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Tuesday post....

No more cable!

I canceled my cable service today.  I've already taken the DVR back to the cable office.  I still have internet, but no more cable tv.  I cut my bill in half by just having internet.  It's actually a little under half.  That will help quite a bit.  I locked in the internet rate for two years, so I won't have to worry about it going up until August of 19!  That will be cool.  I'll miss being able to watch my daily does of Judge Judy, but I'll be okay.  I have Hulu and I can watch stuff from YouTube on my Roku box.  I can probably find some Judge Judy episodes on there or somewhere online.  I may sign up for Amazon video Prime at some point.  We'll see.

Getting rid of something I've had for so long makes me sad.  The guy said that I'd had service from them since the 80's!  He is correct.  That is when my parents got cable all those years ago. I've had it ever since. Now, I just get internet.  At least some of the shows I love  on the ID channel are on Hulu.  That is my favorite channel and I'll miss it too.  I know I have the first seven seasons of Adventure Time on Hulu.  With the series ending in 2018 (BUMMER) I'm hoping they do an entire series box set. That would be pretty cool!  


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