Monday Madness :p
Double stars!


So, I loaded up the messenger bag tonight and headed to Starbucks. I was behind on letters and planned to go over there and get them all done.  I get there and there is someone leaving.  Yay, I think, there will be a table open.  Nope.  Someone that was at the big table moved to it when the other guy left.  There was no other place to sit. :(  I got my drink and stood around for a bit hoping there would be an opening, but nothing.  I just left and went back to my car. This is twice now I've tried to go without being able to find a place to sit.  It's so annoying!  I miss the old location.  They had more seating.  

Anyway!  I came home with my cascara latte and wrote my pen pal letters.  I decided to type them.  I got them all done and printed and drove down to the post office and mailed them off.  I had three new ones in my box.  I will get these done within the week.  I need to start doing a schedule.  Give myself only one week from when I get a letter until I write a reply and send it back.  That way I'll stay caught up.  This used to work perfectly when I was going to Starbucks every week.  

In other news, I got my walk and workouts in.  The end!


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