I didn't forget to post yesterday, I just didn't get around to it.  It rained yesterday and today, so no walks for me.  It's not supposed rain tomorrow, so I should be a go for walking!  I don't want to miss another day.  I didn't feel all that great yesterday or today, so the two days off were kind of nice.  My foot has been giving me some issues again so two days rest was probably a good thing.

I didn't make it to Starbucks this weekend like I planned.  I might go one night this week and carry my laptop and letters.  We'll see how that goes.  I haven't been inside to stay in so long. I'm going to be so disappointed if I go over there and can't find anywhere to sit!  I am hoping it will be like when I went over Wednesday night.  

Mmm two drinks...

Yesterday when I tried the drink machine at my turn around point, it said it was sold out.  I wasn't expecting to get a drink today, but I tried anyway since it was warm again. It actually gave me a drink and an extra. Yay! lol  It's always nice to get an extra.  The weather was nice again today, as I've said, but it's supposed to cool back down tomorrow.  D'oh!

I didn't make it to Starbucks tonight.  I had really thought I would and then I just didn't go.  Oh well, maybe sometime this weekend.  I might just hit the drivethru tomorrow.  Of course, knowing me, I might just skip it all. :P  I still don't have hot water and I just washed my hair.  That was painful.  I didn't warm the water up first.  Brrr!  I was able to get by with it because it was warmer today.  I certainly wouldn't have attempted it tomorrow! YIKES! LOL! 

Warm days are so nice.

It was really nice for today's walk.  I started out in a t-shirt and hoodie, but I took my hoodie off before too long into the walk.  It was much more fun to walk when it's warm.  I had enough change to pick up a Coke at the drink machine at my turn around point and planned to get a Coke.  The machine was sold out again. Phooey!

I got home and relaxed. I had thought about going to Starbucks tonight and staying awhile.  Then, I realized that it was happy hour and they are usually busy on those days.  It is also Valentine's day.  I figured they might be slow because of that, but who knows.  I might go tomorrow.  I wish I had know last night that it was going to be that slow.  There were literally only two people in there! My favorite table was free. :(  I can almost guarantee that when I go again to stay awhile, I won't find a single table open. That is just the way it goes.


I got four of the five die cut Valentine's Starbucks cards.  I went over to Target to get the one I missed.  They were completely out of the die cut cards.  I got a cascara latte and then went to the regular Starbucks.  The place was practically deserted. ~_~;;;;;;  Figures!  I got the card I needed and eleven other cards I didn't have. Yay!  They also had some adorable ceramic gift card holders. They look like a Starbucks bag.  I got one for my collection.  It was on sale, too. Yay!  I took a picture of the 'new' cards and the cool ceramic 'bag'. 


I was glad to find that Valentines card at the top left.  They had two cards this year.  This 'paper' one and a regular plastic one.  I was lucky to get both.  I already had the plastic one.  While I was out, I went by Office Depot and picked up another 25 pack of the business card holders because I actually used all the ones from the last pack!  

I got in my walk today, too.  It was a bit windy, but I made it through.  They were calling for up to 50mph winds.  Luckily it only kicked up a few times.  I actually used bobby pins to keep my hat on. lol

When you REALLY want a hot bath.....

I rented a hotel room for the night just so I could have a hot bath. lol! Seriously.  I found a great deal on a local place and I also got 10% back with ebates, so I booked it.  I am in the room now.  It's not a huge room, but it's the perfect size for me.  My silly but forgot to bring a few things I needed so I ran back home to get them.  Easy to do when you are in the same town. lol . I got my supper early so I wouldn't have to go back out again.  I just picked up some food and brought it back.  The room has a mini fridge and a microwave, so I brought some drinks from home.  I also brought one of my Starbucks tumblers for in room coffee.... Wait.... I don't remember seeing a coffee maker. DOH! Double D'oh! lol . There is no coffee maker in here. Ahhhhh!!!!!!!  That just means I will have to stop at Starbucks on my way home tomorrow morning. :p

This is a nice room for the price.  I have a small bathroom, a desk, a sofa, and a bed.  It's pretty nice.  I had already planned to skip tomorrow's walk because it's supposed to rain all day.  This was the perfect night to do this.  I already took a bath, but I might take another since it's paid for until morning. LOL!  I'm considering this a mini vacation for myself!  It's pretty nice to get away from home for a night.  It's back to normal living tomorrow. :p . I just wish I had some change so I could raid the snack machines!

Fossil purse

I didn't get to take a picture of the 'new' Fossil purse outside today because it was overcast and cold out there.  I just decided to use one of the ones I took inside last night and hope it looks okay.  I love this purse.  It's a crossbody and it falls at the exact right spot.  It's also got enough room for everything I need to carry and it's lightweight.  The leather itself is so soft and smooth.  I just want to keep touching it! lol    The front has a small zipper pocket on the flap.  Under the flap is a pocket and the bag opening.  That has a zipper pocket in it and two pockets on the other side.  The back of the bag has a little organizer part.  It has lots of pockets, credit card slots, and a zipper pocket.  I love all the pockets as I like to have everything organized.  It's such a cool bag.  When I was researching it, I found a picture of the same bag in pink.  I would love to have one of those, too. :P . Here is the handbag:


By the way, the picture does not do it justice.

Why me?

My friend, the one that does so much for me, mentioned he would like a shake.  Well, I decided to go and get him one.  I was in line almost 30 minutes! The line did not want to move and the two in front of me where being asses.  I finally got through the line and dropped it off.  I'm home now and I'm watching the episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets addicted to Stranded (aka LOST) . Such a funny episode.  Especially since I loved the hell out of LOST and watched it religiously.  I love the way Homer gets hooked on the show and doesn't want to do anything but watch it. 

Today's walk was nice, but it was a lot cooler out there.  I went from walking in the 60's and 70's to 40ish and it had a 'feel like' temperature of lower.  It wasn't too bad, though.  I bundled up appropriately so I wasn't cold.  I came home and watched for the mailman.  Why? My 'new' Fossil bag came.  I love it. It's soooooooo soft and it's the perfect size.  I took a few pictures inside, but the lighting sucks in my house and it didn't come out right. I'll try to take outside pictures tomorrow. 

Last warm day....

Yes, this will be the last warm day for awhile.  It was nice on my walk and I tried to take it all in!  I noticed as it got later in the day, it cooled down.  I went out for a bit and took my hoodie with me.  Good thing too, because I needed to wear it.  I'll be wearing it tomorrow on my walk, too.  Oh well, the week of warm weather was nice and it's not supposed to be too cold during the day for the next week.  At night it's supposed to be cold, but I have plenty of blankets!

I had thought about going to Starbucks tonight, but my friend mentioned going to one of the local restaurants we haven't been to in a while, so we went there.  It was good, too.  I enjoyed the meal and then I came home and got my packages in.  I got the replacement stylus for the one that gave me issues.  This one is nice, but it doesn't work in every program!  It works as a stylus, but not as a pen in some of the note apps.  I was disappointed, but the company was so nice to send a replacement, that I gave them a good review anyway.  The stylus is nice and it feels good in my hand, but I want it to work on all my note apps.  Oh well!

Puppies, dogs, and me. Oh My!

My walk today was nice. It was in the seventies and it was quite warm out there.  The best part of the walk, I got to love on a Saint Bernard puppy.  She was sooooo adorable!  All floof and big paws.  Adorable.  I also got to see a cute Collie.  I love seeing dogs on my walks.  When I was at my turn around point, I saw the guy that has the Corgi that comes to Starbucks a lot.  Sadly, he didn't have the Corg with him, but it's the thought that counts, right? LOL . Then on the way back, I passed the devil dogs. There is this lady that has three chihuahuas.  They lose their shit when they see me. I swear if she let them go, they would get me alive! LOL!  I don't understand what their deal is.  Silly pups!

Anyway! It was nice to walk in warm weather and see doggos!  I got productive today and did two loads of clothes and washed my hair and cleaned the microwave.  The microwave had gotten pretty funky.  It's feeling much better now. :p