So screwed. :(

My sister is behind on the taxes on the house I live in.  I tried to pay a big portion of it for her tonight and thought it would come out of my Paypal credit.  Nope, it's trying to charge my checking account of which I have no money.  I am so screwed. :( . I had enough in my credit to pay most of her bill, but not all, but it won't use that.  Anyone want to send me $355 via paypal?

I didn't think so, but there it is. I talked to Paypal and my bank.  I shouldn't have any overdraft fees with my bank and I'm going to contact the people she owes tomorrow to let them know that my money won't actually work.  I'm hoping this will be cleared up.  I'm having a hard time lately with my mental issues and this is not helping me one bit.  I was already tore up over the fact that the bill was past due and now I've made things worse. I think I need to go to bed.

Oh boy....

I should have checked my bank balance before going out tonight.  I went to Hobby Lobby to get one thing.  Some pages for my small 365 planner.  They only have a limited selection of the small planner stuff.  I got one thing of that.  Unfortunately, I had to see a bunch of other things. ^^;  I found a lot of marked down washi!  I found two two packs that were $1.24 each.  I got those, I also saw a pack of five or six of the micro mini washi for the same price.  I got those too. I also found a huge $20 tube of washi marked down to $5.  I got that too. I got a few other little things.  I found some mark down stickers, some little mini notebooks for .74!  I also found some traveler's notebook refills.  I shouldn't have gotten all that stuff.  Oh well, too late now. ^^;


There's a Hurricane a Comin'

In the words of Sophia Petrillo, there is indeed "A hurricane a comin'".  It's headed for the east coast.  Myrtle Beach, which I just left on Sunday has already 'shut down' so to speak.  A lot of things are closed.  The Gay Dolphin closed at 1:30 today and plans to be closed until after the storm.  They dismantled the Sky Wheel.  I saw some pictures of the Boardwalk area that a local MB photographer posted and it is utterly deserted.  Places that are always open are boarded up.  It's sad.  I hope everything down there comes through safely.  It was SO weird seeing those places that usually have a ton of people around being totally deserted.

The hurricane is also supposed to affect my area even though I'm way inland.  The city is already preparing and sending out alerts ahead of time.  I have some bread and stuff to make sandwiches in case we lose power.  I also went tonight to the dollar store and got some snacks to have on hand. I got an extra package of tea lights, some batteries, and some ibuprofen.  I just needed that on general principles, not because of the hurricane! I finished my last bottle at the beach.

I plan to walk as long as I can.  If we get the heavy rains and winds later this week, I will not be walking.  It will be dangerous out there.  If we still have power, I can always use the treadmill.  I also have some bottled water and other things if I need them.  The stores here are crazy.  I am glad I got my stuff yesterday because they said today was worse.  I was lucky to get two cases of water yesterday.  From what I've heard, it's sold out all over the city.  I always buy bottled water.  I almost didn't get any because the shelf was empty yesterday.  Luckily, they had a pallet of it that they were putting out and I got two cases.  I could have gotten more, but two will get me through the hurricane time and I can get more later when there are more supplies.

I walked today and it was pretty toasty!  I was hoping it would be cooler, but no.  I was glad to get back to it.  I didn't do my workouts, though. ^^;  I'll get back to that soon, too.   A friend came by to do some patching work on my roof.  My roof leaks a lot when it rains and with all the rain we are expected to get, it might get crazy in my house!  Hopefully what he did will help.  I have containers ready just in case.

I would like to go to the grocery store and get some bananas and some almond butter, but I am scared of how crazy it will be in there.  I should have gotten the almond butter when i was in there yesterday, but I didn't.  I will look and see how crazy it is when I walk tomorrow.  If it doesn't look too bad, I'll try to slip in and get those two things.  If not, I do have a lot of other things I can fix.  

Those snacks that I bought today are in a container and they are tempting, but they are going to stay in that container until this weekend.  I got some good stuff, too.  Nabs, cookies, candy, etc.  Yum!

Bullet Journal goodies!

So, while I was at the beach, I ordered a couple of things from Amazon to arrive today.  That way I would have something to look forward to when I came back.  What did I get?  Well, I got a new Leuchtturm1917 for my 2019 bullet journal.  It's Ice blue and gorgeous!  I also bought a cool pack of brush pens that included their own case!  Look at my goodies:


The last picture is of the new Leuchtturm and the current one. Look at how fat my current one is! LOL!  I can't wait to set up the new one for 2019!  It's going to be pretty cool.  In other cool news, I went to a really neat place at Myrtle Beach....


This was seriously cool!  I have to share the top of my receipt with you.  Yes, I bought stuff. LOL Two Homer pins, a Maggie pin, a Lisa pin, and a Marge pin.  Also a Homer keychain.  I didn't see a Bart pin with the others.  Here is the top of my receipt!


I didn't walk or do my workouts today. I took a day off to recover from the beach trip. I did mow and do my shopping.  I also went to Starbucks because I was one trip away from a star dash.  I made it! That gave me enough stars for another free drink.  I now have three on my card. LOL!  I also checked the Starbucks at Target while out and was glad I did.  They had some summer die cut gift cards that I didn't have. YAY!

Home again, dammit

Yes, I'm home. We got in around 5pm. I have been washing clothes and putting things away. I have everything done except for putting away my clean clothes in the dryer and putting my bed linen in the dryer. I have put away all the goodies I bought and worked on some journal stuff. I got some journal inserts in Tuesday Morning.  I also got a small 365 planner and a Memory Planner.  I found some inserts for it at the second Tuesday Morning we went to.  I found some inserts that with some extra hold punches fit in a empty ring planner I have. I love all my goodies.  I'll do a post tomorrow with pictures of some of the stuff I got on the trip and some more trip pictures.  I will share a few I took this morning.  I haven't eaten since we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast this morning, so I'm a bit hungry!  I am not sure what I want to fix, though.  


Packing up

We went to a Goodwill, a Tuesday Morning, and to Red Robin for dinner.  Oh, did I mention that we went to the Kwik-e Mart?! :D . I got Simpsons stuff.  Most everything is packed, so I'll have to share pictures when I get home.  I probably won't post to my blog again until tomorrow evening.  Unless I post a quick post from my phone in the morning.  I hope to do a photo album at some point, too!

I'll add the tags to the post tomorrow.  I am tired and I want to pack the MBP!

Afternoon post!

Sorry about no early morning post . I actually slept until my Fitbit alarm went off at 10:30.  That was nice for a change.  I did wake up a few times, but I didn't get up except to go to the bathroom.  I went for one last walk today.  I went to 17 and waked to the Dollar Tree.  I got some things there and headed back here.  I stopped at McDonald's and got myself a Frappe.  It was quite tasty!  Now, I'm back in the room and I'm cooling off before we go out.  We are going out in a while to go to the one Goodwill we haven't gone to, and a pawn shop he wants to go to.  I'm also hoping we can get to a Tuesday Morning.  I didn't get to look as long as I would have liked when we went the other night.

I want to go to Broadway at the Beach to see the Kwik-e Mart that they just opened recently.  Not sure if we will make it on this trip or not.  I just want to try to get in as much as possible since this is our last full day here!  I'm going to go out on the balcony and look at the ocean for awhile.  Hopefully pokey will get ready to go!

Evening post!

Well, I spent quite a lot of time on the balcony this afternoon.  It was lovely out there but hot.  My friend couldn't get motivated to go out, so I decided to walk again.  Ouch!  I stopped by the grocery store and got my friend something he needed.  After that, I headed right back since it was a cold item.  I got here and I was so tired.  I'm sitting on the bed with the laptop and resting.  

I think we may go out later for a late night run to Cookout but who knows.  I'm going to sit here and relax for a while.  I still need to take a short beach walk. :)

Afternoon post

Whoo whee.  I'm a tired pup! I walked quite aways own 17.  I went to a bunch of stores and spent way more money than I should have.  I got some popcorn balls, a Dew, and a pen at Dollar General.  They get the popcorn balls at Halloween and Christmas and they are good!  I always get some.  I stopped at several beachwear stores.  I got two shirts at Bargain beachwear. My favorite beachwear store at the beach.  I got a cute MB shirt with a whale on it and a Pokemon Go shirt that has the three teams on it for $3!  I saw it in June and meant to buy it then, but I didn't.  I was surprised it was still there!

I also got another hoodie. :P . The Eagles I went in had some cute workout capris and I got a pair of those.  While I was browsing around the store, I saw that the hoodies were 16.99!!!  I have a yellow one, two blue, and two grey ones.  This one is pink!  It is cute and I couldn't resist for the price.  It's good quality because it's the same brand as my other ones.  

I also bought a cute mug in another store.  It's green and says cappuccino on it.  It's really cute but the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking I won't be able to use it for coffee, it's too small. lol . I might use it as a pen cup!  I took some random pictures while out.  Here are a few: