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Wednesday fun!

What a day!  I am tired!  I've gotten in 35,000 steps and over 15 miles!  I walked from the hotel to the Sky Wheel.  I didn't ride on it today, though. I did go to the Gay Dolphin gift cove!  I thought they would have some iron on patches, but they didn't! :(  I guess I'll have to order some online.  I was sure I'd be able to find a Myrtle Beach one.  Oh well.  I'll keep looking.

I also went to a store called, I Love Sugar. :D  I got a box of mints with "Ann" on them and a package of Charm's candy.  I haven't seen Charm's in many, many years.  I just had to get them.  I visited two Starbucks that I passed along the way.  I was looking for gift cards that I don't have to add to my collection.  At one of the Starbucks, I found a really cool 2016 Chinese New Year - Year of the Monkey.  I'm a Monkey, so that was that much cooler! :)

I had walked over 8 miles before I found a working drink machine.  That was one delicious Coca Cola!  I finished my walk and came back to the room.  My friend and I went out later for dinner.  We ate at a local place that had good reviews.  It's called Burky's and it was great!  It's a burger/hot dog/fry place.  We went to a Target and to Tanger Outlet.  We also went to a local ice cream spot called Painters.  They are popular!  We had to wait in a long line, but they didn't take too long.

We came back here and I realized that I had 30,000 steps.  I thought that I would try for 35,000 for the day.  I made it! :)  I went for a walk on the beach.  That got me to the 35,000 mark. Actually, I'm 35,168 at the moment!  I'm charging the Fitbit now as it's battery is low.

I need to do another picture post, but I might wait until I get home and post them all to Flickr.  I might post some tomorrow if I can get to post before so late!  I am really tired and looking forward to going to bed tonight! :)

Sunday is not a day of rest!

Not for me anyway!  I got in a great walk.  It was sunny and warm out there today.  Very nice for walking.  I came home and did three workouts.  I ate lunch, and did the last one.  I then decided that the grass was dry enough to mow.  I got the front lawn and part of the back done.  I only have one more part left. I'll do it later this week.  During all this, I also worked on washing and drying my bed linen.  I have those all done and  back on the bed!  I'm over 24,000 steps already today.  ^_^  That help make up for Friday when I didn't get my usual steps in.

Now, I don't know what to do!  I could go and finish the back lawn.  That would make the day complete and I wouldn't have to worry about it again for a while.  Hmm.... that is an idea.  I might just go do that.  I also might just veg out in front of the TV and watch Hulu. :p

UPDATE! I went out to start to mow the rest of the lawn.  I pulled the cord on the mower and it came off in my hand. ~_~; I was not amused.  I have had a lot of mower issues over the years, but this is one that has never happened!  I put the mower away and got out the weed eater.  Of course my power cords aren't very long, so I was only able to get part of the yard done that I wanted to do.  I would have done a little more, but it started to rain. Did I mention the weed eater is electric?  Did I also mention that there are a few places in the cords that need repair?  Yeah, I totally touched one and got a shock.  I am glad that happened though because it started raining not long after that.  I don't even want to think about it hitting a wet patch while I was holding it. YIKES!  

So, the lawn isn't completely done, but it's a little more done.  Also, as I was finishing up and the rain started, some debris flew up and hit me in  the eye. :(  I kept blinking and trying to get it to water.  By the time I got the weed eater and cord put away and came in and checked, it was at the corner of my eye so I was able to get it out.  What a day! :p

Testing Lifesum

I recently discovered the Lifesum app for tracking your food.  I have used MyNetDiary in the past and I'm currently using LoseIt!  I liked both.  I saw Lifesum and thought that I'd give it a try.  It's got a nice interface.  It's very colorful.  It makes me happy to look at it.  I am doing a trial of the gold version.  I am going to see if I like it the most.

So far I've liked it.  With gold, you can sync it with several apps.  I have it synced with Fitbit and Endomondo (I track my walks with Endo)  I haven't had any problem with scanning my foods.  Everything I've tried has been in the food database.  I like that I can save meals so that I can add them quickly.  Since I have the same thing for breakfast everyday, I can just add it quickly.

I like that it has a notes section so I can add notes about my day.  I love that it tells you about the foods you are putting in.  It gives ratings so you know how good or bad the food is for you.   A is best and E is worst.  So far, I've only had one A. ^^;  I need to up my game.  I don't think it syncs the food info back to Fitbit.  This is something that LoseIt! does.  I don't want to have to enter my food twice. Of course I'm doing that at the moment because I'm testing Lifesum and I'm still using Loseit!

After I've used it for a week, I'll give a more in depth review.  So far, I'm liking it.  It has an app for Android, iOS, and you can access it via the web.  If you are interested, check out the website:


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