Snow Feed

Prime failed me again!

I ordered an item on Monday with two day shipping.  It was scheduled to arrive today no later than 8pm.  Guess what didn't come today?  It is now in limbo as it's been for the past few days. ~_~; I wish that Amazon would use another service for Prime members.  I'm not going to re-new my membership, that is for sure!  I ordered my bullet journal earlier this month and did one day ship on that,  It didn't get here next day.  Then, I ordered two different items.  Neither got here on time.  This one is just the icing on the cake.  This package went from Texas to Kentucky to North Carolina!  WTF?

As for my Etsy order, it's supposed to arrive tomorrow!  I can't wait to see my little charms.  I'll do a write up on them if they arrive tomorrow.  I'm hoping that my Amazon package will get back on track and get to me tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath!

I went out today and cleaned the snow off of my car and drove it to the end of the driveway and backed it back in.  I decided that I'd better at least drive it out into the street so that if there was a snow bank at the end of the driveway, I'd flatten it.  I did just that.  I drove around the block and then came back and parked it.  Now there is a path to get out of my driveway if needed.  I noticed that off all my surrounding neighbors, I'm the only one that cleared my front walk.  I hope the mail man appreciated it!  He did deliver mail today but it was all junk mail.  

I just finished my workouts not too long ago.  I am going to play more Pocket Camp and then read more on my book.  I am not planning on being able to walk tomorrow.  My friend that takes me out sometimes came today and we went to eat.  The sidewalks that I could see on the main road were still snow covered and it was high because of the city workers scraping the streets.  I am not sure how bad it is all the way down, but for safety reasons, I'm going to wait until Saturday to try to walk. Also, the street that is above mine that I have to walk on to get the main road is still covered.  It looks like an ice skating rink! I'd have to walk very slowly and very carefully so I'm giving it another day.  I think it's supposed to get up in the forties tomorrow, so that will help.  The sun coming out today helped too! 

Oh boy did it snow!

I was so not expecting the snow that we got today.  Yes, I knew  they were calling for snow but they are saying around 3 inches total.  Last official count I heard, we were almost to 7 inches!  It's probably going to be awhile before I can get back out to walk!  I went out and walked in the yard in it a bit this afternoon and it was crazy deep.  It was all powdery this afternoon.  After it finally stopped snowing, I went out to the front walk with a cutting board and cleared the walk!  The snow was so light, it was easy.  The only bad thing was that I couldn't find any of my gloves.  My poor hands were numb and then hurting when I came in!  I need to find my gloves!

I did my workouts this evening.  I was glad to do those since I couldn't walk.  I used the day to sit at my desk and look out at the snow. I also drank a lot of coffee!  I put three 'new' trackers in my bullet journal.  I put the Pokemon Go trackers of Generation 1-3 in there.  That took a while, so I it was a good day to do it when I couldn't really go anywhere! :p  Tomorrow I plan to write pen pal letters.  Hopefully I can get out before too many more days and get them mailed.  The mail didn't even run here today!  I hope it does tomorrow.  I'm expected some things.  One is supposed to be here tomorrow, but who knows with this crazy weather. :P

Here is one of the pictures I took today:


The building on the left is an old chicken house that has been on my property since forever.  You can see a outdoor table and chairs on the right.  There is a swing near the back of the yard.  It was so lovely out there, but it's going to be crazy trying to go anywhere anytime soon!


Snow is possible!

Yes, we may get some snow here overnight and into tomorrow.  I almost skipped my walk today but then I figured if it snowed a lot tomorrow, I'd miss that day of walking so I went.  I wanted to walk to the post office but I didn't.  I did run out later and drove to the post office.  I only had one pen pal letter.  I got that and headed to Starbucks. I figured if I was going to be stuck in the house tomorrow, I'd at least have Starbucks tonight. :p  It was good, too!  I came home and did my workouts.

I am going to get off of the computer shortly and play some Pocket Camp.  I haven't played much today.  I want to relax a bit before bed.  I also want to read more on my current book. It's good so far, but I'm not very far into it.  I'm just waiting to see if we are going to have snow.  One local college has already cancelled classes for tomorrow and nothing has happened yet!  Weird.  I guess they are being extra careful.

I like to watch it snow from my window.  If it does snow tomorrow, I'm going to sit in at my desk in front of my window and watch it snow.  I plan on having a nice big cup of coffee with me and I also hope to write all my pen pal letters.  I only have four to write including the one that came today.  Oh and I found another potential one and I'm going to write a letter to her too.

Snowy day?

Oh boy, yes, it is!  I was so not expecting this.  So, yesterday, I noticed that they had put down some stuff on the ramps and things.  I thought, hmm, is it supposed to be bad weather?  I looked it up and saw a warm today forecast for today and possible light snow on Saturday.  Well, I get up today and it's overcast, but no weather.  I go about my morning things and then check my phone and it says it's snowing.  I get up and look out and sure enough, it is!  I decided that since it was light and  not really sticking, I would go for my walk.  I did, but it was COLD.  I also had to use my umbrella because the snow picked up quite a bit!  By the time I got back home, the snow was starting to stick on the grassy areas.  Right now it's on the grassy areas and the road!  It's also still snowing and it's supposed to continue until tomorrow!  I was totally surprised.  One, we don't get snow very often if at all here, and two, it's early for snow.  I love to sit in my room at my desk and look out at it.  I'm doing that now while typing up this post.  I also have a cup of coffee. :D

Nothing like sitting in your room with a wonderful cup of coffee while watching it snow outside.  If it continues all night and into tomorrow, I'll have all day to enjoy it.  I won't be walking tomorrow as the sidewalks will be covered and that is what I mainly walk on.  If I was still able to go to the walking trail, it would be okay. They usually scrape the trail.  Oh well, hopefully I won't miss very many days.  I've just gotten back into walking everyday and I don't want to stop again!

In other news, I might just have to go out and play in it tomorrow!  I adore snow, I love to watch it fall and I love to look at it.  I also like it to clear off the roads and sidewalks asap! ;P  I am good on food and supplies, so I didn't have to go to the store, thank goodness.  Around here, if they mention a snow FLURRY people go insane and stock up like it's a forty day snow storm and they are going to starve.

I also have chocolate chip cookies! :D  My friend stopped by on his way home from work and brought me a package of them.  They go well with coffee, you know. :p  I told him that after my walk, I had come home and drank some coffee to warm up and ate my last two cookies.  He was nice and brought me more.  Yay!  Of course if we get 3-6 inches like they are predicting, I'm going to need more cookies! lol



I walked yesterday and today!  There was snow on some of the sidewalks, but I was able to walk without a lot of trouble.  I had to walk a lot slower in the places with snow, but other than that, I was fine.  I actually did a little dance on my back steps as I got home yesterday. :P

I was able to check my post office box and I had five letters from new pen pals! :)  Today I had one more.  That was awesome. Both walks felt great.  I really missed being out there! I stopped at the bank to cash in some pennies.  I also stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed.  

Today I just stopped at the post office.  I came home and did a few things and then ate lunch.  I did my workouts. It was ab and cardio day.  I am tired!  I am going to relax for a bit and then get more things done. Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I totally meant to, and then didn't.

Walk... well...

Today I said, I have to get out there.  Even if it's just walking in circles in my yard.  I did this for a bit and realized that walking on uneven snow in my yard is not fun.  I stuck with it anyway and walked for a while.  Then I walked around front and decided to walk up my street and out in the neighborhood to see how the other streets looked.  I went to the top street and then across the train tracks to the main road.  It looked okay until I got to the sidewalk I usually start on.  There was a snowy mountain on it! :p  All the snow they scraped from the streets is now on the sidewalks in piles. I turned around and headed back to the house and walked around the yard enough to get in 1.5 miles.  Keep in mind I usually walk 8.5 miles a day!  

My feet were soaked and freezing.  If it hadn't been for that, I would have stayed out a bit longer and tried to get in more miles.  Maybe the snow will be melted more tomorrow.  I hope by walking all over the yard, I'm wearing down the snow. So, I came in and got my poor feet warm.  I did a few things online and then did my Blogilates workouts.  It was upper body day.  I got to use my new heavier weights I bought at the beginning of the month! YAY!  My poor arms felt it, too!  I did the daily calendar workouts, the #30daywaisttrainer challenge and the #callmemaybesquatchallenge.  I've done it every day this month! :)

I have been running around my house doing stuff and then I realized that my Fitbit was in the charger. ~_~; Luckily I didn't miss too many steps.  I usually get 21,000 + a day.  With the snow, I've been lucky to get 5000.  Today I am 10,000 + so I'm satisfied.  I hope to top that tomorrow.  As soon as I can walk safely again, I'll be right back to my normal step count.  I'm SO glad to have Cassey's workouts to keep me moving during this walk down time!

Well, well, well....

I guess everyone thinks I died.  I didn't!  I'm still here. I just haven't posted to my blog in a while.  Sorry about that.  I've been working on getting some snail mail pen pals.  I have signed up at four or five.  Unfortunately, people aren't reading the ads.  They are just sending me requests for love/dating/whatever.  I just want friends and I just want snail mail pals.  I have found one good person, though! :)  She is supposed to be writing me so that will be great.  

I had a lot of snail mail pen pals back in the day and I really want to get back into it.  If you know of any legit pen pal sites that aren't dating centric, let me know, okay? Thanks! :)

Yes, I've been walking and working out everyday!  I took my longer walk today because it is supposed to snow here a lot tomorrow and Saturday.  I may miss out on my walks for a few days, so I wanted to get in the longer one.  I also had to go to Kmart to get prescriptions, so that didn't hurt! :P  I will miss my walks, but they won't scrape the sidewalks!  When I walked at the Riverwalk trail, that was great, they actually scraped the trail.  Since I've been walking from home to town and back, I'm having to take a few days off.  

Hopefully it won't be as bad as they are calling for.  It snowed briefly yesterday and there were a few patches of snow on the sidewalks in shady areas.  Not too bad.  The only thing is, they are calling for A LOT.  A lot means I'm not going out there and ice skating on the sidewalk. :p I'm glad I have my workouts.  At least I'll be able to do those inside.  Today's calendar had six workouts on it and one of them was the 100 Burpee burnout. OMG I almost died. I also did the Call Me Maybe squat challenge that I've done every day this month.  

I am now sitting at my desk on the laptop typing this up. OH! My sister stopped by today and brought me some food.  Since they are calling for bad weather, she was afraid I didn't have a lot of food.  She was right! I had some, but not a lot.  Now I have lots of good things.  I have so much good stuff, I have to decide what I want for dinner! :)