Foggy days and foggy nights. :p

Rainy and bleh!

I went for my walk today. I checked the weather on my phone and it was supposed to be overcast, but not rain.  The app lied!  It was drizzly throughout most of my walk.  Enough so that I had to use my umbrella almost the entire walk. If that wasn't enough, towards the end of my walk, it started pouring down rain. Boo!  I was certainly glad to get home!

I went to the basement to try and get the pilot light lit.  Still no luck.  The water has gone down a lot more. I was afraid with the burst of rain today that it would be deeper, but it's not.  That part was okay. The cold water on my poor feet was not good!  I so wanted to soak my troubles away in a hot bath.  I'm tempted to rent a damn hotel room just to take a bath! LOL!

I have my bed linen in the dryer and I really need to go get that out because I started another load of clothes.  The ones I wore into the basement got wet and dirty so I tossed them in to wash with some other laundry.  I can't put it in the dryer until I get the bed linen out. I'll do that after posting this.  I hope it's clear or at least dry tomorrow!  Today's walk was pretty miserable. I hate having to hold the umbrella. At least it wasn't cold.

I play Pokemon Go every day on my walk and I've been using that new feature that gives you distance even when the app isn't on.  It's great for hatching eggs.  It also helps on battery as I don't have to keep the app going so much.  I got home today and was anxious to check my hatching eggs and realized I didn't have any incubating. D'oh!  I fixed that so I should have some tomorrow.  Silly me. :p


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