Not my day at ALL

Water, water, water!

My friend was able to fix the pipe today.  He did a temporary fix.  I won't be able to use the outside water spigot, but I don't have leaks right now. ^___^  I was able to wash dishes and take a bath. Bliss!  I'm so relived to have that fixed.  It was horrible not having running water.

I got in a great walk today.  It was so nice outside.  I actually was able to take my jacket off and walk in a short sleeve shirt!  Seriously!  It was so nice out there.  It's much nicer to walk when it's not freezing outside.  I came home and would have done my workouts, but I knew my friend was coming at some point to look at the water problem.  I had plenty of time, but I didn't know that!  He came, looked at the problem and then the two of us went to Lowe's to get things to fix it.  He was able to fix it and we got the water turned back on and everything seems great!  I was so relieved.  It will be inconvenient not having that outside spigot, but I do have one in the front yard.  It's harder to get to, but the important thing is, I have water in the house!

I'm in a much better mood than I was yesterday!


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