Oh boy....

So screwed. :(

My sister is behind on the taxes on the house I live in.  I tried to pay a big portion of it for her tonight and thought it would come out of my Paypal credit.  Nope, it's trying to charge my checking account of which I have no money.  I am so screwed. :( . I had enough in my credit to pay most of her bill, but not all, but it won't use that.  Anyone want to send me $355 via paypal? 


I didn't think so, but there it is. I talked to Paypal and my bank.  I shouldn't have any overdraft fees with my bank and I'm going to contact the people she owes tomorrow to let them know that my money won't actually work.  I'm hoping this will be cleared up.  I'm having a hard time lately with my mental issues and this is not helping me one bit.  I was already tore up over the fact that the bill was past due and now I've made things worse. I think I need to go to bed.


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