Farewell September!
There is a Hurricane a'comin.....


So, let me talk about Blogilates.  Cassey Ho started on YouTube in 2009 with a fitness video, more came and now six years later, she is one of the most popular fitness gurus on YouTube.  She also has a clothing line, a book, and much more!  She has a great program that anyone can follow.  I'm one of her older Popster.  She does something called PopPilates.  It's Pilates on turbo! :)

What I love about Cassey is she doesn't get critical if you can't do something.  She says we are all on our own fitness journey.  I love that there are so many things in her videos that I can do.  There are also some things I can't.  A lot of times she provides modifications for most every move she does.  I love that sometimes the 'hard' moves I can do with ease.  I love that when it's something I can't do, there is a modification for it.  She is so inspirational.  She makes me feel better about myself and my abilities. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction when I can complete a workout in full.

She also loves her Popsters and checks out our posts on social media.  She is truly a great person.  I feel like I'm not expressing myself when it comes to how much I appreciate Cassey. So, you've heard all this and you are interested? Great!  You can find here here: http://www.blogilates.com You can sign up for her free newsletter and you'll get a password every month to download the calendar.  She gives you the workouts to do each day.  She mixes things up to keep it fun and to keep you from burning out.  Check out the workouts, you can thank me later! <3


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