Daily Feed

Early post!

I needed to go to the post office and the library today, so I walked.  It was nice outside.  Not really too warm and it was sunny.  I got to the post office and got my letters.  I had to go to the counter because I had a postage due one. This is why I walked so I could get it while they were open.  I did that and then checked my box.  I had more letters, yay!

I left there and headed to the library.  I needed to update my card so I could use the ebook service.  I checked out three books while I was there.  Two French books and Dangerous Ground by M. William Phelps.  I already started on it. :p  The French books are for language learning.  I thought it would be nice to have some backup to Duolingo.  One is a 'workbook' of sorts and the other is French and English grammar.  They are presented side by side for comparison.

I got back in time to do my workouts, but I decided to wait until later this evening to do them.  It's a HIIT routine, so it will only take me thirty minutes.  I can do that later.  I am glad I got to the post office and the library.  I hadn't walked that far in a while, so it was a bit tiring.  I came back and sat on my bed with a cup of coffee and my book.  I'm going to finish typing this up and then ge ready to fix my lunch.  After that, I'll probably just relax for a while and then do my workouts.  I slept a lot better last night than I have for the past week, so that made my walk a bit better.  I also got to meet an adorable Lab and that helped too! :P I played Pokemon Go on the way down, but running that and my fitness app was making the battery go down quickly, so I stopped before I got to my turn around point.


I can sit and write a blog post for today.  It's been a long and busy one!  This morning, I got up and took the dogs out and then brought them in and had some glorious coffee.  I really needed it as I slept horribly last night.  I enjoyed every sip!  I did a few of my morning things and then had breakfast and more coffee! :P  I called my friend around 1:30 to check on their progress home.  They had just walked in their door!  I was surprised!  I jumped up, dressed, and walked the two dogs up.  Then, she drove me back down to get the crate and food that was left.  I rode with her to take that back and then I headed home.  I was going to do my workouts right then as it was almost time to do them, but I was tired and hot so I decided I'd get them in later.

I watched Sailor Moon until time for lunch.  I'm less than ten episodes from finishing! WAH!  I had a delicious lunch and then I went for a walk.  I walked down to Ballou Park.  I went in the park and then across the street into the shopping center.  I went in Dollar General to look around and then headed back.  I got a cute reusable drink cup in there that looks like a cola can.  It has  pink lid and there are gumballs on it.  I didn't really need it, but I bought it.  I thought it was on sale for 70% off, but it only rang up as 25% off.  I declined at first, but she tossed it in a hand basket to take back later and I felt bad for it so I bought it! LOL  Yeah, I'm weird.  In any case, it's now sitting here on my desk until I decide if I'm going to use it for drinks or for something else!

I ran out of the creamer that I really like today.  It's International Delight brand and the flavor is Caramel Macchiato.  When I bought it this month, I had a coupon for two of their products.  I got one of those and one of the one touch latte cans.  I also saw the store brand of the caramel creamer and decided to try it.  I did and it's almost exactly the same at the ID one. It's good and a bit cheaper.  That is always a good thing!

I came back from my walk and relaxed a bit.  It was really hot as I walked pretty fast.  I had my dinner and then watched some shows on HLN.  I did my workouts.  I washed two loads of clothes today and both are put away.  I also took a bath and washed my hair.  I'm all caught up on everything I needed to do today.  Go me!  Now, I'm just going to grab the Kindle and read until bedtime.  I hope to sleep well tonight.  I'll have the bed to myself, so that might help. You wouldn't think two little dogs would take up SO MUCH space! LOL!

Oh dear....

So, today was going pretty well until this evening.  I needed to go to Kmart and pick up a prescription.  It was too late to walk down there and get back before dark, so I chanced it and drove.  My car has been acting up even worse lately.  I got down there and got my prescription.  I get back in my car and it won't start.  I was there for a long time trying to get it to start.  I was getting more upset and hot by the minute!  It is still warm here and I was in my car with the windows all rolled up.  I only had them cracked a bit since it was night time and I was in a parking lot.  

I finally got the car to start.  I didn't know if it was going to get me home as it acted up as I was driving home.  Luckily, it did.  I parked it and there it will stay.  I guess I'll be walking everywhere again. So frustrating! :(  I should have access to a vehicle for the weekend.  My friends are going out of town and I'm pup sitting.  When they go away, they usually leave me the key to their van in case I need to use it.

Walking near dark

I decided to take a walk tonight and I waited a bit longer that I should have.  It was almost completely dark when I got home.  Oops!  I went a little further than I did the other night.  I also stopped at CVS on the way back and got a bottle of water.  I enjoyed my walk.  I really want to get back into doing that.  I need to get an earlier start though so it's not so late when I'm walking back.  It's not really a good idea to be walking after dark.  If I were at the beach, I wouldn't think twice.  Unfortunately, this isn't the beach!


So busy!

I've been really busy today.  I woke up at 8 am and it took a while to get back to bed.  I got up at my regular time and I felt like I should just stay in bed! LOL  I had stuff to do, so that wasn't an option.  I did my morning routine and then had breakfast.  I then went to get all my errands done. I realized it was the month to get my car inspected, so I had to add that to my do to list!

I went to get gas because my gas light was on and it was dinging at me! LOL  I almost filled up and then headed to CVS.  I needed to get something there and got $20 cash back so I didn't have to run by the bank.  I ran by Starbucks and went through the drive thru and got a cascara latte.  I then headed out to the inspection place.  He doesn't take checks or debit, so I always carry cash.  I got my inspection and then headed back to Food Lion.  I got a LOT of groceries.  I really went a little overboard, but I only got things I needed.  There was a promotion going on for every store brand item you get, you get .25 back.  I got a lot of store brand stuff, but I didn't get the discount.  I went back and asked and instead of giving me the coupon for another trip, they just refunded the amount of money it would have been.  Yay!  That was nice as I never have cash.

I came home and put all the groceries away.  I then did my workouts.  I rested a few minutes and then fixed lunch.  It was delicious.  Now, I'm just relaxing in front of the laptop. I paid all my bills online and I'm broke again.  Oh well, I have gas, food, and I'm bill free until next month!

Better today?

A bit, perhaps. I don't feel as bad as I did yesterday.  I even took a walk tonight!  I went for a walk this evening before dark.  It was nice outside.  I enjoyed it.  I need to get back into walking.  I am not sure if I'd go later like I did today, so earlier, like I used to.  Now that it's a bit cooler, it will be much nicer for walking.  I only walked about 3 miles total, but at least I walked.

I haven't done my workouts yet.  I was going to do them earlier, but everything was working against me.  I hope to get those done after I post this. I don't want to miss a day.  We'll see.  It's a Piit style workout and there are some HARD moves on there.  I might not make it. lol  I have so much to do tomorrow.  I will be able to get some gas in my car and get some groceries and other things I need. I also plan to re-load my Starbucks card. :p Gotta have my Starbucks.  I also need a book of stamps.  Okay, I'm going to attempt to do my workouts.  Wish me luck.  I'm going to need it! LOL!

Whoo Boy!

First off,  it's been a long day.  I came really close to skipping my workouts today, I was feeling really icky when I would have normally done them today.  I put them off until after dinner this evening. Then, I said, I'll just skip them today.  I decided that not doing them was not what I wanted.  I just finished them. I'm so tired.  There were four arm/back workouts which weren't too bad, but there was also the #100burpeeburnout on there. YIKES!!!!!!!! Yes, I did them.  Yes, I'm tired!

I ran out to the post office earlier today, but I didn't have any pen pal letters.  I had some other mail, but no letters. :(  My pen pal letters have been pretty slow lately.  Oh well, I have two to write to and I only have one stamp.  If I write these two letters before Tuesday, I'll have to wait until then to mail them when I can buy some stamps. 

Today, I did some work on my bedroom.  I got a new bedset yesterday and the matching valences came today.  I changed some things around in my room and hung the new valences.  Everything looks nice!  I'll take some pictures tomorrow.  I have bad lighting in my house, so it's best to take pictures during the day!

Okay, I'm off to get a few more things done.  I have laundry in the dryer that needs to be taken out, folded, and put away.  I also have a few more things to get done.  I'm just proud of myself for getting my workouts done! :D 


Yes, I said Neopets. :p  I have had an account at Neopets for a LOOOOONG time.  I also haven't logged in lately.  I went yesterday to log in and it said my password was invalid.  The one I had saved in my browser.  I tried to remember which email account that I signed up for it with, but I couldn't figure it out.  I checked a LOT of different free email accounts that I had and none of them were it!  I finally gave up today and signed up for a new account.  I contacted support at Neopets and asked about merging my accounts.  I don't want to lose all the progress I've made over the years.  I haven't heard anything yet, but hopefully they can help.  I have looked up every old email that I could think of and nothing.  It's insane!  With re-joining, I was able to see my old account.  I just hope they can merge over the old stuff to the new account. If now, I'll just keep the new one and start again. 

It was so weird finding games in the game room that I used to play so much.  I played several of those.  It was fun.  I just hope to keep up an account this time. :P

Sailor Moon S and Starbucks.

I made it to Sailor Moon S today.  I've only watched the first two episodes so far.  I am going to watch more after I type this up.  I found out that the drink I got from Starbucks was actually a cinnamon almond milk macchiato. I contacted Starbucks and they told me.  It wasn't bad, but I prefer my Cascara latte!  Next time I'll be sure to check it before I get home.  I've never had an issue with the wrong drink before... wait.. once.  I got a peppermint white mocha a long time ago and they gave me a peppermint mocha instead.  That was fixed asap!  My favorite barista was still there then. I miss her! She was so sweet.

So, if you like cinammon, give that drink a try.  It had a nice fall feel to it.  I want to try the new Maple Pecan latte. I love maple and I love pecans.  It sounds so good.  I just don't want to become addicted to it and only be able to get it seasonally like the PSL peeps!  Maybe I can catch them on a night when they have samples.  

This blog post brought to you by the letter S!

Good grief!

So, last night as I was winding down for bed, I started hearing some strange noises.  They were coming from the window where my air conditioner is.  I thought maybe an animal was on the ledge outside or something. I investigate and the sounds are coming from inside the air conditioner.  It's an old one, so it could just be wearing out.  I had to take it out of my window and put my back up one in after 1 am. ~_~;  Luckily I was able to do it pretty quickly and then get relaxed again so I could go to bed.  I re-adjusted everything today to make it fit better.  I just wanted to get it in last night.  It was totally dark outside as the streetlight near my house is always out.  

I don't usually use this particular air conditioner because it likes to leak inside.  So far it's done okay.  It's actually colder than my other one.  it must have really been dying, because it used to be really cold.  I guess I can make it through the rest of the season with this one.  I am going to try to rig up some kind of pan to put under in in case it decides to start leaking.  It also has a remote control, but I haven't used this air conditioner in so long, I have no clue where the remote is.  I have one place I'm going to check after posting this.  If it's not there, I'm really at a loss.  It is probably in one of the boxes I have in my storage room.  AHHHH!