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Whoo whee.  I'm a tired pup! I walked quite aways own 17.  I went to a bunch of stores and spent way more money than I should have.  I got some popcorn balls, a Dew, and a pen at Dollar General.  They get the popcorn balls at Halloween and Christmas and they are good!  I always get some.  I stopped at several beachwear stores.  I got two shirts at Bargain beachwear. My favorite beachwear store at the beach.  I got a cute MB shirt with a whale on it and a Pokemon Go shirt that has the three teams on it for $3!  I saw it in June and meant to buy it then, but I didn't.  I was surprised it was still there!

I also got another hoodie. :P . The Eagles I went in had some cute workout capris and I got a pair of those.  While I was browsing around the store, I saw that the hoodies were 16.99!!!  I have a yellow one, two blue, and two grey ones.  This one is pink!  It is cute and I couldn't resist for the price.  It's good quality because it's the same brand as my other ones.  

I also bought a cute mug in another store.  It's green and says cappuccino on it.  It's really cute but the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking I won't be able to use it for coffee, it's too small. lol . I might use it as a pen cup!  I took some random pictures while out.  Here are a few:




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