Can I go to bed now?
Starbucks again? Maybe.

Good grief!

So, I went to Starbucks tonight.  I didn't plan to stay, so I went through the drive thru.  I asked for a cascara latte and a chocolate chip cookie.  They were out of chocolate chip cookies.  Phooey!  I get up to the window, and I was expecting one of the new red cups that they are having for a limited time.  They only had the regular holiday cups.  I asked, but the Barista didn't know about it.  Oh well.  So I head home, my car was doing fine, I was driving along and reached to get a sip of my coffee and the lid popped off!  I put it back on and sat it down.  I go to take another sip a bit later and the lid fell completely off and I got a nice splash of coffee down my hoodie. :(  Luckily, I didn't lose too much of my latte.  It was the weirdest Starbucks experience ever!


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