Starbucks collectibles Feed

Early deliveries FTW!

I actually got my Starbucks card order today!  It came a day earlier than the estimate.  That was cool.  I was happy with them.  There were some dupes in there, so I only got twenty new ones, but I'm still happy with the ones I got.  


That is them.  I really like a lot of them.  They are a nice addition to my collection.  I went to Starbucks today and got a Cascara latte. :D  I also went by the post office.  I mailed four letters. Two regular pals and two potential new ones.  I received two letters and one that I could get because it's postage due and the pickup window isn't open after 3.  There was also a notice for something that was too big for my box.  I'll have to get back down there on Monday!  At this point, I'll probably have to walk.  I just hope it isn't raining!

Starbucks, denied!

So, the other night when I went to my friend's house for dinner, she said we'd go to Starbucks today.  Since I can't drive my car, I was looking forward to this.  I took a walk this evening and then stopped by her house.  I needed to get a crate and some supplies for the dogs I'm sitting this weekend.  I did that and asked about Starbucks.  She had 'too much to do.' ~_~; So, I didn't get any Starbucks.  I was not a happy camper!  I got the crate and one of pups food, but they'll bring me the other dog's food with the dogs tomorrow.  I'm not sure when they'll bring them.  They said they hoped to be on the road by lunch time.  We'll see.  I think they are leaving me keys to the van, so I can at least go to Starbucks and the post office this weekend! 

My Starbucks card order that I got off ebay finally updated the shipping today and it's on it's way.  It says it will be here Saturday.  I hope so.  I can't wait to see all the cards that I don't have.  It will be nice to have a bunch of new ones. I went and looked at her other stuff for sale and she has some other cool Starbucks things!  I'll have to keep an eye on her items.  ^_^

Starbucks collection

I collect Starbucks cards as I've mentioned before. I went on ebay today to see if anyone had a good set of them for sale.  I found a lot of 38 that with shipping was 9.98.  I jumped on it.  There are a LOT of them that I don't have. At least 30 of the 38 are ones new to me.  I'm very happy!  I went around the house tonight trying to locate some of my old 'extras'.  I have a stack on my desk of extra ones, but I know I have more.  I just don't know where I stashed them.  I'd like to use the extras for trades or crafts.  I just want to round them all up.  I did find a few cool brochures and things from Starbucks. I also found several different cup sleeves and a few old gift card holders.  I'll share a picture of my cards when I get them.  I will try to do a photo album and keep it updated of all my cards.  

PS  I went to Starbucks tonight and got a cascara latte. :p

What's in my purse....

So, for something totally different.  Here is my purse and all the stuff inside dumped out.



Exciting, isn't it? LOL!  I have a Finn and Jake pin and a Corgi pin as you can see.  I also have a Myrtle Beach charm keychain and an Adventure Time charm keychain.  The bag itself has Police Line Do Not Cross on it so that is already decorated. :P  The contents are my wallet, earbuds, Starbucks coffee sleeve, pen pouch, lip balm pouch, altoids tin with honey packets in in,  owl case with with reusable shopping bag, black card holder, wet naps, small Altoids tin with bulb that I need to replace in it, and a mini sewing kit.

So, what is in your purse?

National Coffee Day!

Yes, it's my day! :P  I have already had two delicious cups of coffee at home and then I went to Starbucks!  I decided to try the new Maple Pecan Latte.  It is GOOD.  It's not overly sweet which I like, but it's sweet enough.  I like it.  It's got some good flavor to it.  I still like my Cascara latte the best, but this is a nice seasonal drink.  I'd definitely order it again.  I wanted to get all of the fall cups to add to my Starbucks collection, but they were out of the venti ones. That was the one I wanted the most, too! :(  I got the tall and grande though.  They also had the Halloween gift cards, YAY!  I got one, I want to get a few more if I can.  I was so happy to see them. I just need to find a venti fall cup and I"ll be happy! ^__^  


Recap or TL:DR Maple Pecan latte is DELIIOUS! and it's #NationalCoffeeDay :D