas we have parked at to go on the trail completely under water.  Yikes!  It is supposed to rain here tomorrow, but I don't think it's supposed to be as heavy as it was today.  I hope it holds off until after I walk.  I was quite happy today that none of the really heavy rain came until after I got home!  

I feel bad for the people who go to the Festival in the Park.  We have it every year in May. It started today and runs through Sunday.  Hopefully the people will get a respite from the rain before it's over.  Oh! One other thing,  the beach trip is NOT I repeat NOT cancelled. ^________________________^  Things worked out and we are going. YAY!!!! Of course, I'll carry the Macbook with me and post everyday!  I hope to create another photo album after this trip.


Well, my friend and I walked tonight and I wore the new Fitbit.  It is doing a lot better than the old one.  I knew there was something wrong with that one.  This one is much more accurate.  I think I'm going to love it!  I am anxious to see how it does on my regular walk tomorrow.  I think as well as it did tonight, it should be fine. ^_^

What a difference a few hours make!

So, this day started horribly.  I had a really bad night's sleep and I woke up all out of sorts.  I was missing my Charge 2 something awful.  According to Fingerhut, it could take up to ten days for a return to go through.  That is not including the time for it to get to them and to get back to me!  I said, this is insane.  I also wanted to buy from a dealer that Fitbit supports so if another tracker messes up, they'll fix it.  I went to Paypal and applied for credit. I never thought I'd get it, but I got it!  I was able to ordered a Charge 2 from Target and go pick it up in store today!  It wasn't ready yet when I got there, so I got some Starbucks to help ease the wait.  I am now home and I'm charging the Fitbit.

I wasn't able to get the Teal band, but I have an aftermarket band that is teal and I can always order a teal one from Fitbit.  I got the new one in plum.  Blue and purple are my favorite colors, so that works out well! :P  I am anxious to see if this one is more accurate.  I can't wait to put it on and wear it.  I thought I'd love going back to my One, but I had already gotten used to my Charge being on my arm.  So much so that I forgot to wear my watch on my walk today! LOL!  I did walk though, I did all that before I got the new Fitbit.  Wish me luck that this one is perfect.  I am so happy that I was able to get it this way.  Now, I won't be paying twice as much for it.  It makes me feel a lot better, to be sure!

Wow, this is a cheerful post, yes? :P  I might come back later tonight and do a short update post when I see how the Fitbit is doing.  I am happy now that if it isn't okay, I can take care of it via Fitbit and not another place!