Cabin fever!!!!

So, this is another day with no walk.  I decided to go out for a bit in the car. I just needed to get out for a bit.  I drove down my regular walking route to see how the sidewalks were.  It was about 50/50.  Some areas were completely clear and others were not.  It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow, so that will probably speed up the procsss.  At least I hope so!

While I was out, I picked up my presecription from the pharmacy. I thought about going to Starbucks, but I didn’t.  Maybe next time I go out.  Who knows? Today was the first day the mail carrier has delivered mail all week!  I had a package two days ago but it was just delivered today.  Sheesh.  I cleaned the walk off and everything too.  Oh well.

I’ve been watching The Addams Family on Hulu.  It’s such fun.  I’ve seen it all before, or course, but it’s fun to be able to watch all the episodes in order. I’m currently on the one where they try to teach Lurch to dance so he can go to the butler’s ball. ^_^


Well then...

I was able to get out and get some stamps today. I still didn’t get to walk.  I looked to see the how the sidewalks were. I am not going to be walking for a while.  I only saw one small area where the sidewalks were clear. Other than that, it’s full of snow. It is supposed to rain on Friday, so that might help some.  It’s hard to walk when the sidewalks aren’t cleared off.  People drive badly around here!

I mailed my entire stack of letters while I was out.  I put stamps on the ones that didn’t have them and went to the nearest box to drop them in.  I didn’t turn my car off at either stop as I was afraid it wouldn’t start and I would be stuck.  I just carried my spare key so I could leave it running and lock it while going in to get the stamps and then to get out and mail the letters.


Letters letters letters!

No walk again today, but I got a stack of letters caught up.  I'm so relieved to do that.  I have put them off way too long.  I'm so glad to have a stack to mail.  I still don't have enough stamps for them all.  I hope to be able to walk in a few days and I'll get the stamps I need then and mail the stack.

I was able to get my car unstuck today.  I went out and shoveled some snow around my car.  I got in and drove forward and backward. I was able to get it dislodged. I backed out and went to the gas station and got some gas so I didn't have to worry about that anymore.  I was able to get home and get my car back in and in it's usual spot.  I was so happy to get that done!

I will try to drive it again tomorrow in the afternoon to help keep the driveway clear.  I thought about going out tonight but it was freezing out there and I knew there would be ice on the roads so I decided to just stay here.   

I ordered an additional case for my iPad Mini and it was supposed to be delivered today.  It wasn't. It was out for delivery and I kept waiting for it. I finally saw where it couldn't be delivered because there was no access to the house.  I think he just posted that and didn't even try. I have my front walk shoveled all the way to the street. Hopefully he'll bring it tomorrow.  

Snow day two

So, according to the reports I hear, we got over a foot of snow!  I looked out today and the street was cleared off, but there is snow piled up high on both sides from where they scraped it.  I went out last night and cleared off my front walk, and today, I went out and cleared off my back steps. I thought I would drive my car down to the end of the driveway and back in to clear path. I got stuck. Lol. I finally got unstuck and got out into the road. I went to turn around and got back in the driveway, but my car got stuck half way up the driveway. LOL Oops!  Hopefully I’ll be able to move it tomorrow.  My gas light it on, so I didn’t want to keep trying to move iit any more. I am hoping that  with the sun today and it’s supposed to get in the 40’s tomorrow, some more snow will melt.  I don’t like leaving my car half way down my driveway. Lol

I haven’t done anything today. Well, I did read, but other than that, I haven’t done anything.  I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back to walking again. It’s going to take a while for this snow to go away.  Right now, it was hard for me to walk out there to get to my car. I even fell down when I was out there. Luckily I fell in the snow, so I didn’t hurt anything. :p


Il Neige! (It’s snowing)

Oh boy is it snowing here.  When I went to bed last night, it hadn’t started.  I was thinking it wasn’t going to be that big of a deal. I was wrong. LOL!  It is crazy out there.  Here is a picture I took on my iPad.  The camera on it isn’t as good as on my phone, but it’s not too bad.  I have pictures on my phone, too, but I’m typing this up on the iPad. Here is a picture of the backyard.


It’s pretty deep out there and it’s still steadily snowing!  I am watching it from my bedroom window as I type this. So pretty.  I love snow so much.  I may go out in the yard later and see how that is. I might not though. It’s so deep, I might get lost. :p

I just finished my second cup of coffee for the day and I’m ready for another. :)

Saturday again

I walked today and I actually walked a bit further than usual because I needed to go to the post office.  I had a stack of mail again.  I am writing all my letters tomorrow.  I stopped one more time on my walk to look for an item I needed, but I couldn’t find it.  I’ll try somewhere else after the snow.

It’s supposed to start snowing tonight at 3 or so and snow al the way into Monday morning!  They are saying 6-12 and then I heard 12-18. Yikes! Lol. I am not sure how much we will be getting, but I’m definitely not walking tomorrow. The streets are salted and some of the sidewalks, but it will still be a few days before I’m able to walk again.  

I totally forgot to pick up stamps today. I have a lot less stamps than I have letters at the moment.  I’ll still write my letters. I never meant to get this far behind and then today I got anotther stack of them. Oops!  My new year’s resoluation is to not get behind on pen pal letters!


Friday Fun

I walked today and it was cool out there.  It wasn’t too bad though.  I got home from my walk and relaxed a bit. My friend had wanted to go eat yesterday, but I had to wait to sign for my package, so he decided we’d eat today.  We went to Roma which is one of our favorite local pizza restaurants.  It was delicious as usual.  After eating,  he dropped me home.

I immediately stated looking for an program to move that one app to my iPad. I still can’t get it to do it.  I found some apps that might work, but you have to pay to use that feature, and I’m afraid that I’ll pay and still not be able to do it.  There has to be a legit, free way to do it.  UGH! I might chat with Apple support tomorrow and see if they might have a suggestion.

Remember the Fossil satchel bag that I got that smelled highly of perfume?  Well, it doesn’t now.  My friend has an ozone generator and he put it in a room with it for a day and it doesn’t smell like perfume anymore. Yay! I changed to it tonight.

Tomorrow is my last day of walking for a few days.  Well, probably. We are supposed to have a big winter storm event here on Sunday. If it snows, I’ll be sitting at my deck with a cup of coffee looking out at the snow. ^_^. I kind of hope it does snow. It will be pretty and it always makes everything smell so much better!

Hello from my iPad Mini 3!

My iPad Mini 3 replacement came today and I’m in total love with it.  I have upgraded to the latest iOS and transferred all but that one app over. I still haven’t figured out how to transfer it, but I’m not giving up! I’m typing this with my wireless keyboard.  The iPad linked to it easily.  I love all the goodies I’ve installed.  I am going to do my French lesson and then play with all the features of my iPad.  It’s so cool to play games with the larger screen.  I also like using this keyboard. When I’m on the go, I installed SwiftKey keyboard. I use it on my Android and I love it.

I also received another package today. It’s a sports backpack for walking. Mine is starting to wear out and I wanted a backup. I haven’t even opened the envelope yet. LOL I’ll do that after French and then I’ll play on this for the rest of the evening. Yay!

Post titles are hard! :p

Well, I got in my walk today. It was a bit cooler than yesterday.  I wore my warmer hoodie and I needed it!  It was mostly overcast with some clear spots in the sky.  The sky was so pretty and blue behind those clouds.  As of now, they are calling for snow here this weekend.  Sunday is supposed to be a snowy day.  I don't know if it will, but if it does, I have the treadmill if I want to use it and I have plenty to read.  I finished my last book last night and started on the next.  After that, I'll go back to the one I was reading before all three of my holds came through. lol

According to the tracking, my iPad is in Roanoke VA. That is usually the last stop before it gets to Danville.  It still says it might be Saturday before it gets here, but I'm hoping that will update and it will be here tomorrow.  It would be cool to have it to play with this weekend.  Especially if we do get the snow.

I can also use the time to get more done on my 2019 bullet journal.  I am trying to think of more trackers to add. I have a few listed that I want to add that I haven't yet.  I did a 'welcome January' page and it's pretty cute. I drew a snowman and put some 'snowflakes' falling around him with a stamper.  It looks pretty neat.  Not artistic as most people, but I like it! ^_^ 


It shipped! Whee!

I got my confirmation today that the replacement iPad Mini shipped! Let's hope this one is perfect and works and lasts for many, many years.  I am so ready to get it and set it up.  I think I've found a way to get my app to the new iPad.  I just have to have it with me to try it. I've been researching.  If I can get that one app over, I'll be a very happy camper!  I also found the way to see what apps I've ever downloaded.  I know there have been times when I got some free apps via Starbucks.  They used to give cards out in stores that you could get a free song or app. I wish they still did that. I got some great apps that way.  Some of them that I download, may have not been compatible with my iPod since the iOs on it is so old. I'm sure anything that I find that I want to use will be okay with the iPad because it will upgrade to iOS 12.  I know it will because I did that with the one I sent back.

I walked today and it was a bit cooler than yesterday.  There were no short sleeves today!  It was sunny for the most part though. It did cloud up a little, but it didn't rain, so that was fine.  I was glad to get home though as I was tired and a bit chilly.  It was after 4 am when I finally got to sleep last night and it's affected me all day.  This morning, I was trying to make coffee without putting coffee in the Keurig. LOL!  

This evening, I did my January habit tracker in my new bullet journal.  I also did the first week of 2019 in there.  I have printed out a calendar to trace and make the other side of my January habit tracker page.  I want to get it set up. I am ready to move into it now! LOL . I love it already.