Stress Feed

Saturday sabotage!

Okay, so maybe not that serious.  I got up and got ready for my walk today.  I heard a loud noise outside and thought to myself, what the heck was that!?  I looked out and didn't see anything so I turned around and then I noticed that the light was off.  I thought I had turned it on.  I looked around and noticed that none of my displays were lit.  Yup, something knocked the power out!

I went for my walk and hoped that it would be on when I got back. I wanted to get home, drink a cup of coffee and relax before doing my workouts.  The power was still out!  I texted a friend and he suggested we go eat since my power was out.  I couldn't fix coffee or do my workouts without power, so I said, yes!  We went to Reidsville, NC to a pizza place called Carmela's.  They have delicious pizza.  Afterwards, we wanted ice cream and I wanted coffee! LOL!  We went to the McDonald's.  He got ice cream and he got me one of their caramel macchiatos.  It wasn't bad!  

We came back to town and I came in and the lights were back. Yay!  I put my leftover pizza in the fridge and came to my room and did my workouts.  I got those done and then read some on Not Always Right.  I ate my leftovers for dinner and then did my NaNo for today. I got over 2000 words today and I am now past the 40,000 mark!  Yay!  All I have left to do is my French lesson on Duolingo and then I'm going to read with my Kindle until bed. ^_^

5 cups and not enough!

I've had five cups of coffee today and it still doesn't feel like enough! It's been a really long day.  I got up today and looked out and it was overcast.  The street was wet where it had rained earlier. I was hoping that the rain would hold off for me while I walked, but that was just wishful thinking! It rained for my entire walk.  Phooey!  I hate to walk and have to hold an umbrella.  It always makes my back ache.  I got home and I was so glad to get here. It not only was raining, but it was pretty cool out there too. I think it was upper 40's or mid 50's.  I got home and had to take off my clothes.  My jacket, my shirt and my workout capris were wet. I changed into warm and dry clothes and had some coffee!

I did my workouts, it was ab day.  I was really tempted to skip them today because I was so out of sorts because of the weather, but I didn't.  I did them and then had a few minutes to relax a bit before fixing lunch.  I did that and was going to start NaNo. I ended up watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries on Hulu!  They added more of the original episodes.  After that, I fell into the rabbit hole that is "Not Always Right"  I also did my French.  I finally said, okay, time to Nano and sat down to write.  Yesterday after I posted here, I ended up with 1856 words.  Tonight I wrote 2116!  I could write more, but I'm at a good point to stop for now.  I downloaded Schrivener as a trial.  If you win NaNo, you can get it for 50% off after NaNo.  I downloaded the manual for it as a pdf and sent it to my Kindle.  I want to see if I like it and if I can figure out how to use it.  If I like it, I might purchase it after Nano.

I had seriously thought about going to Starbucks today.  As you know, Wednesday was always my day to go.  With it being so icky outside, I just decided to stay here.  I may go tomorrow or later this weekend depending on the weather.  Who knows?  I wanted to go and see if they have the new holiday gift cards out so I can add to my collection. I found a set of the 2016 ones on ebay and ordered those yesterday.  I hope our Starbucks has a complete set.  I wish I had known all these years that you didn't have to load them to collect them!

Anyway!  I have rambled on enough. I am going to figure out what I want for dinner after this.  I have everything else that I had on my to do list in my bullet journal done for today.  I have the rest of the evening to do anything I want. I'll probably end up either reading or watching more Unsolved Mysteries! :p

Oh dear....

So, today was going pretty well until this evening.  I needed to go to Kmart and pick up a prescription.  It was too late to walk down there and get back before dark, so I chanced it and drove.  My car has been acting up even worse lately.  I got down there and got my prescription.  I get back in my car and it won't start.  I was there for a long time trying to get it to start.  I was getting more upset and hot by the minute!  It is still warm here and I was in my car with the windows all rolled up.  I only had them cracked a bit since it was night time and I was in a parking lot.  

I finally got the car to start.  I didn't know if it was going to get me home as it acted up as I was driving home.  Luckily, it did.  I parked it and there it will stay.  I guess I'll be walking everywhere again. So frustrating! :(  I should have access to a vehicle for the weekend.  My friends are going out of town and I'm pup sitting.  When they go away, they usually leave me the key to their van in case I need to use it.


That describes my day!  It's been a long one.  I have had various house issues and then I tried to log into a site I haven't been on in awhile.  It wouldn't let me log in.  I had the password saved in the browser, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't let me log in.  I tried to do a reset password, but I have no clue what email address I used for these.  I checked as many e-mail accounts as I could, but I couldn't find anything from them.  I'm so frustrated.  


It's been one of those days!  I finally got notification that the post office had my package.  It got there too late to be delivered today.  I went over there twice trying to get it and I couldn't either time.  The first lady was really helpful and tried her best.  The second time, the guy was an ass.  He is the same one that I can't stand when he works the counter at the other location.  I really want to punch him in the face. UGH.  He is such an ass!

Anyway!  I didn't get my package.  Hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow.  We'll see.  I think that taking 11 days to get here is pretty ridiculous.  The best part?  UPS transferred it to to USPS last night.  It then went to Roanoke and  back to Danville for no apparent reason. ~_~;  So annoying.  I hope all my goodies will be worth it!

The first trip out, I went and hit the Starbucks drive thru.  I got a tall cascara latte.  I needed it!  Later, my friend asked if I wanted to go to lunch.  I did, so we met at a local restaurant.  I've never been to this restaurant before.  It was pretty good.  I had breakfast food.   After I left there, I went to the Food Lion at Ballou Park and was going to buy some of the one touch latte stuff.  They were out of caramel.  I went to the Food Lion on Westover and was able to find some there.  I got in the 12 or fewer line and some woman with 16 items was in front of me.  If that wasn't enough, when I went out to get in my car, she was parked next to me and she was loading her car on the passenger side. ~_~; I wanted to smack her, too!

I finally got in my car and headed home.  There was no way I was going anywhere else!  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I wouldn't have gotten Starbucks today, but I really needed it and it was double star day! :p

Friday reflections

I probably should post right now as I'm stressed out.  My friend is still not well and I dressed and drove to his house to carry him to the hospital and he wouldn't go.  I am tired of being stressed and worried when he won't do anything.  He did tell me that the hospital scheduled an MRI on Sunday, so I told him, okay, I'll go home.  I didn't sleep well last night.  I left my phone on in case he had an emergency.  I HATE to leave my phone on when I sleep.  I have enough trouble sleeping without worrying about the phone ringing and waking me up.  Luckily, it didn't, but I still didn't sleep because I kept expecting it to ring. UGH.  I'm glad it's stretch day on the workout calendar.  I definitely need a day of  rest!

In other news, I actually wanted to update my feelings about my layout.  I just got off track there for a bit.  So, after sleeping (barely) on it, I looked at it again today.  I think I really like it.  I might change the background and colors, but everything will stay the same. I'm loving the fonts.  I will probably play around with it today with different backgrounds just to see how I like those.  Hopefully, I will lose some of my stress.  Starbucks would be great, but I don't think even Starbucks would help today!


What a day.  Everything was going as normal until I got to doing my workouts.  I was done with two and had started the third when my neighbor knocked on my window.  I went to see what the issue was and she told me my friend (the one that I walk with) had a medical issue at work and had been taken to the hospital.  I changed clothes and headed to the hospital.  Of course my car was acting up horribly.  I finally got there, parked, and went in.  I talked to the admissions lady and she said he wasn't there and there was no ambulances on the way in!  I didn't know what to think then.  I called his place of work and found out that they had taken him to one of the urgent care places in our city.  I called there and was put on hold and then disconnected. ~_~; I just headed over there.  I get there and ask and the lady goes to check.  She says, yes, he is there and is about to come out.

His nephew was there with him so he had a ride to his next stop.  The hospital.  He had to go to have out patient tests done.  I made sure he didn't need anything and came home.  My nerves were shot at this point.  I saw the neighbor and gave her an update and then came in and fixed lunch.  I did my other workouts and then was going to relax.  My friend texted me that he was home, so I figured he was in for the night and I didn't have to worry.

Not so much!  He texted later and asked if I wanted to ride a few places!? NO.  I told him I would come and get him and pick him up and carry him to the places.  He was still not right and confused.  I took him the places he needed to go and he made my stress level go right back up.  I carried him home and came back here.  Now I'm home and hopefully I won't have to leave again tonight.  I was headed to take a long hot bath when he texted.  I may or may not take one now.  I am so stressed!

Okay, sorry for the long stress post!  Hopefully tomorrow's post will be more fun.  All this after not being able to get to sleep until after 4 am. ~_~;


I gave in to my cravings today and ate too much. :(  I'm never going to get to my goal weight or my previous weight at this rate.  I really need to be more proactive with my health.  I keep telling myself I will and then I just don't. I suck! :(  I need to quit wanting the wrong kinds of food.  I have a lot of frozen fruit.  I need to start making smoothies.  I could substitute one of those when I want a snack or something bad for me.  I really need to do that.  I remember at one time, I saw a site that had 'premade' smoothie bags. You put your ingredients (that you use for a smoothie) in a freezer bag and then when you want a smoothie, you just toss the contents in the blender.  I need to do that!  I forget how much I love them.  I always have unsweetened almond milk in the house, so I have something to blend the fruit with.  I just need to get my butt to doing that.  If I do make a smoothie 'make ahead pack' I'll take pictures! :P

Today was stretch day on the calendar.  I love stretch day.  I still can't do a split.  I'm beginning to think I never will. :(  I just don't think my body is made to do it.  I can do Pigeon pose all damn day, but no splits.  Oh well, I'll keep trying!  


I did all my first of the month stuff today. I got a lot accomplished.  I got gas, groceries, essentials, and more.  I'm broke again. lol  Oh well.  I have all I need until next month.  I had a bad experience at the grocery store.  So much so I actually sent in a complaint!  I don't usually have a hard time at the store.  Today was different.  I had some coupons that the cashier wouldn't let me use.  I have the items, too.  I was so upset.  They were busy and I didn't want to hold the line up anymore so I let it go while there.  I was fuming all the way home.  I contacted Food Lion Corp and let them know what happened.  It was only $3, but I live on a very low income, so $3 is a lot of money to me!

Other that that, the other places I went to get my things went well.  I got some bottled water at Kmart.  They had the 24 packs for $1.99 each.  I got five of those.  That will get me through the month and probably a little longer than that.  I put gas in my car because it hadn't been acting up lately.  Guess what?  After I put the gas in, it started to act up again. ~_~;  I just can't win!


This has been a very frustrating day!  I had a major calamity.  I am sure I mentioned that there was a leak in one of the rooms of my house.  Well, when I got up this morning, the ceiling tiles finally gave way.  I just spent a long time trying to fix it.  First I sprayed some stuff on the ceiling (hoping it will help with the leak)  I put some cardboard and styrofoam in there and then secured it.  I covered all that with some Contact paper.  It doesn't look great, but it's a a good temporary fix.  Plus, it looks a heck of a lot better than that hole!

Other than that, I didn't do a lot.  I did my workouts, I went to the park to Pokemon Go.  I also was able to get some Chinese for dinner!  My friend felt bad for the day I'd been having and gave me enough money to get some Chinese.  I got some homestyle bean curd.  So good!  It helped make up for all the frustations a bit.  Now I'm going to relax for a bit.  I have a killer headache from the stuff I sprayed.  Ugh!