Missing brush, found lipbalm?

Okay, so... since I got home from the beach, I'm missing my round brush.  I'm sure it's here because we always check the room a few times before leaving. It's probably somewhere I haven't looked.  I did look in my car just in case it fell out there.  While I was looking in there I found a tube of my Softlips lip balm. I have no idea when it got in there.  I know it's mine but I'm not sure where it came from. lol  

As we were leaving the room, I couldn't lay my hands on my Starbucks tumbler that I took with me.  I had filled it with coffee for the road.  When we stopped at Victoria's for breakfast, I looked in the car, but we'd packed it so tight, I couldn't get to everything to look.  Happily, it was located when I unpacked everything in my house.  

During the trip, my friend bought five CDs at a Goodwill and they went missing.  We went to a car wash while at the beach and they had vacuums.  We were vacuuming out the car and I located his CDs under the passenger seat.  Neither of us put them there, so I don't know how the heck they got there!  When I told him about my brush missing, he said to look in the car.  "Maybe they fell into the abyss like my CDs!"  :p.  I didn't find the brush but I found a random lip balm.  Weird stuff. Hopefully, the brush will also turn up eventually.  I didn't pack it last, it went in on Saturday night because I had my other brush out and it made it home!  I swear, weird stuff happens like that a lot.

OH! I meant to mention about the missing part of my book from April.  I found it!  When I pasted it in Evernote, I pasted the same day twice but labeled it different days.  I was able to fix that in Evernote. I like to have it in Evernote for on the go in case I want to review parts and to write myself notes for the next book. It was a whole day I was missing, not just a scene. D'oh!




So when I wrote my latest book for Camp Nano back in April, I saved each day as a separate file in Evernote. I saved it all in a notebook for that book. I was re-reading through it recently and realized that there is a part missing.  I also found a continuity error and a place where I need to rename a character.  What worries me is the missing portion. I'm hoping it's actually in Scrivener and for some reason I didn't copy and paste that part into Evernote. I think for Novembers NaNo I'm going to write the second book to this one.  I really love the characters and they have a good future.

I'll use Preptober to do some character profiles and plan out the details for the next book.  I'm opening Scrivener now to see if that part is there or if I have to add it back.  I introduced a character when I was writing, but his intro is missing in the copied parts. D'oh!

Food, food, and more food!

Guess who went to the grocery store today?  Yes, me!  I spent a LOT of money but I got a LOT of groceries.  I tried to get a nice variety of things. I have been tired of eating the same old things so I trie to mix it up.  I only bought three frozen dinners this time.  I got a lot of other stuff that needs to be prepared and some heat and eat things.  I also got some staples.  I'm pretty much set for groceries for a while.  It was a lot of work. Shopping, loading, unloading and putting all that away, but it will be worth it for sure.

It stopped raining sometime overnight, so I didn't have to worry about that while shopping.  I still can't believe all the stuff I got. It saved a ton on deals and I also have $9.00 to spend later.  My store has a shop and earn program.  I earned enough in three departments to get $3 back in each. I love that program! It helps out a lot! One of my purchases also gave me a $1.o0 coupon for my next visit.

Rain, rain, and more rain!

It's been raining here all day.  We are getting the remnants of Sally.  I think it's supposed to be gone tomorrow.  I hope so as I want to go to the grocery store but I don't want to do that in the rain.  It is guaranteed to be pouring when I'm loading and unloading the car! 

I did run out today and get some gas.  My car was down to a bit under half a tank after coming back from the beach.  My friend said he'd fill it up when we got home, but he hasn't gotten around to it so I did it myself.  I like to keep it near full. It's so funny because, with my Cruiser, I'd run it until the gas light came on and fill it.  I don't like to get my fuel level below half with this car.  It's still running well and it hit the 93,000-mile mark as we were driving home from the beach.

I want to do a recap post of the trip.  I have a lot of goodies that I got to share.  At the Longs SC Goodwill, I saw a box that looked like a GPS.  My friend went over and brought it back along with a few other electronics.  They were in the scarfs!  There was a TomTom Ease, a Nike Fuelband, and a little digital camera.  My friend bought all three.  He had been meaning to give me one of his GPS devices so he just gave me this one. It's cute and small so it's perfect for my little car. :P. He also gave me the Nike Fuelband.  I was sad to learn they no longer support it through an app that can be synced with.  I think though that I have an old version of the app on my oldest iPod touch. 

I am working on a way to update the little TomTom.  The TomTom app won't work with my Mac for some reason.  I looked and it seemed other people have this issue, so hopefully, I will be able to do that soon.  I tried it out last night and it did find Starbucks, but it took me to the old location.  That it found the Starbucks at all made me hopeful!  Even if there is a small fee, I'd like to update to current maps and locations.  I just need to be able to run the app on my computer.  I no longer have any computer running Windows, so that is out. Oops!