Daily Feed

Friday is stretch day!

Yeah, it was stretch day on the calendar.  Those are good, but they can also be painful! :p  I walked and it was a bit colder than I thought it was going to be.  I was a bit chilled when I got back home.  I had one thick fitness pants, but the front of my legs were red from the cold when I got home and changed.  Ouch!  Hopefully it won't be so cold tomorrow.  It probably will be though. I just looked up the forecast, it's going to be a little warmer tomorrow. YAY!

Other than walk and do my workouts, I haven't done a lot today.  I did run to the post office and check my box.  I had three letters and a holiday card.  Those are always nice to get. ^_^  Any mail that isn't a bill is always nice to get!  I am going to get off of the computer and get in my bed and snuggle under the covers and play more Pocket Camp. ^_^ It's so cute and so fun.

Almost missed it!

Yeah, I almost missed posting today.  It has been a long day!  I didn't get to walk because of the weather, but I do plan to walk tomorrow.  I might have been okay to go today, but it was still snowing and I wasn't sure how things would be.  A friend had to go out tonight and I rode with him and saw that the sidewalks are looking clear.  I'll be walking for sure tomorrow.

Since I was stuck in today, I played a lot of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. ^___^  So fun.  I did my workouts, too!  I didn't do much else, actually!  I didn't even go out and play in the snow.  Oops. Oh well.  I am going to get off here and play more Pocket Camp and then I'm going to relax until bedtime. :D

Saying goodbye...

Tonight I went to my local Kmart to pick up my prescriptions for the last time.  The pharmacy is closing on the 14th of this month.  I'm not happy about that. The store is closing after the beginning of the year.  The pharmacy is going to be closed a lot sooner.  I will miss them.  The people at this location were all really nice.  I liked going there.  I will have to get used to another pharmacy and I don't really want to have to do that.  They are sending all their files over to the CVS that is near them.  I asked them to send mine to the CVS that is closer to my house. It's an easy walk to get there, so even if I'm having car issues, I can go and pick up my prescriptions.  

After leaving Kmart, I was going to Starbucks but then I just ended up coming home.  I might go later this week.  I'm sort of waiting for a double star day.  I might get that tumbler if they still have it, but I want to wait until they are doing the double star day!  That will give a me a lot of stars. ^_^

Well hell!

I needed to go to Family Dollar tonight to get a bag of popcorn. I air pop some and put it in a Tupperware container and eat on it for several days.  I just make fresh when that is gone.  Well, I meant to go to Family Dollar and just get popcorn and perhaps some hair ties.  I ended up getting ten dollars worth of stuff!  Sheesh!  I got two shirt boxes for gifts, a set of three gift bags, a roll of snowman wrapping paper, a set of gift labels, a cute little metal tin, and a bag of Cheez Doodles! LOL  Shame on me! :p

I did walk today and get my workouts done.  I have my bed linen in the dryer. It's ready to go back on the bed, but I keep forgetting to go in there and get it!  I did get my hair washed and dried.  I planned to put the linens on after that, but I did my French lesson and then decided to post to my blog.  I was tempted to run over to Starbucks while I was out going to Family Dollar today, but I decided to just come back home. I'm sure I'll go one day this week.  The last time I was in there, there was another tumbler that I liked.  Like I need another tumbler! LOL!  It's a cute one, though!


Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

I started out the day with coffee.  I had breakfast and then went for my walk.  I didn't do my usual today.  Where I would usually turn around and head back, I kept going.  I stopped by the post office but I didn't have any letters.  I walked down to the Crossing and then walked around there for a bit until my friend came and picked me up.  He wanted to run to Reidsville today and I told him I'd go if I got in my walk first.  He went to a couple of pawn shops and we both went into a thrift store.  I didn't find anything I wanted.  We ate at Carmela's pizza and it was delicious as usual.

After eating, we headed to McDonald's and I got a Caramel macchiato and drank it on the way home.  I came home and did my workouts.  I am currently drying a load of clothes.  I've already done my French lesson for today.  I just have a few more things I need to do online, and then I am going to relax and play Pocket Camp on my Android.  It's a cute and fun game and I forgot to log in yesterday so I'm pretty sure I lost my streak.  Phooey!

Friday again...

So, yeah, it's Friday and a brand new month too.  I walked today and then came home and went to the gas station.  I got gas and then went to Family Dollar to get a few essentials.  I then went to Food Lion and bought way too many groceries. :p  I do have plenty of goodies though.  The granola bars I usually buy were on sale AND they started stocking the store brand version of them!  I got some of the regular ones and got some of the store brand ones. If they are just as good, I'll get those.  They were 1.50.  Not bad at all! I just hope they taste the same or close.

I just now did my stretching.  I wasn't really putting it off, I just have been so busy.   After groceries, I came home and fixed lunch after putting away all those groceries.  My store had water on sale, but they didn't have any.  I went to another location of this grocery store and they didn't have any on the shelf either.  I asked, and they had some!  They brought out a pallet of them and I got five.  They were 24 packs for 1.99. BUT  They were the special 28 bottle packs.  So, I got twenty extra bottles of water by buying five cases.  Yay!  While I waited for them to bring some out, I saw that their brand apple juice was on sale for .95.  I got two of those, too!  I love apple juice.  It's one of those things I love to have in the house but never think of when I'm in the store.

After leaving there, I ran over to Office Max to get way expensive printer ink!  I also picked up a box of their brand blue ball point pens.  I got a box some time ago and I absolutely LOVE these pens. I figured while I was there, I'd grab another box  They write so nicely.  I left there and was really close to Starbucks, but I didn't go.  I just came on home!  I did some things here and then it was time for dinner.  I ordered Chinese and went to CVS on the way.  I got some holiday cards and a few other things and then picked up my food.  I loooove tofu so that is what I got.  They fix it so delicious there!  I've been wanting some of their food for awhile  

I wrote out and paid all my bills.  After those and getting the things I needed, I'm totally broke.  Oh well.  I have plenty of groceries and I've had my one eat out meal for this month.  I'm good!  I also ordered my journal for 2018.  Every year I get a Moleskine for my journal for the year. I get a daily one that I use and it's Peanuts.  This  will be my fifth one.  The first year was a small one, the last three were the larger ones that are daily.  The first one was white, then there was another white one, the year after that was blue, this years is yellow and next years is orange/reddish.  I don't know why they keep changing the colors.  Oh well.  They are cute and I love Snoopy. ^_^

I'm not sleeping well at all lately, so I'm hoping to sleep well tonight.  Fingers crossed!

Good grief!

So, I went to Starbucks tonight.  I didn't plan to stay, so I went through the drive thru.  I asked for a cascara latte and a chocolate chip cookie.  They were out of chocolate chip cookies.  Phooey!  I get up to the window, and I was expecting one of the new red cups that they are having for a limited time.  They only had the regular holiday cups.  I asked, but the Barista didn't know about it.  Oh well.  So I head home, my car was doing fine, I was driving along and reached to get a sip of my coffee and the lid popped off!  I put it back on and sat it down.  I go to take another sip a bit later and the lid fell completely off and I got a nice splash of coffee down my hoodie. :(  Luckily, I didn't lose too much of my latte.  It was the weirdest Starbucks experience ever!

Busy Saturday

So, when I woke up this morning, my room was cold but my bed was so nice and warm.  I really did not want to get out and get out of bed!  I did, though, and took my walk.  It was quite nice outside.  So much so that I took my jacket off during my walk.  I got that done and then came home and relaxed a bit before doing my workouts.  I got those done and had lunch.  I tried to call a friend, but she didn't answer.  I finally heard back from her and asked if she wanted to go out and get coffee and go to Casville, NC.  There is this couple that puts up a huge display of Christmas lights every year. We used to go several times a season, but we now just go once for tradition.  Usually this early they are deserted.  Tonight, not so much!  We did that and then I came back here. There was no going for coffee.  PHOOEY!    I am not going to do any Nano tonight.  I'm officially done and I don't think I'm going to add more to it until the editing phase.  That might change though!

I got a new Starbucks card in today's mail! :D  I got a cool NYC card from New York.  The seller also sent a Special Edition Starbucks card and a little paper with scenes on it. I thought that was cool.  I love little extras like that!  Here is a picture of what I got:


Cool, yes?  I thought so.  I love both cards and the little 'flyer' thingee is cool too!


Change is good...

I changed the background, some of the colors, and a few of the fonts on the blog.  I like it so far, but who knows if I'll like it tomorrow.  I haven't done anything on NaNo today except open the program I write in.  I went for my walk earlier,  I came home and did my workouts.  My friends invited me up for Thanksgiving dinner, so I went up there.  I stayed a while as it wasn't ready when I got there.  Then, I rode with my friends to Gamestop.  That was insanity and went back and stayed in the car! LOL!  

Now I'm home and I need to do something for today's NaNo, but I just want to go to bed.  I will try to write at least a few words.  I'm so far ahead, it won't be a bad thing if I don't write much today. I just want to write something.