Sleeping is hard!
Rain, but no.

Where did my background go!?

It's showing when I'm looking in the settings, but when I load my blog, the background is missing. Weird.  Hopefully it will turn up eventually.  In other news, I walked today and it was too hot!  LOL . It was overcast when I looked out today and I thought, good, it will be cooler.  Nope, as soon as I got out, the sun came out and stayed out during my entire walk.  When I got home and got in my room and looked out the window, it was overcast again!  

I relaxed and cooled off and then did my workouts and my French.  I had to run a few errands and then I came back and mowed the front yard.  I will need to do the rest tomorrow.  There is a big part under the branches I put out.  They usually pick those up on Monday's. If they do, I'll go mow the part where they were.  I hope they get them and don't wait a week!

My friend and I went to eat tonight to a place we haven't been in a long time.  It was nice to go.  They have delicious grilled chicken and that is what I got.  Yum!  We don't usually go eat on Sunday, but he had to go somewhere today and had to dress up a little, so he figured why not.  I dressed up too.  I hate dressing up. I was so glad to get home and put on my regular clothes. :P

I'm so much more comfortable now!  I have to put the bed linen back on the bed, wash my hair, and then I'm done for today.  I just remembered I needed to wash my hair. Phooey! lol


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