Pretty, pretty!

This picture does not do justice to my new keyboard cover.  I have wanted one of these multi-colored ones for a while now. I found this one Monday evening on Amazon and it was delivered today. Isn't it pretty? I like these because they add a pop of color to my MBP but they also provide protection from crumbs and things getting into the keyboard.  


I love it!  My friend texted me today and said he was getting off early today and did I want to go eat at Pete's in Reidsville. I did!  We went and ate and then went to the Salvation Army thrift store and the Goodwill.  I found some neat things.  A light-up jack o lantern, a light-up snowman, a skirt measuring tool (for sewing), a Darth Vader mug, a twig star (it's actually a pentagram), and a pair of Homer Simpson sleep pants D'oh!).  My friend found a pair of New Balance sneakers and bought them for me. They were a half size bigger than I wear and I didn't try them on.  I just did and they fit fine. I think they might run a little small, so being a half size larger makes them perfect!  It was a fun and unexpected thrift trip.

The funny thing is that today's Zeeops was to get 2500 points on Munzee by either capturing or deploying Munzees. I was capping them all over the place in Reidsville! lol I made my daily Zeeops goal. It's been a pretty good day! ^___^


Another new one....

I went to Starbucks today and tried another new drink.  The new one is an almond milk honey flat white. How is that for a mouthful! It wasn't bad at all.  I think I might like it better than the pistachio latte. The more I drank, the more I liked it.  At first, I wasn't sure, but it grew on me.  I would probably try this one again.  I went to Dan Daniel's park to sit for a bit since it was a little warmer today and I wanted to capture a few Munzees there. I took three pictures to share:




Nice, yes?  It was a good little respite in my day.  I finally heard from my hard drive support team! They are going to try to retrieve my data and they are going to replace the drive. That is wonderful!  I hope they can replace the data.  I am anxious to get the replacement drive so I can back up my current stuff.  I also want to be able to give the borrowed drive back to my friend!  Speaking of my friend, he had given me a nicer heater than the one I was using but it stopped working. He came a week or so ago and looked at it and it was working fine. It worked well for a few days and then did the same thing as before.  So I was back to the original heater that isn't very effective.  It heats, but it's not as powerful as I need for those really cold days considering it's the only heat in the house! (I keep my door closed at all times).  He brought me another little heater tonight.  It's about 1/4 of the size of the heater I usually use and it's warm!  I plugged it in and then rode with him on an errand.  I could tell a difference when I got back.  This is going to be good! I'm quite happy with it and hope it lasts.  I'm actually pretty toasty for a change.  That is nice!

Power out!

So, I had just sat down to eat my lunch and I had a YouTube video queued up to play.  It was a Reddit video, pro revenge, I think?  Anyway, I'm sitting here and then the video stops playing. I look around and notice that everything quit, too!  The power was out.  It was cold here today and I had already layered up to survive in my room. I did not need the power to go out and take away what heat I did have!  I went out and drove around in my car a bit after eating to warm up and then came back here before it got too dark to see. I got my fuzzy, warm Wolf blanket out and put candles all over my room.  I lit those, got my the Mac and got on my bed, and tossed the wolf blanket over everything! lol Here is the view I had.

Point Blur_Jan182021_222550

I had a nice cozy tent.  I didn't stay under there long and I just wrapped the blanket around me.  Guess what happened about two minutes later? The power came back! All in all, it was out a little over an hour.  Someone had an accident and hit a pole nearby.  It took out power for a good portion of this side of town.  I'm glad it came back as quickly as it did. They estimated several hours.  

A little snow

It was snowing when I got up today. It didn't snow long and it didn't stick to much of anything but at least it did snow briefly.  I wish we would get one really nice snow.  It's been cold and bleah all day. Bleah all day except for the snow part. :p  I have been .... I don't even know what I've been doing. Seriously. It's been a long day.  I did remember to take a picture of the case on my MacBook Pro.  I was about to forget that, but I remember and here it is:


I love the colors, it's what attracted me in the first place.  In the pictures, it looked like there was a cut out at the Apple. In the ad pictures, it shows a bright white apple so I thought it was cut out.  I realized when looking back at the add after it had shipped that it does not have the cutout. D'oh!  It's still gorgeous.  I wanted to write today and I haven't. I might do that after posting this.  I've had a migraine for several days. This is day three, so I might not be able to come up with a good day's work.  We'll see.  I need to do my French too as I've forgotten all about it.  I got the last of the Starubkcs holiday cards I ordered. I now have the complete set of 2020 holiday cards! ^_^ 

By the way, this is the picture on the listing. Do you see why I thought it had the cutout? :|

Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 10.44.14 PM


Yes, I was about to leave the computer and not post today.  Well, what happened? So, as I said I wrote up a big post two days ago and then didn't post it or save it to draft. D'oh!  It was about a comedy of errors when I was getting my old iPhoto files from the old Macbook to the MacBook Pro.  It took FOUR tries.  I networked the Macs to move the file over. The first attempt, my dumb ass restarted the Macbook.  On the second attempt the internet went out.  The third attempt, it was almost done (as it was the first time) and I noticed the MacBook wasn't charging.  What did I do? I pulled the cord out to re-seat it.  Guess what? No percentage on the battery.  I had to start over for the fourth time.  Sigh. I finally got the file moved over and got it all set up.  I had everything back to the way I wanted it. I was happy. I was still working with the 'dead' drive to try and get it to connect  Well, I foolishly restarted and tried to reset the PRAM.  Guess what?  I got the same exact error from the weekend.  I put the drive that I had the Catalina backup. I got hooked up.  I was able to access the files on the corrupt drive but couldn't get it to boot. I moved the files to the external drive (the one my friend lent me) and then I erased the internal disk and did a clone of the drive.  I then unhooked the external and booted it.  It worked. Phew. Now I just needed to get Big Sur back. That took WAY longer than it should have but I finally got it back.  So I spent a lot of time yesterday getting things back up to speed.  I finally finished up today and got everything as it should be.  If I could get that first external drive to work, that would be great. I STILL haven't heard from support! :(  I went to clone the drive with Big Sur on it to the drive I bought for the 13" MacBook Pro (I haven't used it yet because I still need a hard drive cable.) I figured I'd clone the drive on that and see if it was okay. I put it on the 13" MBP and nothing  I get that circle with a slash.  I am not going to worry about that for now. I have this one working and now I know exactly what caused both 'crashes'  I will NEVER try to reset the PRAM. AHHH!

So, as of now, I have a working computer with all my stuff.  I just need to download a few programs that I just remembered I don't have on here.  I had to do that iPhoto transfer again today. This time it only took ONE try! Whee! lol So, here is your update.  I hope you enjoyed it. I'm going to take a nice break from my computer.  My pretty snap-on case came for it today.  I'll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow.  I ordered it from China on the 3rd and it got here today. Not bad at all!  I