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The Dark Tower

I am a total Stephen King fan.  I've read everything of his in print.  My favorite book by him being The Stand.  I'm also a Dark Tower junkie.  I have read and re-read the series many times.  Tonight, I remembered the face of my father and went to see the movie adaptation.  Truly the writers have remembered the face of their fathers.  It was wonderful.  If you have never read the Dark Tower books, it is still a good action movie.  If you have read the books, GO SEE IT!  There are other worlds than these.....

Wednesday post time!

I got in my walk today and it was a little bit cooler.  Not much, but enough to help.  I actually slept until my silent alarm on my Fitbit went off.  I went on my walk about an hour earlier than my usual time.  I came home and took my time doing my workouts.  I was able to take a few minutes between them.  That was nice.  I like having the time to relax a bit and not be in a rush.  Sometimes the internet is spotty and the videos don't want to load.  I did that a few times today, but I had the extra time, so I didn't mind.

I got those done. It was core and cardio day. OUCH!  I ate lunch and then got my things together for Starbucks.  I relaxed a little while and then headed over there.  I was able to get my favorite chair immediately.  I had six letters to write and I got them all done.  I was looking forward to playing Pokemon Go while there too, but the servers were down for most of my visit.  They didn't come up until near the end.  I ended up staying a bit longer than I planned.  I almost forgot that I needed to go pick up my prescription at Kmart.  I would have walked there on one of my walks, but they are doing road construction in front of it and it's a mess.  I didn't want to get run over!

I got my prescription and headed home.  I posted to Letters and Lattes and then came here to post.  Now, I'm going to relax for a while before getting in bed and relaxing for the night.  I am hoping to get some reading done tonight. 

It's Thursday, right?

Yeah, my week has been all messed up because of the 4th being on Monday.  I was like having two Sundays! :P  So, yes, it's Thursday.  I got in my walk.  It was hot, and even though it was the same temperature when I walked on Tuesday, it didn't feel as hot.  I am very glad of that!  That heat is horrible!

I came home and did four of my workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more.  I had a friend ask last night if I'd drive him to pick up his car.  I did that and then went to the grocery store and got a few things.  Hopefully I'm set for the month on food.  I'm broke, so I'll have to be!  I came home and relaxed for a while.  The reason my friend needed to pick up his car?  He bought a motorcycle!  He drove it home from where he bought it and then I drove him to pick up his vehicle.  He asked if I'd like to ride on it later.  I agreed.  I have only been on a motorcycle about three times in my entire life.  It's just not for me.  I kept feeling like I was either going to fall off the side, or side into my friend. lol  It was interesting, to say the least!

I came back here and had a late dinner.  I decided to post here before I crash on my bed.  I finished The Drawing of Three last night and started briefly on The Wastelands.  It only gets better and better from here! I love The Dark Tower.  Plus, we meet Oy in this one. :D  I love Oy.

Goodbye June!

It's hard to believe that it's the end of June already!  That means tomorrow is a whole new month.  I got in a good walk today, but I was so hot when I got home I felt like dying.  Today was cardio day on the calendar. YIKES! lol So, I get home and only relax for a few before getting into my workouts.  Did I mention the #100burpeeburnout was on today's calendar? Yeah, I made it through!

So I got my workouts done, ate lunch, and then went out with the weed eater.  My friend got to come and get most of the front lawn done. Yay!  I only had the parts where it's unsafe / impossible to use the riding mower.  I got those done after what seemed like forever.  My weed eater was being bitchy!  I finally got that done and came in to cool off for a little bit.

I went up to my friend's house to pick up a dog crate. I'm dog sitting their pups tomorrow.  I spend a little time up there since they'll be gone all weekend.  I came home, ate dinner, and then just did a little straightening up.  I am now relaxing a bit.  I realized I hadn't posted to either of my blogs today, so I'm doing that now.  I need to post to Letters and Lattes and then I'm going to read.  I started The Drawing of Three last night.  I was up way past my bedtime, too! Oops!

Friday isn't my day! :p

Yes, I did my usual on Friday.  I started my walk and then went with my friends. ^^;  Oops!  Oh well.  I did come home and 'mow' the front lawn.  I had to do it with my weed eater because I haven't gotten a cord for my mower yet.  My new weed eater is weird and works different from any I've ever had.  It took a lot longer to do the yard than it usually does.  That sucked.  Oh well, at least the front yard is done.  That is what people see.  Of course by the time I get a cord and get the whole backyard done, it's going to be hard.  There is some really high grass out there.  Phooey!

I did my workouts a bit later this evening than usual.  It felt good to do those.  I'm always glad to put on Cassey's videos.  Her enthusiasm and happiness perks me right up.  Even when she is killing me. :p Friday is stretch day so I enjoy that little break.  

I guess that is all for today.  I have been yawning a lot.  I think I need to relax with a good book.  I started on a book on Forensics last night.  I don't know if I mentioned it, but I finished End of Watch.  It was good.  I think it was the best of the trilogy.  I won't say anything, because I don't want to spoil anyone if they haven't finished the book.

Regular Wednesday!

I got in a good, but very HOT walk today.  It said it was in the upper 80's but it felt like 112!  Sheesh.  I came home from my walk and did my workouts.  It was arm day.  My arms are tired! :P  I went out and washed off my car and got my bag ready for Starbucks!

I got there a bit earlier than I usually do.  I didn't get my favorite chair at first, but it cleared up pretty fast.  I moved to it and stayed there until I left.  I got all five letters written. I have them all ready to mail out tomorrow.  I left a few minutes earlier than I usually do because it looked like we were going to get a storm.  I got home before it hit.  There was thunder, lightning, and a LOT of heavy rain.  I'm glad I got home before all that hit!

Now I just need to wash my hair and relax a bit before bed.  I'm at at 75% on being done with End of Watch. It's SO good!  It just gets better and better as I go along. I am anxious to see how it all comes out!  

Ouch and oops!

It was a lot hotter today than yesterday and I forgot to put on sunscreen.  I also wore a top that has shorter sleeves than my usual tops and it had a v-neck.  I got burnt on my chest, neck, and upper arms. :(  I need to put my sunscreen where I can't miss it so I don't forget to put it on.  I just put some after sun lotion on and that felt so nice.  I hope it isn't as hot tomorrow!  That would not be good. I'm not a fan of overly hot days!

Last Wednesday, when I was about to go to Starbucks, I checked my antifreeze.  It was low so I went to fill it.  The radiator cap fell down in the engine somewhere and I couldn't find it.  I looked several more times and several more days for it.  My friend got me a replacement.  Today I needed to run an errand to pick up a few essentials. My car made a horrible noise as I was driving it out the driveway.  I heard a rattle and a clunk.  I stopped and went and looked.  My radiator cap was on the ground!  It finally shifted loose of wherever it was under my engine.  I picked it up and put it in a ziploc bag in case I need it sometime in the future as it was pretty new itself.

I got my errands done and came home and re-started the dryer.  I don't like to run it when I'm not here.  I went to check on it and the clothes are far from dry and it's making a noise.  I had to find places all over to hang clothes.  I would have gone to the laundry and dried them, but it was late and it closes pretty early.  I hope it's an easy fix.  That is all I need!  Something else broken.  PHOOEY!

I got my workouts done when I got home from my walk.  I also washed dishes.  I need to mow the lawn, but my friend hasn't brought the new cord for my mower yet.  I can't start it without one!  I should go ahead and get out there with the weed eater, but I don't want to!  It's so hard to do it that way, and it takes forever.

I think I'm going to relax for the rest of the evening and try to forget my worries.  I am a bit over halfway done with End of Watch now.  It's so good!

On track, yes!

I got back on track today.  Even though it was in the 90's and blisteringly hot, I got in my walk. I even walked a bit extra to make my walk 9 miles!  I came home and did my workouts.  Well, four.  I ate, and did the last one.  Yesterday's workouts that I missed? I did those at midnight last night!  Yup, I held myself accountable and got them done.  I felt so much better after having done them!  I think I slept better because of it, too!

So, today, I got in the longer walk, and my daily workouts.  I also washed my bed linen and put it back on the bed.  I didn't do much else as I said, it was brutally hot outside.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little cooler for my walk.  I hope so anyway!  It was just uncomfortable and gross out there.  My shirt and shorts were actually wet from sweat.  Bleah!

After I post this, I'm going to watch some shows on Hulu and then crash with my Kindle.  I'm reading End of Watch by Stephen King and it's excellent. It's the final book in a trilogy of his.  Very good!  This one might be the best of the three.  I want to read more of that before bed.  If I get started on it too late, I end up staying up way later than I should. ^_^;

Break time

I am sitting under my hair dryer while I type up my day.  I got in a 9.5 mile walk.  I had to go to Kmart, so I went on my longer walk.  I got home and did five of my workouts.  I ate lunch and then did the last one.  Extreme Abs. AHH! lol  It was ab day on the calendar. It wasn't too bad actually.  

I did that and then I changed an electrical outlet in my kitchen.  It was a really old one and it was so worn out, it kept tripping my breaker box.  I was able to pick up a new outlet at Kmart.  I was so glad they had them!  I actually got two, that way if I need to replace another one, I'll be ready! I did that and then I washed dishes, put my bed linen back on my bed. (Sunday is wash the bed linen day).  I took a bath and did a few other things.  I realized that I needed to wash my hair, so I did that and figured I could type up my day while I was sitting under the dryer.  I have one of those hard top hair bonnet thingees.  It's really useful when I don't feel like messing with the blow dryer.  

It was a lot cooler here today than it has been being, so I didn't want to dry it naturally.  Too chilly for that! As soon as it gets dry, I'm going to hop on my bed and relax with the King book.  I'm over 70% done, so I'll probably finish it tonight.  I would have read more than I did last night, but I felt really horrible.  I crashed early.  It helped, because I didn't feel as bad when I woke up this morning.  I still don't feel 100%, but I'll be okay. It seems as if I had something else I wanted to say, but now it's gone.  Oh well.  See you on the flip side!

Another day done!

I got in my walk today. It was overcast for most of the walk.  The last mile or so though.... it began to sprinkle.  It was very light and then the wind picked up and it began raining harder.  I didn't get too wet, but my feet did!  I got home and did two of the workouts on the calendar and then ate lunch.  I did the last four and then collapsed on the floor for a few minutes. lol  It was cardio and leg day so I needed to feel the floor.

I realized I hadn't washed a load of clothes recently, so I loaded up the washer.  I had a LOT of things in there.  They washed quickly, but it took forever to dry them.  I got them done though and put everything away.  I also took a bath to ease my poor aching body.  I moved a few things around in my kitchen.  I set up a really cute coffee area.  This will help me this winter when it gets so cold.  

I only have heat in one room of my house, so it's pretty cold in my house.  The coffee will help.  Now I just need to figure out the correct amount of Stevia to add to my coffee to make it taste good. If you want to see my coffee setup, I posted it to Instagram.  I guess that is all for now.  I want to get back to the latest Stephen King book.  I'm over the half way point in Bazaar of Bad Dreams.  It's pretty good so far.  The only thing that bothers me, is that I've already read several of the stories.  (UR, Mile 81, and Blockade Billy)  Oh well!  The new ones are good and these are great stories.