Chocolate chip cookies Feed


It's been a long day and I don't really feel like posting.  I try to post everyday regardless of how I feel.  I got notification today that I got my free birthday drink on my Starbucks card.  I tried my best to get my friend to go, but she wouldn't.  I didn't want to drive over there as it was so damn hot and I have no air.  I never could convince her to go, so I went by myself.  Since it was so hot, I went in and got my drink and sat in there for awhile.  The air was feeling pretty good in there!  I had my free drink and I was naughty and got a chocolate chip cookie. :p  Oh well, I've been really good all week.  I deserved a treat.

It got really busy!  I am not a Friday night person, so I wasn't used to all that! I didn't mind though.  I got my favorite little table in the back corner. That is always nice.  When I left, I noticed a rainbow and took several pictures of it and then headed home.  I have been doing chores around the house and now I'm sitting down trying to cool off.  The only room in my house that has air is my bedroom so the rest of the house is hot!  I am looking so forward to fall!

Starbucks on Friday!

Yes, I made it to Starbucks today.  I enjoyed a delicious free Venti cascara latte! I may or may not have also had a chocolate chip cookie. :p  I wrote two pen pal letters while there and took a picture of my Starbucks store tracker.  I thought taking a picture of it at Starbucks would be pretty epic.  It was. Here is a picture that I took.  I love my tracker!  I'll put the old location in first and then this new one.  I'll add more as I go to them.  I think it will be fun to track the different ones I go to.


There you go!  I spent several hours in there as I was able to get my favorite table.  It was a good day!

I decided to use my big Traveler's notebook for my Starbucks info book, but I decorated the small one with Starbucks logos on all the inserts.  I thought it looked really cool, too!


Cute, yes?  I'm going to carry it in my purse to always have a notebook with me.  I think the Starbucks logos make the inserts look cooler. 

Can I go to bed now?!

It has been a really long day.  I did my workouts earlier, and then I was relaxing for a bit.  I knew I would be going to my friend's house to pick up their pooches.  I'm dog sitting until Wednesday.  They leave in the morning for Wilmington NC.  I am going to taking care of a mini Dachshund and a terrier mix.  They are both cutie pies.  At the moment, they are both asleep.  Shhh :P

My friend, that I am dog sitting for, took me by Starbucks earlier today.  I told her if I was keeping the pups for four days that I needed Starbucks! LOL  I got my wish.  She ran me over there and I got a cascara latte. <3  So delicious. I also got a chocolate chip cookie. :p  I still haven't eaten that.  I'm going to eat it after I post this.  Yum! 

I am going to crash before too much longer.  I'm not going to bed yet, but I am going to relax.  I didn't get to sleep until late last night, so I hope to make up for that today.  I need to get an early start in case the pups decide they want to wake me up! :P