Warm and even warmer.

Adventure Time!

So, I have been wanting to do an episode tracker in my bujo for some time.  I thought I'd do it for Adventure Time!  I printed out a list of all the episodes so I can do a layout in my bujo.  I want to put all the episode names, but that might take up too much room. I haven't decided exactly how I plan to do it.  We'll see!

As for walking, I did just that today.  It was very hot as I expected and it was not easy to convince myself to go, but I did it!  The park wasn't too bad when I went by.  I had to go around people a few times, but it was only on the way down.  On the way back, I avoided it completely. Instead of walking the sidewalk in front of the shopping center, I cut through the sidewalk IN the shopping center.  I didn't have to walk around anyone that way.

I came home and it took a while to cool down.  I was hot, I was sweaty, and most of my clothes were wet from that. Eww!  I finally cooled off, changed and started on my next puzzle.  I got a good portion of it done too.  I decided to stop and go mow.  I got the back park done that I didn't do last time.  I'll have to do the front tomorrow or Monday and again next Sunday before we leave for the beach.  That way, it will be done the day before we leave and hopefully it won't get too bad between then and when we get back that Sunday.

Here is the puzzle so far.  I might do a few more pieces before bed, but I might not.  I was up too late again last night and I'm certainly feeling it today!




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