Messy Monday

The city came and scraped the street last night but the driveway is still full of snow and ice. I did not leave the house today. I did go out and partially scrape the front walkway. It was a lot harder than I thought. I'm hoping that I can do a better job tomorrow. It's supposed to be sunny and in the 40s, so maybe that will help loosen it up so I can finish shoveling.  Other than that, I just stayed in today. I wrote, I relaxed, and I watched Buzzr since it's Betty White's birthday and they were on day two of tribute to her. I watched most of yesterday too! :)

Snow and ice, so nice :p

We had some weather today. It wasn't as bad as they were saying it was going to be.  At first, it was supposed to be up to afoot. We only got maybe a couple of inches, but it's snow and ice so it's more dangerous on the roads.  My street was a mess all day. People went by a few times, but nothing like usual. The city did come this evening and plowed the street, so that is good. :)  I took a few snow pictures to share.


Not very exciting as I didn't get outside to take more, but there you go. It was a great day to stay in and drink coffee. :p


I never meant to stop posting. I actually meant to try to post more regularly this year. D'oh!  I was going to post this last night, but I was extremely tired, felt like crap, and just wanted to relax. I even went to be early!  I'm feeling a lot better today, so I thought I would try to get a blog post out so maybe I could get back in the habit of it! My city and area is under a winter storm advisory. It's gone from a dusting to up to 12 inches, to 3 inches, to 6 inches, etc. Who knows what we'll actually get? :p  I am prepared in case. I have my power box thing ready and I'm charging another one I have too. I also have candles set aside, Sterno, and my little Sterno stoves. I'm ready in case we do have a power outage. My one power thingee is almost fully charged, but I cannot figure out where in the heck I put its charging cord. ARGH!  I'll look again later. I was getting frustrated looking earlier. I'm going to relax until lunch, eat that and then look again.

Yesterday, my friend and I went on a thrift trip yesterday. It has been a while! We went to Reidsville and then to Walkertown and Mayodan.  We ate at a little restaurant in Reidsville and then went to Goodwill. We'd already visited the Salvation Army store.  I only got a little green dish, a Starbucks mug, and a little hook thing in there. Of these items, only the green dish will be in the picture below!  After eating, we went to Goodwill. I found a nice Fossil wallet for $1.99 so I got it.  We then headed to Walkertown. They usually have a LOT of stuff in certain areas, but they were very limited on items in those areas. My friend and I figured either someone came in and bought a ton of stuff or they tossed a bunch of stuff out.  It was a big difference. Weird.  I only got three pouches there, two identical ones with cute cacti and a glittery one from Seattle. I also got a little case that had Mtn. Dew on it and it had a pair of earbuds in it and a car charger. Neat!! All but one of the Cactus pouches are in the picture below!

We went to Mayodan last and I was finding things left and right. lol I found two brand new lamps still in the box.  I also found a selfie ring light. I had been looking at them on Amazon to use for filming unboxing, and taking pictures of things I buy to make a brighter picture since the lighting in my house sucks. It was $3 and it had the phone holder, tripod, and power cord/usb charger. Nice! It's not pictured in the photo below but it was used to take all the pictures. :p  I also got a set of two cute Penquin Starbucks mugs, 2020 The year of the Introvert mug, a cute SakRoots wallet (brand new with the strap still with it), a cute candle, and a vintage Jeopardy board game. Great haul. It was a fun trip and we ate in Reidsville on our way back through at Pete's Burgers and More one of my favorite places!  I made a cute spread in my DPC journal as a memory page of the finds.  As I said before, not everything is shown, but it is the majority of my items.


Cute, yes? I love my DPC planner and all my thrift goodies!

Trip recap!

I'm actually going to do one. Yay! I also hope to put a picture I pick at random from my beach pictures. Let's see, so, like I said, I only found out on Tuesday that we were going down that Thursday.  I spent Wednesday washing clothes and packing.  I didn't sleep worth a damn on Wednesday night so I was extremely tired Thursday when we got there.  We found our room very nice and clean. As I mentioned, it was a bit small, but it was perfectly fine.  10/10 we would both stay again.  That first night, we went to Victoria's to eat and then got a few groceries. We'd brought soda with us so we only had to buy a bit of food for the room.  We did that and then settled in.

That night I had a hard time sleeping again because of the pillows on my bed. They sucked. I always carry my feather pillow with me when I travel, so at least I had that. I had to double over my pillow on top of one of the ones they had to finally get comfortable. Their pillows were weird! I was tired on Friday too but luckily, we didn't leave the room.  I spend a lot of balcony time as I did on the September trip. I had my beach chair out there and just camped out. That was nice. I was out there when I heard about Betty White and was so upset. I went in to tell my friend. It was so sad to hear. She was such a sweetheart and will be sorely missed by so many people.  The rest of the day, I spend either on the balcony or in the room relaxing.  I was able to watch the ball drop on ABC and did that.  People were shooting off fireworks on the beach for a long time after that. The bad thing was, the fog had rolled in THICK that night and if the fireworks were not right next to the hotel or really close by there was no use to look. You couldn't see anything! lol We ordered two meals from DoorDash. One from Hungry Howie's and one from Charlie's Cheeseteaks. 

So, Saturday, we went out to do our thrift and pawn shops.  We found a new Goodwill we'd never been to, so that was nice. Sadly, the pawnshops he likes were closed.  We did make it to four more Goodwills. Two in Myrtle, one in Surfside / Murrell's, and one in North Myrtle beach. I didn't get a lot, but I did get a few things. I found a Fossil bag in one Goodwill that had the key still on it and a bonus! Someone had bought one of the key and lock Fossil keychains and attached it to the bag too. Score! :D  I was very happy to have that and the bag rang up a whole $2.00! Nice!  We at that night at King's Famous Pizza in NMB and I got baklava to carry back to the room. YUM!  I packed up that night and had everything ready for an easier day on Sunday.

Sunday we got up and ate some of the last of our leftover pizza and get our things together and checked out. We drove up to NMB and went back to Goodwill. We were looking for something my friend had seen the day before and told me about that I wanted, but sadly, it was gone. :(  We headed on and went to Long's to the Goodwill there and then on.  We stopped in Tabor City and got some fries and drinks at McDonald's there.  We also stopped at the Sandwich hut in Rockingham NC.

We at in Reidsville, NC, and went to the Goodwill there. I found a black leather Fossil bag! :) Atter that, we headed home. All in all a nice trip. I got several fun thrifting items. My favorites are the Fossil keychain that I found on that one purse, and a nice Speck case for my iPad Mini!  So, I finally did a Myrtle Beach trip recap. Yay!  Now, let's share a random picture and hope it isn't one I've already shared. lol Ah, the fog. I never did show a good picture of that. It was much more ominous in person, btw!


Neat, yes? I like the way the hotel next door is the only light you can see.


Goodbye Myrtle Beach

Home again and I'm at my desk. We had a long and convoluted trip home. We stopped in North Myrtle Beach at Goodwill, Longs SC at Goodwill. We stopped in Tabor City and got cokes and fries at McDonald's to tide us over. We stopped in Rockingham NC as usual, too.  I got watermelon Now and Laters! YAY, We also stopped briefly in Greensboro for him to go to one store and then we stopped in Reidsville to eat and then we went to the Goowill there.  A lot of stops and I'm so glad to be home.  I need a nice, long, quiet evening.  I want to write too. I did write on the trip, but nowhere near what I usually do in a day. I'm going to be very happy to get back into that! I know I always say I'll do a trip recap and never do. I will try my best to do that tomorrow. A good night's sleep in my own bed is going to be absolute BLISS. I never sleep well on these trips unless I have my own part of the room. My friend can't sleep without a television going, I can't sleep with one going, so... ~_~;


I was going to share more pictures from this morning, but the uploading is being wonky and I'm too tired to fight with it right now. Enjoy those that look a lot alike. :p


Saturday evening post

Sorry about no post this afternoon. The wife was acting up again and I couldn't get anything to work. As it is, this might not even let me post. We'll see.  I am going to share one beach picture from the afternoon and a few pictures I took while we were out today. We went to all the Goodwills down here and even found a new one! :D



Friday evening post

I went down on the beach a little earlier today than I usually do. I wanted to get a few pictures of the setting sun from the beach. It was so pretty!  I didn't walk a long way, but what I did was nice.  I am back in the room and on the balcony relaxing.  I am going to share some pictures I took while on the beach.  A different perspective than the balcony for once. :p




Very pretty, yes? :)  Right now it's so foggy/hazy it is sort of creepy. I tried to take a picture, but it doesn't show how weird it looks. I'll try with another camera and see if I can capture it and I'll post it later if so.

Friday morning post

Well, as you saw in my last post, my friend and I are at Myrtle Beach! I found out about the trip on Tuesday of this week. lol  We came down yesterday and got here with no issues, the hotel is smaller, but nice. The rooms are clean and well kept but the layout of some of the appliances is hilarious.  There is a coffee maker (YAY) on a table near the balcony. The microwave is in a cabinet that the TV is on and there is no drawers for clothes. LOL So weird. Th little kitchen has a regular size refrigerator, a small stove, and a sink. Ther is only one outlet accessible in the kitchen and it's too far away from anything to be used! :p So weird, but no problem, we can deal.

There are a lot of people down here surprisingly.  I also noticed several places that are open during the regular season are closed.  I've seen two restaurants at that have signs saying, 'see you in February' and I noticed several of the beach stores are closed, too. The weather down here is great. That drizzle from yesterday is gone and it's gorgeous out and very warm, too! Here, see for yourself.


PXL_20211231_153343728.MP PXL_20211231_153336662.MP

Busy day

Yes, I meant to come and do a better post today, but I was busy doing stuff all day. I didn't even get to write. That makes me sad. I hope to get a good deal written tomorrow AND post a nice post here, too.  I should have some fun pictures to share tomorrow, at least I hope so. ^_^  See you then!

After ten days....

It's ALIVE! Yes, I'm alive. I think?  I did have a nasty fall on Christmas eve. I was extremely lucky and only scraped up my leg, fingers and wrist.  I didn't break anything. I still don't know how I didn't. I was facing one way, fell off concrete steps, and landed face down in leaves with my head facing the way I'd come from!  Sheesh.  Not the way I wanted to spend the day. I was stiff and sore for a few days, but I'm feeling a bit better now. Just sort of draggy and laggy.  I will try to do a legit post tomorrow.  For now, I'm alive. At least I think so! :p

Another day done

I didn't go out today or really do much of anything. Well, that isn't entirely true. I did a load of laundry and washed a ton of dishes. I was so glad to get those done. I say every time that I'm going to wash them as I go and I start off doing that and then forget and don't. Oops. I meant to mention that I made a pocket folder for my TN yesterday. I took a regular file folder and cut it to the size of one of the notebooks, then put the pockets in with a part of the folder I cut to make it.  I then taped that together and then covered the outside with washi to give it some character. I think it turned out nicely. It will be nice to have a pocket in there to save things.  I have made similar ones before. A few for my B6 TN and one for another one of my TNs.  Here is this one I made yesterday.


Simple, easy, and cute!  This TN has strings for four notebooks but I don't want to overload it so I am only using three, I used the fourth string to put this one in there between the second and third notebook. I like it.