What a day!

Manic Monday!

Today the weather was sunny and it was over 70!  It was so nice!  I got in a great walk.  I came home and did three workouts.  I ate lunch and did two more.  It was a day of really hard workouts.  First of all, there was a new video, Extreme Abs 3.  Plus, two other workouts had ab exercises in them.  This wouldn't be so bad, but tomorrow is ab day. AUGH! lol  I will probably be crying tomorrow. :P  I was so glad when I finished my workouts!  One workout was the "Whoa Whoa workout"  I still don't think I'm doing the first move in it right.  Another one was the Ultimate Hot body workout which is a mashup of FOUR different song challenges in.  Did I mention that the "Up Down Plank Jack" challenge was on today's calendar too?  Yeah, I survived, but barely!

After finishing up, I sat down at the computer to relax.  A friend called and said she needed to run to the vets to pick up some meds for her dog.  She wanted to know if I wanted to ride with her.  I did, so we headed out.  The waiting room was full of cute dogs and puppies! ^_____________________________________^  <------ Yeah, that was my face.  I swear, I wanted to just lie in the floor and yell, "Release the hounds!!!!" :D  Such a bunch of cutie pies!

After we got done with my friend's errands, she drove me by Kmart to pick up my prescription.  That saves me a walk down there. Yay!  I went back to her house and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. ^^;  Yes, I ate some.  No, I don't feel bad. Well... maybe a little, but after today's workouts, I deserved cookies!  I am going to get a few more things done and then crash.  I'm still working on reading the book about BTK, but I get so tired, that I never get very far.  It's getting into the good parts now too!


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