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Sunday and no Starbucks!


Sorry about yesterday.  It was almost midnight and I didn't have a chance to make a real post.  I just posted a quick line and called it good.  Yesterday, it rained a lot.  That helped with the snow a lot.  I went out to check my route and it was looking much better.  It was supposed to rain some today too, but it wasn't raining at my regular walk time.

I went for my walk. There were several places where I had to be very careful not to slip and a few places I had to walk in the road a bit to get around huge piles that were still there.  I was able to get my walk in successfully though.  It was nice to get back at it.  It was overcast for my walk until I got on the way back and then it started to rain. I had to use my umbrella the rest of the walk.  At least it wasn't too much of my walk.  I got home and had to put my clothes in the dryer and put my shoes by the heater.  My shoes got pretty wet, my clothes only a little bit.  

I am glad I was able to get back out there and walk.  Of course, it was hard to get back to it, too.  I almost talked myself into waiting one more day.  I needed to get back to it. Hopefully tomorrow I won't get my shoes wet!  


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