Today, I walked as usual.  It was quite warm today.  I'm already getting a tan! :p  The funny thing is, I'm a ginger.  We don't tan, we burn.  Since I walk everyday, I get a tan every summer now.  So weird, but it looks nice when I wear shorts! Plus I don't blind people with my whiteness! :P

I stopped by the post office.  I got two letters.  One from a service that links up people wanting pen pals with prisoners, and one about an inspirational newsletter where you can also get pals.I have several inmate pen pals from my online pen pal ads.  I really don't mind writing to inmates, but I don't think I want to write to a lot more.  I have four or five that I write now.  I love getting letters though, so who knows! I am not sure about the inspirational one.  She sends out a newsletter and puts ads for pals.  I don't know if the people who are subscribed to her newsletter and myself would be compatible as pals. I need more GEEK pals! LOL!  I have the one that I was matched with via Geek Girl pen pals and I can't wait to get her letter.  I already can tell she is going to be a fun pal.  If I could just get some more pals like her! Okay, enough penpal stuff!  

I did my workouts when I came home from my walk.  I did four of them and then ate lunch.  I did more one and then I sat down to relax a while.  I thought I'd type up today's post since I didn't yesterday.  I also didn't want to get too comfortable and not post! :)


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