Slow progress
Hoo boy

Boo on DST!

I woke up so tired today.  I hate having to change the clocks.  Fall isn't so bad, you get an extra hour.  Spring, not so much!  I am hoping to catch up a little bit tonight.  That is the plan, anyway!

I walked today even though I was really too tired to do it. It was nice out there.  I got to love on three cute doggies!  A poodle that wanted to jump and her owner didn't want her too. Then, I saw two people walking a couple of senior doggies.  One was a golden or lab mix and the other was a Basset hound with just one eye.  They were both cute and sweeties!  It's rare for me to get to pet that many dogs.  Usually when I'm walking I sometimes see dogs but I don't always get to pet them.  It was a good dog day! :p

I worked a little bit on my puzzle today.  Wait... I worked a LOT on my puzzle today, but I only got a little bit done.  I might work on it a little bit more.  I went through the box and pulled out certain pieces to work on.  Of that batch, I only got about 12 pieces together!  This is a hard puzzle.  I will finish it eventually though.  Next time I go to Target, I'm going to get a puzzle I saw when I bought the stamp one.  It was in between the one I got and that one.  It's the same company and I really liked the quality of that puzzle.  I'll get the other one and see if I can find more of that particular brand.

I also made it to the grocery store today. I needed a few things I didn't get at the first of the month.  I was also able to get the majority of the stuff I usually but at the dollar store.  I didn't want to stop and start the car twice on one trip.  I only have a few necessities I need to get.  They are small, so I'll just stop at the dollar store on my way home and pick those up!


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