Morning post at the beach
OH MY GLOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afternoon post!

I finally got up, got dressed, and got out!  I walked to 17 and walked down a ways.  I went in the Dollar General, Big Lots, Food Lion and a LOT of beachwear stores.  Not one of them had the decal I was lookingi for.  Boo!  I will keep looking.  I know I'll walk to the Pavilion area at some point during this trip.  There are lots of beachwear stores there including the biggest one of all.  The Gay Dolphin.  It's huge and has a little of everything.

I stopped at the McDonald's on my way back to the room to rest for a bit.  I got a Coke and some fries.  It was nice to be able to sit for a bit and relax.  I did that and then after a nice break, I headed back here.  I forgot all about turning on Pokemon Go until I was almost back here.  I did hit a Pokestop and catch one.  I'll do more later when I walk on the beach.  I like getting those.  

My friend is getting ready.  When he is done, we are going out to eat.  I think we are going to Checker's.  We loved Checker's the last time we ate there.  This is a new location.  The one we went to last year closed.  This one recently opened.  I hope it's good.  I also wouldn't mind getting some Starbucks while I am out! :p lol


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