Nature Feed

Early post

I'm getting my post in early as I seem to wait until the last minute and then I don't feel like making a full post.  I know I made a lot earlier posts when I was at the beach, but I was at the beach! lol No need to get up that early at home.  

I've done my workouts and now I don't have anything that I really need to do.  I will probably go out on the porch in a bit and sit for a while. Yesterday while sitting out there, I noticed some yellow jackets/wasps (Stinging insects!) kept flying near the side of the swing I was on.  I looked down a little later and found one of their little nests with quite a few guys on it.  Yikes!  I'm just glad they didn't sting me.  Today, I went out and knocked the little next off.  I felt bad making them start over, but I didn't think it was safe to be sitting so close to them.  Sorry guys!  I went back a little bit ago and they are all gone.  Hopefully they will make another nest somewhere else!  

Again, I felt bad for making them move, but I really didn't want to get stung!  I have another nest inside my kitchen window.  I noticed it a few weeks back.  I saw that the outside pane of glass is down just the slightest bit.  They have small hole to get in there.  I can watch them work safely! 

Last night we had an awesome thunderstorm.  It was lightning so much it looked like a light show.  I've never seen so much lightning!  It was really cool.  Fortunately the power didn't go out.  There were some really loud booms of thunder and I kept expecting the power to go out.