Slow progress

More puzzles

Yesterday, I finished the puzzle as you can see in the picture I posted.  I also stopped by the dollar store on my walk and picked up two more puzzles.  One is a dollar one and one is a $5 one.  They are waiting for me to work them.  Why?  Well, I had another old puzzle that had been sitting for many years.  It's very difficult and it's going to take me a while to do it.  I got the outline done tonight and that alone took me several hours!  The puzzle is going to be so pretty when I'm done though.  I got the outline done and a little section in too.  Here is the puzzle so far and the box so you can see the puzzle itself:


This one is not going to be finished in two days like that last one. The pieces are a good size, but they are cut weird.  I prefer puzzles with a standard cut.  This one is not standard. Also, the trees and the colors are very similar throughout, so it's going to be hard.  I'll get it done though!  I love the white board as a puzzle board.  It's perfect.  With this puzzle being so large, I won't be able to put all the pieces out at once, but when I do a smaller one, I should be able to.  That helps make a puzzle go faster when I can glance around and find the pieces I'm looking for.  Right now, I have the pieces that I've taken out so far of the patch of white in the sky. I'll get that done and then move to another portion.  Working it that way will make it a little easier.  That last puzzle spoiled me because of the colors.  I just separated the colors out and was able to do it fairly quickly!


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