Sleep is a wonderful thing.
Target, Starbucks, and puzzles.

The puzzle from hell!

So, tonight I finished a puzzle.  I had worked on it a while back and got frustrated with it because of the small pieces and the way some would fit in the wrong spots.  I tossed it back in the box a year or so back and didn't bother with it.  Well, I wanted a puzzle to work sometime last week and pulled it out.   I have been working on it off and on since then.  It's truly hard because the pieces are so tiny and the colors are very similar.  I finished it tonight.  Sadly, when I got done, I was missing six pieces!  I found five of them and now I'm just missing one.  I'm hoping it will turn up.  

Last night after looking a puzzle boards, puzzle mats, and all kinds of other things, I thought about a solution!  I could get a wall hangable chalk board or whiteboard in the size I need to do larger puzzles.  I looked up some and found some a lot cheaper than any of the puzzle boards.  Most of the nicer puzzle boards were expensive and they would be smaller than my old chess board!  I looked up whiteboards and found that Target had one that is 2x3 and that would be perfect.  It can also be used as a whiteboard when I'm not working a puzzle!  The white background will make working the puzzle easier too, I think.  I was going to go to Target tonight and pick one up, but I never made it.  I worked on the puzzle from hell and finally got that done.  Now I just need to find that one little piece!

I almost skipped my walk today because I was tired when I woke up.  I didn't get a good night's sleep last night.  I went for my walk anyway.  When I was coming back, the train tracks that lead into my neighborhood were totally blocked.  They have been doing maintenance on the tracks.  One day when I left for my walk, they were blocked the crossing, but I was able to go around it by walking down the track just a few feet.  Today, there was no way around.  I had to walk all the way down to the next crossing.  There is no sidewalk between the two crossings and it's not fun to have to go down there. I finally got home and I was so tired!  I truly hope they are not there tomorrow!  If they aren't when I leave for my walk, I'll keep an eye out and try to go around before getting to the point where I usually go over the tracks.  There is a way to do that, but only if I know in advance. Technically you aren't supposed to go that way, but I figure it's better than walking down the highway to get to the other entrance to the neighborhood!  

Oh and if you are thinking, why didn't I just walk down the track a bit and go around, there is a good reason for that.  They had cars on the trains that were working on the track and it extended almost to the second crossing. If that one had been blocked, I probably would have cried!  


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