Letters? Oh boy!
Hello from midweek.

Happy Holidays

I’m glad that is over!  I walked today and it was weird to see everything closed.  I got to see a few cute dogs along my walk. :). I also stopped by the neighbor’s house and loved on Zeus the dog.  He is such a sweetie pie. All I wanted to do after my walk was to come home, put on my give up on life pants and do absolutely nothing.  Sadly, I didn’t get to do that!  I was expected to go to my friend’s house to eat.  I got to see all my favorite pups, though! Cocoa, Daisy, and the demon dog Ceaser. Lol. I also saw Percy and a sweet Roxie!  Roxie at one point, climbed in an chair and onto the kitchen table. LOL!  She is such a silly!  I snuggled her a bunch.  

I ate and stayed a bit and then came home.  They made me feel bad because they gave me gifts and I just didn’t have the money to buy any this year.  I got a cute Intuitions bracelet, a grocery store gift card and a Starbucks gift card.  I stayed a bit after eating and then headed home.

I waited until dark and then went to my car. I did my tradition of going down Riverside drive and seeing everything closed.  I also went to a few neighborhoods to see lights, but not a lot of people decorated.  When I was a child, most everyone decorated.  Not so much now.  Oh well.  I did that and came home.  Sheets was open (convenience store that has made to order food) but they were BUSY.  I knew they would be and hadn’t planned to go anyway! I didn’t take my extra key so I couldn’t have anyway.



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