Monday musings
No Starbucks for me!

Tuesday tribulations...

So, I guess you thought I wouldn't post today, right?  Well, I meant to post way earlier, but a lot has gone on today and I'm going to tell you about it!  First of all, I got in my walk.  It was 76° yesterday and today it was 52°!  It didn't feel too cold though so my walk was fine.  I didn't have any mail at the post office though.  I came home and did my workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more. It was ab day.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!  A friend came to work on my car.  He has to get another part and then hopefully it will be fixed!

I received a package via FedEx today.  It was the beautiful craft cart I ordered from  The frame didn't take any time at all to put together.  The drawers took forever!!!  I got them all done and then realized that I had done a few of them inside out. ~_~;  My OCD wasn't having it, so I had to take those apart and fix them!  I did and now it's full of my stuff.  It looks great.  I love that it rolls.  I am keeping it in my closet at the moment.  I can just wheel it out and move it anywhere I need it.  It is so colorful and pretty!  Here are a few pictures I took.  One right after I put it together and then one with all my stuff in it.  



Awesome, yes?  It hold so much stuff.  I have more room in it.  I haven't filled it completely yet.  I love how colorful it is.  I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to put together. :p



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