Yoga Mats Feed


I finally tried the almond butter today. I bought some bananas on my way home from my walk.  I came home and decided to make a almond butter and banana wrap for lunch.  The almond butter was pretty tasty.  It didn't taste like I was thinking it would, but I think it was pretty tasty.  I think I like it better than peanut butter, but I'll have to eat some more to be sure.  This is natural stuff, so I had to stir it.  I've never been a fan of natural PB because of the stirring. :P  I didn't think it was as bad with this.

I did put it in the fridge.  I looked up storing it online and every site I looked at suggested keeping in the fridge after opening.  I figured as much as it cost, at least it will last until I can eat it all! My walk today was nice.  It was warm, but not hot. I also did six workouts from Blogilates.  The calendar that I print out every month showed only five workouts, but the app, showed six.  I went ahead and did six.  It was leg day and after I was done, I had an issue standing up! :p I also started a new 14 day challenge.  This one started yesterday and I didn't get started then, so I did yesterday's and today's in one post.  

If you want to see, just look on my Instagram (anndroidgirl) OH! Speaking of @Blogilates, she just came out with her own line of beautiful yoga mats.  I'm in total love with the Kaleidoscope Couture Yoga Mat <-------------- Click on the name to see this beautiful mat.  I want this so badly.  I will have to save my pennies!