Out of coffee?!
Almost 9000

I am so broke!

I just sat down and paid all my monthly bills.  I also got groceries today and some household things I needed.  I am now broke until December.  I had to cancel PS Vue even though I've really enjoyed it.  If I had paid that, I would have been worse off this month than I already am.  I hope to re-subscribe to it in the future.  I'm going to miss it.  I got way more stuff at the grocery store than I should have, but I should have plenty to get me through the entire month.  I got two cans of coffee and one bag.  I wanted to try the Seattle's best coffee and I had a coupon, so I bought some of that.  I'm going to fix a cup after I finish this.  I need to get to Nano.  

I went for my usual walk today.  I came home and changed my shirt and shoes and headed to Family Dollar.  I got the things I needed there and headed for Food Lion.  I spent over $135 in there.  YIKES! LOL  I had a 10% off coupon which helped and I got a promo if you buy 5 of a certain product, you got $5.  The product?  Creamers. LOL!  My favorite creamers and the One touch latte were all in the deal, so I got three creamers and two of the one touch latte.  I won't be running out of creamer either. :p  

I had to renew my car tags and I wanted a change.  I've had many different personalized tags over the years,  here is what I've had:






I've had O GLOB for the past two years.  I wanted something Starbucks related so I tried SBUX  It was taken, but STARBUX wasn't!  My new tags will say STARBUX  :D  I think they should give me a discount on my coffee. :p  

I brought my groceries home and was putting them away when a friend texted and wanted to meet for lunch.  I put my cold stuff away and met him.  I went by Starbucks while I was out and got a Cascara latte.  They have the red cups out and the red sleeves. ^_^  I totally forgot that I needed to pick up my prescription!  I came home and organized my groceries and then went back out to get my script.  Unfortunately, my Kmart is closing soon. It's where I get my prescriptions.  I am going to have to decide where else to go!  I love my peeps at the Kmart pharmacy.  I don't want to go somewhere else!


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