Well, I did it again!
Oh my!

Go me!

Today was the first day I had any food that wasn't fixed at home in over a month!  I pledged to myself to not eat fast food for the entire month of January.  Part way through, I changed it to not eating out at all during January.  I made it! :D  It was hard several times when a friend offered to take me out.  Last night, the very last night of my imposed food hiatus, my friend asked if I wanted anything from one of my favorite fast food places.  I said no, but I'd like to ride with him to get whatever he wanted.  Riding in a car is a novelty since my car has been broken down for so long! :P So, I rode with him and he went to TWO of my favorite places.  I still did not give in.  I stayed strong.  He must have felt sorry for me because he offered to pick me up something today.  I immediately said yes! :)  

I had a chicken tender combo from Hardee's.  So good.  The first food I've eaten away from home in over a month.  I was so proud of myself for making it a whole month without eating out. Now, I am not going right back to eating out.  I might do it once or every other week.  When I do eat out, unless it's a cheat meal, I usually get something that works into my daily calorie count.  I'm so looking forward to a cheat meal. I didn't have one in January.  I  usually have one cheat meal a week.  I already know what I want. Pepperoni pizza.  *drools*

The first day of February was good for my fitness, also.  I got in my walk, I came home and did my workouts.  I am also participating in two challenges on Instagram.  If you want to see any of that, check me out on Insta. (anndroidgirl) Now I'm going to relax for a bit and then get ready for bed. I received two new letters from potential pen pals today!  I might write them back tonight and I might wait until tomorrow.  I haven't decided yet.  We'll see!  


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