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Cold.... sooo cold.

So, today I checked my weather app as I always do in the mornings.  The temperature was 22 and it said it felt like half that!  I decided that today would be a good day to not walk. lol . I skipped my walk entirely.  It isn't supposed to be a lot warmer tomorrow, but at least it will be in the 30's! Hopefully it won't be too bad.  I plan to walk unless it rains.  I don't want to miss another day.

So far I haven't gotten anything from the seller on ebay.  They have the wrong purse back. They have never even sent a message.  If I don't hear anything by tomorrow afternoon, I will contact ebay again.  I went and investigated a little.  She had some listings when I first tried to contact her about the wrong item and now all of a sudden she has none. I don't understand why someone would build up great feedback for a long time and then just try to start screwing people over.


Sunday yet again.

My walk today was quite interesting.  Why? It was crazy windy out there.  It was cooler too, so that made it worse.  I was very glad to get home and out of that wind!  I did stop while on my walk at CVS.  I needed stamps, and I knew I could get a book of them there.  I got those and four boxes of clearance mini candy canes.  I love peppermint!  

I didn't go out again after I came home as the temperature was supposed to drop and the wind was still pretty bad.  It's supposed to get down in the teens tonight.  Yikes!  I hope it's warmer than that tomorrow when I walk! lol . 

My friend didn't get over here this weekend at all, so I still don't have hot water.  I had soooo many dishes to wash and I was trying to wait for the hot water.  I don't feel they get as clean in cold water.  I finally gave in and washed them today.  I couldn't wait any longer to wash them.  I was almost out of plates and I was totally out of forks. lol . I also washed my bed linen.  I just need to put that back on the bed and I'll be done for the day. 

I am trying to find an Apple pencil (1st generation) online for a low price, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen!  Apple has refurbished ones for $85.  I can't afford that either.  Maybe one day I can get one for less than $40 but I'm not holding my breath. lol . I would like one to use with my iPad mini.  


Mildliners are nice!

I received my package with the Mildliners in it today.  They are pretty nice!  I made a spread fro them in my bullet journal.  I also made a new page for my Crayola Super tips, too.  That way I won't have to pull out my older bujo to see the colors. I used the page in that one a lot.  I can pick just the right color. I might do a brush pen spread page, too!  Here are my two new spreads.  I have room at the bottom of the Mildliner page for the orange pack.  I hope to add it to my collection in the future.


Stylus fail! :(

My stylus came today and when I opened it, I was in love.  It's pretty, it's easy to hold and it's got the perfect weight.  The problem? It scratched my iPad screen!!!!!!!!  My screen was pristine and now it has a scratch.  I'm so disappointed!  They need to make the stylus tip better.  I have already repackaged it and dropped it off at a UPS drop box!  I guess I'll have to make do with a regular old stylus.  The tip on those is so big.  Oh well!  I'd rather have that than have a scratched up screen!

I got in my walk today and I was happy to have done that! My friend is supposed to come tomorrow and work in the basement again.  This time I get to walk. lol I'll just leave the basement open for him.  I don't think he'll really need me to help at first anyway, so it will work out well.  I hope he gets it fixed!

Update on the purse situation.  It arrived at the address that the seller had on file at ebay today and it said it had to be forwarded!!!!! UGH She must have moved and not updated her address at ebay.  I'm getting more and more upset with her as we go.  She still hasn't bothered to message me once!  I don't understand how she has so much good feedback.



I didn't get to walk today.  Why? Well, my friend got off earlier and was coming to try and get my water heater fixed.  Sadly, I could have walked because he didn't get here until after I would have gotten back.  Oh well.  He didn't get the water heater fixed.  There is still water down there.  He did get the pump set up down there so it will always be ready to go.  It should now come on and keep the basement from flooding.  Hopefully he'll be able to get down there and get the whole thing fixed when the water goes down.  It's so frustrating!

I still have not heard one word from the seller on ebay about her sending me the wrong purse.  If she doesn't respond soon, I'm going to leave negative feedback and report her to ebay.  I do not like to be treated like that.  I'm hoping she makes it right, but at this point, I seriously doubt it.

I got an unexpected treat today of $30 to spend at Amazon.  Just after I bought the stylus. lol . So, I bought some ink for my printer, a three pack of Mildliners, and some blue ball point pens. (Just to round out the amount.) . I've wanted some Mildliners for a long time.  They have been on my wishlist forever.  I decided to treat myself to some. ^_^ . They and the other things should come Saturday.  Everything I got was Prime eligible.  The pens are a brand I've never heard of, but I figured I'd give them a try.  I love pens so it's always fun to try new ones.

I'm off to play with GoodNotes.  I found a bunch of templates and things online that I want to import in and play with. I'll do a GoodNotes review soon.  Also, I'll be talking about my latest game obsession, Board Kings!


Water, water, but not hot! :p

I still don't have any hot water. My friend came today and didn't have his boats again so he didn't get to try to fix my water heater.  Phooey!  He did bring a pizza from one of our favorite local places to split, so it wasn't a wasted visit. :P . He is planning on coming back tomorrow and working on it. Hopefully he can get it fixed.  I would really like to have hot water again!

I had planned to go to Starbucks tonight with my letters and work on them, but with him coming, I postponed it to tomorrow.  Well, if he is coming tomorrow, I can't go then either.  Oh well! I'll just run over there tomorrow night, grab a drink, and bring it back here to write letters. I need to buy stamps again as I have more letters to write than I have stamps.

I bought a really cool app for my iPad Mini that I am playing with.  It is best used with a stylus.  I wanted an Apple pencil, but I don't have $100!  The newer version is even more and it's not compatible with my iPad.  I looked at alternatives and found one that looks similar that has good reviews on Amazon.  It is supposed to be here on Friday.  I'm hoping I like it.  I will do a post on the app in a few days.  It's GoodNotes if you are wondering. I've already put some templates in it.  Dotted paper, a journal that I found for free, and more.  So far I'm loving the app.  I have old styluses that have the big tip, but I wanted a smaller tipped one.  The pencil type are more like the styluses from the old days.  If you ever had a Palm Pilot, you know what I'm talking about. I loved those things!  I wanted the narrow tip. I may do some digital bullet journaling in the future. I will never give up paper permanently, but it will be fun to experiment!

More stress? Yes!

So, today, I get an update from ebay that they aren't going to refund me.  I didn't ask for a refund.  I just wanted the item I requested.  I had to call ebay to get that ball rolling.  I bought a shipping label from USPS and put the purse in a flat rate padded envelope and dropped it in a box tonight. 

I realized that I had run out of  mailing tape, so I had to run out and get some on my way to the post office.  I was so close to Starbucks and I didn't think about going because I was so upset over this whole ebay situation.  I really hope I get the purse I actually ordered.  This whole situation has stressed me out.  I've never had this kind of problem on ebay before. :(


I got a package today.  It was supposedly my Fossil purse I ordered on ebay.  Well, it was a Fossil purse all right.  It wasn't the purse I ordered.  Not even close. I'm am not very happy with this situation and as soon as I saw it, I contacted ebay.  The purse I ordered was 'new' and this one is definitely not.  The one I ordered is cream colored, this is brown.  They don't even look alike.  I'm so pissed.  UGH.  Now I have to wait for ebay to contact the seller, see if I hear from them, and then get ebay to settle is if they don't.  I'm so pissed.  So, so, so pissed.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Sunday again....

I didn't forget to post yesterday, I just didn't do it.  It was a totally lazy day yesterday.  I didn't walk or do anything else either. I could have walked as it didn't start doing anything until later, but I just didn't.  I didn't walk today either,, but it was wet and gross today.  So much for the snow.  We got rain and some ice and that was about it.  

I have been a lazy lump today for sure.  I didn't even leave the house.  I did get my hair washed and my bed linen washed. I just need to put it back on the bed.  I am planning on getting back to walking tomorrow and getting back on track.  At least that is the plan. :p

My purse should FINALLY be delivered tomorrow.  Expedited shipping my ass!  I ordered it on the 5th and the seller didn't even create the label until the 9th and then didn't take it to the post office until the 10th.  Just in case, I went and took screen shots of the listing in case I get sent the 'wrong' thing.  I'm beginning to think that the seller meant to have it as a starting bid and not buy it now, but who knows.  Hopefully, it will be just like the pictures.  


Winter weather is coming.

It was very cold today.  I didn't walk.  I should have, but I knew it was going to be cold, so I didn't.  My friend wanted to go to our favorite local pizza place so I did go out.  It was just as cold as I thought it would be. BRR!  My friend got us both a pizza each.  He said it would be good to have in case we do get the bad weather.  I only ate two slices of mine, so I have a lot left.  I'll probably eat something else for dinner tonight and save the pizza for tomorrow and Sunday.

I realized that I might not walk tomorrow because of the cold again.  I needed to get my prescription.  That way, if it did get bad out there, I'd have my prescription and wouldn't have to worry about going out to get it in bad weather.  I think we are going to get more ice than snow. Boo!

I have a game on my iPad that I love. I'm pretty sure it's available on Android too. It's called Puzzle Page.  Every day there is a collection of games.  There are usually a word search and crossword.  There are also other types of puzzles. It's fun.  It's gotten me to try different puzzles that I might not have tried before.  I have been enjoying the Sudoku puzzles.  I'm still playing at easy level, but I've hoping to go to harder levels as I learn more.  Puzzle Pages is a lot of fun.  If you like puzzles, check it out!