Foggy days and foggy nights. :p

Friday again

So, I didn't really post yesterday.  I had a stressful day.  I found an iPad mini 3 for a really good price.  I didn't want a regular sized iPad as I feel they are too big.  The mini seemed to be the right size for me.  I ordered one and it came yesterday.  I had ordered a case for it and it arrived yesterday too.  I opened it up and got to setting it up right away.  The iPad was refurbished and it looked brand new.  I got the apps from my iPod touch transferred over to it.  I was able to get all but one of them on there and working.  I upgraded it to iOs 12 and was loving it.  Then, I noticed a red spot on the screen when it was dark.  I didn't like that, but as long as it wasn't visible, that was okay.  Well, then, the screen got tiny vertical lines across it and below those lines, the screen went all weird.  I looked up the problem and it seems that the LCD was bad. I was extremely disappointed as i had been so looking forward to this and using it.

I sent it back to the seller and then will send me a replacement when it gets to them.  I hope the new one is in nice of aesthetic shape and I hope it works well! It was so frustrating to get it all set up and upgraded just to have to reset it to factory and send it back!  That had been so upset and frustrated yesterday that I didn't feel like doing anything.  Hopefully it will get to them and my 'new' one will be on it's way to me soon.  I really want to use it.  If I could get that one last app transferred over, that would be amazing.  I backed up my iPod touch so I could use that app on the iPad but since it's no longer in the app store, it won't let me open it.  That is weird, because there are a few other apps that aren't in the store anymore and those opened and worked!  Perhaps I'll find a way in the interim.

Remember how I said the new Stephen King book would probably be ready for me soon?  Well, I downloaded it to the Kindle today and read it already. lol  It was good, but I'm still digesting it.  It was super short and didn't take me long at all.  I read in just a few hours.


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