Spring time and puzzles

Cooler, but nice!

Today's walk was a bit cooler than it has been being, but it was still nice to walk.  The wind got a little crazy.  I made it home and relaxed a bit.  I was supposed to go to the recycle center when I got home and forgot.  I got to it after I ate lunch.  I can't turn my car off for fear it won't start, so I was hoping to get a clear shot at the recycle center.  No luck.  There was a car at it that parked exactly where i usually park.  I had to wait FOREVER for this girl to finish.  I don't know what in the hell she was doing and what was taking so long.  Another lady pulled up, recylced her stuff in less than two minutes and left.  Then, another slow one came.  I swear she was standing there taking each piece of her recycled stuff and putting in the bin ONE at a time. UGH! She finally left and I went over there.  It took me maybe four minutes.  I had three bags of plastics, two bags of cans, and a huge tote full of mixed papers. 

I considered getting a snack from a drive thru while out, but I was good and headed back home.  I worked on the puzzle some more.  I have to say that it is SO frustrating!  I might have gotten 15 pieces in the puzzle today.  20 tops.  I finally was able to get all the pieces out of the box and put them on the whiteboard.  Some of them I put on completed parts of the puzzle, but there are all there now.  I found the majority of the pieces today by being able to glance around at all the pieces.  It helps.  I just know that I'll be very glad when this puzzle is done! :p

All I have left to do today is do my words for NaNo.  I'm not sure what to write tonight. I've been doing short stories based on my books.  I'm doing them from other characters POV.  I am trying to decide who I want to do next.  I had a big event in my last book that my main character wasn't there for. She came in in the aftermath.  I might tell that tale from one of the people that were there.  I'm not sure yet.

I'm not going to share a puzzle picture tonight because I don't have much more done.  Plus it looks weird with all the pieces all over the place. lol!  Okay, I changed my mind:


Look at the bottom part of the puzzle.  All those pieces that are shaped almost identical? THAT is one of the reasons this puzzle is so hard.  They are all about the same size, mostly the same colors.  It's insane!  I might work on it a bit more tonight, and I might not.

I downloaded a bunch of free zombie Kindle books to my Kindle last night.  I started one before bed last night.  I have read anything this year. Well, that isn't entirely true. I've been listening to audiobooks on my walks everyday, but I haven't read anything.  I am in the mood for zombie fiction since I'm working on stories from my books.  They are all zombie fiction. :p


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