Dan River Feed

So tired!

I got to bed way too late last night.  I've been feeling it all day.  I did my workouts and got in a walk though!  It was overcast and it had even rained a little bit earlier in the day but it was dry for the entire walk.  It was almost deserted on the trail.  I think everyone thought it was going to rain.  It was pretty nice to be so deserted, actually.  I wish it could always be like that!

I am really, really tired.  I am tempted to just go to bed!  I am sure if I get a good night's sleep tonight, I'll be back on track tomorrow.  Hopefullly I'll be awake enough to post a better post than this. lol 

Walk again and more

We walked again today. At first I wasn't sure if we would be able to because they were calling for rain.  It was overcast for our entire walk, but it didn't rain a drop!  It was nice to get the walk in.  Afterwards, I went by the grocery store and picked up a few items to get me through until Monday.  I am pretty proud of walking today. Why?  Because of today's workouts!  They were extremely hard on my butt, legs, and calves.  Walking after that took some determination, but I did it!

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of March.  That means on Saturday I can officially use my new bullet journal.  I have been using both this week since my March tracker is still in the old one.  I'm so ready for my new one.  It's so much lighter. lol  Plus, it's still intact! :P


I'm looking online for inspiration for weekly layouts for my new bujo.  I want to do a two page spread of two weeks.  I have been doing a two page, one week spread.  I want this bujo to last a long time as I've spent a lot of time setting it up so far.  I've found several different layouts that I like.  I just have to choose one and use it!  I have a couple that I'm going back and forth between.  I might do one for one side and the other for the other.  That way I can see them side by side and see how they work for me.  

In other news, I went for a walk tonight.  I just got home a few minutes ago.  My friend needed to run by a store and I went with him. Then he wanted to eat dinner, and it was time for my dinner!  We went to Cici's.   I probably ate a little more than I should have, but it was good!  I am now home and relaxing.  I'm going to put those two spreads in my bujo and see which one I like the best.  I'll be sure to share them soon. :)

Another walk?

Yes, I went for another walk today.  It was fun, but it was a lot harder than yesterday.  I was sore from the walk yesterday.  Plus my abs were feeling the #1000abchallenge I did yesterday!  My friend has other plans tomorrow, so we probably won't walk tomorrow.  I might try and go myself. I'm not sure yet.  It was nice to be walking again!

I did my workouts today and except for the cardio video, they were all upper body.  That was good because everything else was sore. lol  I need to do some work on my bullet journal, and then I think I'm going to soak in a hot tub of water and then relax for the rest of the evening.  I ate dinner a bit early tonight because I was really hungry after walking.  I'll probably snack on a Luna bar later.  I have a few of the white chocolate macadamia ones left.  They are so GOOD!

It's Thursday, right?

Yeah, my week has been all messed up because of the 4th being on Monday.  I was like having two Sundays! :P  So, yes, it's Thursday.  I got in my walk.  It was hot, and even though it was the same temperature when I walked on Tuesday, it didn't feel as hot.  I am very glad of that!  That heat is horrible!

I came home and did four of my workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more.  I had a friend ask last night if I'd drive him to pick up his car.  I did that and then went to the grocery store and got a few things.  Hopefully I'm set for the month on food.  I'm broke, so I'll have to be!  I came home and relaxed for a while.  The reason my friend needed to pick up his car?  He bought a motorcycle!  He drove it home from where he bought it and then I drove him to pick up his vehicle.  He asked if I'd like to ride on it later.  I agreed.  I have only been on a motorcycle about three times in my entire life.  It's just not for me.  I kept feeling like I was either going to fall off the side, or side into my friend. lol  It was interesting, to say the least!

I came back here and had a late dinner.  I decided to post here before I crash on my bed.  I finished The Drawing of Three last night and started briefly on The Wastelands.  It only gets better and better from here! I love The Dark Tower.  Plus, we meet Oy in this one. :D  I love Oy.

Goals met!

I went for my walk today and since I didn't go yesterday and since I had an abbreviated walk on Friday, I walked a little extra.  It felt good to get back out there.  Luckily it didn't rain at all.  Well, there was about 5 minutes when it was a little damp drizzle, but that was all.  I walked by the river and took several pictures which I will post in the next post.  The river is really high. There is river in places that don't usually have it!

After my walk, I came home and carried some tree branches to the street and then ate my lunch.  After that, I immediately got my @Blogilates workouts done.  I enjoyed those.  It was cool outside, but I was getting sweaty in the house! :P  After those, I started another load of clothes (I had already tossed my bed linen in earlier) and then went to my friend's house.  My friend's mom in law was coming over for dinner.  I was bad and ate.  I usually eat dinner at 8 or later, but they had baked spaghetti and there was cheesy bread.  Yeah, I'll get back on track tomorrow. :P

I stayed up there much longer than I planned and then came home and checked on my bed linen.  It was dry so I made up the bed and then put the second load in to dry.  I decided I would take a few minutes to sit down and update my blog.  I'm trying to remember to post something everyday.  Hopefully my life isn't too boring. :)