Computers Feed


So, I pulled the zero key off my Macbook today and cleaned under it.  It still doesn't work.  If I had some compressed air, I'd try that, but I don't have any at the moment.  I will just continue to use my Mac without the zero key.  If I need it, I have the onscreen keyboard I can pull up or I can use my bluetooth keyboard.

I got my workouts in today and then ran to the recycle center.  My car did okay.  It actually started right up too!  I got my recycling done and headed home.  I fixed lunch and then did a few things I needed to do.  I mowed my front lawn.  Now my entire yard is done.  It was really hot out there.  I was glad to get  it finished.  I wrote pen pal letters and drove my car yet again.  It did okay this time too.  I shouldn't have driven it twice today, but I wanted to get my letters mailed and I really wanted to check my box!  I had four new letters, a postcard from a pen pal, a envelope with two post cards from another pal, and some junk mail. It was great to have letters.  I will get those written in a few days.  

I finally got my printer re-connected to my Macbook.  I had some issues with it for a while and it wouldn't work at all.  I had to transfer everything to my Windows laptop to print. I got that fixed today after some work.  I'm glad I got that done.  It's much better to be able to print off of all my computer.  Now if I could just get my Linux laptop to print!

By the way, getting the key back on the Mac was interesting!  The key itself was easy, but there is a little scissor like contraption under it.  That was the hard part.  I got it back together and if I get some compressed air, I won't have to pull up that part. At least I hope not. lol  It was getting ridiculous and then I just pulled up another key and looked to see how the little scissor thing was under that one. That did the trick.  Sometimes it's fun being a geek and sometimes it's just frustrating! :)

In case you wanted to see it, here is a picture of all the mail in my post office box:


Letters and lattes!

I made it to Starbucks tonight.  My messenger bag got out again. :) I got there a bit before 5 and stayed until about 7.  I would have stayed longer, but I was done with my letters and it was a bit cold in there.  I wrote four letters.  Three 'old' pals and one brand new one.  I got the delicious Cascara latte.  Yum!  I also checked in on my Pokemon Go app while there.  The Starbucks is now a Pokestop! :)

After Starbucks, I headed to Home Depot.  I needed to get a quart of paint.  Last night around 11:45, I got it in my head to move my room around.  The way I fixed things, I needed to touch up my nightstand and I also needed to paint the back of it.  The back shows in my new room arrangement so I wanted to paint it to match the rest.  Plus there were places on it that needed touch ups. I had run out of the paint some time ago, but I remembered the name and the brand.  I got Glidden Violet Shimmer paint.  I painted the back of the nightstand and did the touch-ups.  It looks great! I'm happy to have another can of it as I have a trunk in my room, two little 'tables' and a rocking chair on my front porch with this color.  All need touch-ups.  I'll do that tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get a parking spot at the post office so I can mail my letters and see if I have any new ones.  Wish me luck!  

So it is Sunday

I got in my walk today although I was really not feeling it.  I wanted to turn around and come back home and go back to bed!  Luckily, I kept walking and got through my walk.  It wasn't so bad.  I just was being lazy at first.  I didn't go by the post office as I knew there would be no mail for me today.  Also, I had nothing to mail.  

I didn't stop anywhere else either.  I just finished my walk and came home.  Luckily, it was a bit warmer today and it wasn't windy.  That was a nice change from yesterday!  I did my workouts.  It was leg day on the calendar.  After doing those, I ate my lunch and I've been sitting in front of the computer ever since.  I really need to get up and get some things done, but I'm in total lazy mode!  I don't want to do anything.  I wouldn't mind going out for a ride, but I'm afraid my car will act up.  I don't want to get stuck somewhere or have the car blow up! :p

I need to do a few things in the yard, but like I said, I don't want to move.  I need an ejector seat on my computer chair! Okay, let me go and try to get a few things done.  That way, the time will pass quicker and it will be time for dinner. YAY!

Friday Shenanigans

So, guess who missed her walk completely today? Yes, that would be me!  I called my friend and we ended up going to Aunt Millies for pizza. ^^;  Afterwards, we dropped her mom and son off and the two of us headed to Greensboro, N.C.  My MacBook's trackpad was stuck on left click and I couldn't even use the wireless mouse attached to the laptop!  The battery was bulging out the back too!  Yikes!  I had no appointment at the Genius bar at Apple, but we went over there on the chance that they could fit me in or help me.

Luckily, they had an appointment.  It was an almost two hour wait, but my computer works again!  The new battery fixed the trackpad issue.  I was so relieved.  I love my little MacBook.  It's six years old in July.  I'm actually typing this post up on it now!  After the computer was fixed, it was time for dinner, so my friend and I went to P.F. Changs.  YUMMY!  I had chicken lo mein and she had a tofu dish.  Both were delicious!  We headed back to town.  I went in her house for just a few moments and then headed here.  I did my workouts (Stretches today) and now I'm typing this.  After I finish, I plan to go take a quick bath and wash my hair.  It needs it badly!  I was going to do that first and then post, but I was afraid I'd forget to post!  So, that was my day.  It was long, I didn't get to walk, but my computer is fixed. ^___^

Not my day!

I have been having a rather crappy day. I got in my walk as usual.  Afterwards, I felt horrible.  I usually don't feel that bad when I get home.  I decided instead of doing some of my workouts right away, I'd relax a bit.  I did that and then did my workouts.  There were six on today's calendar!  It was tough to get through them since I already felt bleh, but I did them. I felt better for doing them.

I took a hot bath because I still ache from bringing home groceries the other day.  After that, I decided to turn on the 'new' laptop and post to Wordpress and do a few other things.  It was acting up last night, so I worked around it and got it going. Today, it didn't want to cooperate with me. It keeps telling me my battery is critically low even when I take the battery out and only try to boot if via the power cord.  I finally got it to boot.  It says the battery is a whole 10%.  I decided while I had it booted, I would install any updates.  I am hoping there is some glitch that the updates will fix.  If not, I'm going to be upset.  I haven't had this guy very long and I really enjoy using him.  As of now, the updates are still installing and the battery still says 10%.  Keep in mind when it was acting up last night I only had 8%.  Maybe it's charging without saying it is.  I have no clue.  This is why I switched to Mac all those years ago! lol  I'm actually posting this on my Macbook while I'm running updates on the Lenovo.

Okay, I've talked fitness and geek.  It's time to take a break and relax.  I have a killer headache from the stress of the computer issues and feeling cruddy on today's walk.  I think the reason I felt so bad on my walk, is that I was still sore and it was a lot warmer today than it has been being.  It actually was in the 80's today! I'm so glad that tomorrow is the 'rest day' on Cassey's calendars. :)  I will enjoy that.  I will just have to tell myself when I get up that I WILL take my walk and I won't skip it. I'm going to try to make it through November without missing any walks.

Well, phooey!

No, I didn't forget to post yesterday.  I just didn't get a chance.  I was doing computer maintenance and having computer issues.  I remembered why I switched to Macs in the first place! :P  I was transferring things from the Mac to the PC.  Everything was going wrong.  First I couldn't get them connected.  Then I got them connected, but the files didn't want to transfer correctly. Then, I zip the files to make it easier and the zip files won't open.  I was up until after 2 am  and I just finally gave up!  I went to bed with headache from the issues, and woke up with one.

I went for my walk even though I really wanted to skip today.  I tripped and fell during my walk.  Luckily I didn't hurt myself, I just embarrassed myself!  I got on with the walk and came home and did today's workouts.  Those were hard, but I got them done.  I then decided to relax a while and then I went to a friend's for a bit.  Now I'm home and I'm trying to transfer some things again.  If this doesn't work, I'm just going to transfer a few little things and keep my files on separate computers! lol  I do not want to have a repeat of last night. I think my computer are trying to tell me to just keep them separate! I'm seriously thinking of just installing Linux!

So tired!

What a long day.  I got in my walk, but instead of the usual walk, I went a longer way since I needed to stop at Kmart.  I ended up walking over 9 miles.  I came home and ate and then did my workouts.  It was ab day. @_@; lol  I did that and then I decided to take the window air conditioner out of the window.  I took care of that and then cleaned up around the area.  I had to pull my computer desk out to get to the window, so I went ahead and dusted and swept behind there too.

I had a load of clothes in the dryer from yesterday and I got those out and put them away.  While doing that, I started another load of clothes.  I just have to put those in the dryer.  I was running around doing so much other stuff that I forgot to do that!  I still haven't taken my picture for the 14 day challenge I'm participating in.  I need to do that, too!

After some trial and error, I finally got my Macbook and the 'new' Lenovo linked so I could copy some of my files over.  That will make it easier for me.  I will have all my default files on this laptop.  I am not going to transfer everything.  Just the personal files. My pictures in iPhoto and my music in iTunes, I'll just keep on the Mac. Oh, if you are wondering why I needed to go to Kmart, I participate in their rewards program.  I have the program linked to my fitness apps.  I get points for my walking.  I had $11 in points today.  I wasn't sure when they would expire (the ones earned via fitness don't last long) so I went on down there and got several things I needed.  Grand total of the order? FREE! :)  Free is always good.  

I found some Fiber One bars on the markdown rack.  They are Oats and Caramel and they look delish!  I'll let you know how they are. Okay, enough rambling.  I'm going to finish transferring files, go transfer laundry, and just relax a bit before bedtime.  It's been a very full day.

New laptop

So, my new laptop arrived today.  I'm actually typing this post on it.  It's pretty nice.  It was already loaded with Windows 7 Pro.  I had already downloaded an antivirus and I am installing it now.  I also pre-downloaded Snood.  I used to play this allll the time. It's so fun.

Right now, the computer seems to be working pretty well.  It's in really great condition.  It looks practically brand new.  It has been so long since I used Windows, that I had to think about how to do things.  I like the way this version of Windows looks, too.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll either keep this version or install Linux.  I haven't decided yet.  I might just keep this as it would be nice to have a current computer with Windows.  I have a very old desktop that is sooooooo slow that I haven't used it in years. Okay, enough rambling for now.  I want to go play with the new laptop.


I didn't post yesterday.  Oops.  Oh well, I'll make up for it now.  I recently was able to get some good gift cards for Amazon, so I decided to buy a second hand laptop.  I have a Macbook and a Lenovo Thinkpad.  The Lenovo runs Linux, but it has a serious issue and needs replacing.  I found another Lenovo on Amazon with good specs for the grand total of .41.  Yes forty one cents!  

That was all that was left after using my gift cards. I am not sure if I'll keep Windows on it,  it comes with 7, or put Linux on it, or just have it dual boot.  It has a new ac adapter and new battery and it looks like it's in pretty nice condition.  I haven't used Windows since XP, so this should be interesting.  I had a friend who had Vista and I HATED helping them with computer issues because Vista sucked.  I don't know if I'll like Win 7 or not.  We'll see.  I know me, I'll probably end up with some version of Linux. :)